The Boraie Family Development & Omar Boraie along with Shaquille O’Neal unveil the Successful Completion of the Multi-Million Dollar Project 50 Rector Park

The name SHAQUILLE O’NEAL is usually associated with the legendary former NBA basketball star. However, Mr. O’Neal is also a very successful Entrepreneur and Businessman. He is the founder, owner and investor of a chain of well known fast food chains across the United States. SHAQUILLE O’NEAL has now ventured into the Real Estate Market.  Mr. O’Neal in conjunction with Boraie development have unveiled the completion of a massive building project called 50 Rector Park. 50 Rector Park is not just another multi-million dollar building project. The builders, Boraie Development, took extra care to construct a complex that anyone would be proud to call home.  This  79  million dollar Newark, NJ luxury high rise building offers 168 units in a 28 story building. It’s located in a prime location surrounded by exclusive major stores and restaurants. 50 Rector Park offers a sophisticated mix of amenities.  Only a few months after the grand opening the complex was 60% occupied.

The Boraie Family felt a deep attachment and commitment to the town of Newark. Omar Boraie, the driving force behind the 50 Rector Park project, had a keen insight about the town. He recognized that Newark had solid infrastructure and realized it offered a strong foundation in which he could build upon. He wanted to invest in the future of Newark by constructing communities that brings an added sense of pride and belonging to the town. 50 Rector Park has more than lived up to the family’s expectations. The success of this project has inspired the Boraie Development to create and execute the construction of other luxury apartment homes in the town of Newark, NJ. Read More.

Kushy Punch Is Leading the Edibles Market with Consistent Dosing

Kushy Punch is an edible marijuana-producing company. They specialize in cooking and distributing their own brand of CBD oil in various forms. They sell CBD vapes, cartridges, capsules, and oil. Among their other products are gummy snacks, which tend to be a fan favorite among their Californian clientele. They pride their products on their reliable and predictable level of potency, which other brands strive for. Most companies have a creed or motto that they adhere to, and Kushy Punch sets itself apart by aiming for an inclusive and egalitarian world that reflects the values of the company and its customers. They envision a world that is cohesive and free of social problems like poverty and hunger.

Their motto is reflective of a sort of comradery that many would find attractive. One of their most popular products is known as the TKO, which stands for “technical knock-out” in boxing vernacular. This term was likely chosen to elicit imagery of an incredibly potent and enjoyable gummy candy. Their customer reviews definitely confirm this theory. In comparison to most other gummy candies, the TKO is larger and more potent than most others available on the market. Some of their other products include the “HealTHCare” bar and the “Lord Jones.”

The Lord Jones gummy candies carry an air of sophistication that’s not found in many other cannabis products, and they contain chocolate flavoring that makes the eating nearly as enjoyable as the overall experience. The HealTHCare granola bar caters to consumers who are conscious of their diet. The product is vegan and gluten-free, and it could be seen as a healthy alternative to other sweeter and sugary gummy THC candies. The owners of Kushy Punch are looking to be one of the elites in the world of THC edibles. Some of their goals include refining their products to be unmatched in their consistent, potency, and dosing, and they look to expand their catalog of health-oriented foods in the future.

How Jeffrey Stevenson leads VSS

Jeffrey Stevenson joined the firm VSS in 1992, a year after it launched. Initially called Veronis, Suhler& Associates, the firm wouldn’t change its name to VeronisSuhler Stevenson until 2001 when Stevenson became a partner. The firm has offices in New York and London. By 2019, VSS had reportedly invested in over eighty different platforms and boasted three hundred fifty add-on acquisitions.

VSS is a firm that handles private investments and makes trades in areas such as business services, media, and healthcare IT. The firm also boasts over $3 billion in aggregate initial capital commitment spread out over the seven major private investment funds it has managed since 1987.

In his time at VeronisSuhler Stevenson, Jeffrey Stevenson has served as the director of several portfolio companies, like Coretelligent, Southern Theatres LLC, Metschools, and ITN Networks, as well as the chairman of the investment committee. Prior to joining the firm, Stevenson was the director of a number of businesses, such as Canon Communications, Hanley Wood, Advanstar, Yellow Book USA, TMP Worldwide, and Cambium Learning.

In an interview, Jeffrey Stevenson was asked about the current economic climate and its effect on the middle market. Stevenson pointed out all the advantages that the middle market has, including its consistency. Larger-cap transactions, Stevenson says, are often volatile because of capital markets, but have been profitable recently. Lower end deals in the middle market are also profitable and have the advantage of being less volatile.

Stevenson was also asked about the effect of globalization on a New York firm. He sees potential in different countries, such as China and Brazil. He also believes that market growth will slow in the developed world, and markets will boom in developing countries. He is directing the firm to position itself to enter these new markets as they arrive.

Jeffrey Stevenson is also ensuring that his firm is focused on new information and data dispersion. He has noticed a trend of investors demanding more information and has provided these clients with a quarterly operating report. The firm is also focusing on investments at a portfolio level and making improvements.

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Kevin Plank: An Honor From Sporting Good Industry

He is the Under Armour CEO that continues to keep pace with the multi-million dollar company. Kevin Plank recently received an honor that’s often coveted in his industry. He has been inducted into the Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame. The National Sporting Goods Association made the decision during a conference within Scottdale. The members all meet for the annual event that brings together the top managers from around the world. Most who attend hold top-tier positions within the fitness retail business.

For the class of 2017, one other member along side Plank made it to this level of recognition. Based out of Montana, Larry Aasheim, accepted the honor of recognition for his Universal Athletic retail company. Cathy Pryor, the chairman of the committee that handles the inductions and works for Hibbett Sports, stated that both men have shown innovative and excellence regarding leadership. Plank has spoken at other events in New York.

Aashiem and Plank are among 160 other pioneers in the sporting goods industry the group has brought recognition to since its inception back in 1995. The award was given to Plank by Matt Mirchin. Strategic advisor, Mirchin has worked for Under Armour in a span of 13 years at the Baltimore location.

Kevin Plank is a graduate from the University of Maryland. During his stay, he was successful in creating a rose selling company named Cupid’s Valentine. It was from this revenue, a mere $3000 dollars, Plank started Under Armour. The concept came to him as he realized how much he sweated while playing sports. Kevin Plank quickly noticed how the cotton shirts he wore lacked dryness and were uncomfortable. With endless research, Plank began looking at different materials that could control sweat.

Though he hit some obstacles, Kevin Plank was able to sustain Under Armour by running a ESPN magazine ad. His risk paid off with $1 million in sales. It was from this point Under Armour made it’s way through the market His company was initially operated out of a townhouse his grandmother owned. Today, Under Armour has locations in New York and all across the world. They continue to dominate the market with its new clothing designs and sought after shoes.

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The Successful Career Of Robert Redick & Kisling Nestico & Redick

The law industry is one of the most time-consuming industries to work in for various reasons. To begin with, it takes years or proven education just to find a good position in the industry. After that, branching out into creating a dedicated law firm is mostly done after having put in years of experience under another firm. Not to mention, day-to-day processes such as taking on personal cases or handing paperwork requires at least a couple of hours as well. That being said, the reason it’s important to point out the realities of working in this industry is that it allows us to appreciate those who have managed to build a successful career out of it. A great example of this can be seen with leading law professional Robert Redick. Robert has made headlines recently for having announced his retirement after what was nothing short of an incredible career. As the founder of the personal injury law firm Kisling Nestico & Redick, Robert and his firm have helped countless individuals with their goal of helping clients recieve the compensation that they deserve. To get a better appreciation for his career of over a decade at his firm, let’s take a closer look at some of his career highlights as well as what the future has in store for Kisling Nestico & Redick.

Robert Redick’s Career Highlights

In an article on Robert Redick’s career and retirement, we get to see just how dedicated Robert has been during his career. After a successful academic career at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Robert made a quick jump into the insurance industry with the same passion for helping others. As we can see, this work ethic and passion of his has allowed him to create an exceptional firm with a bright future ahead of it.

Kisling Nestico & Redick & It’s Future After Robert Redick

Founded in Ohio, Kisling Nestico & Redick have managed to make a name for themselves around the entire state and onto a national-level. As one of the fastest-growing firms in the country, they have recovered over $450 million for clients with no signs of slowing down. As for what the future holds for them after Robert Redick’s retirement, the firm has made it clear that their goal is to continue to give people what they deserve on top of helping out the community in as many ways possible.

The Interesting Toyo Setal And Petrobras Bid Deal

It was a unique deal for Rio de Janeiro, specifically with regards to the oil and chemical related sector. This is because Toyo Setal and the Rio de Janeiro petrochemical complex (COMPERJ) have made a revolutionary working agreement. Toyo Setal’s bid to resume its interesting work with COMPERJ and Petrobras has succeeded.

What is the Rio de Janeiro petrochemical complex?

Petrobras, COMPERJ, is quite adept with regards to supplies, and it is a great venture. It actually began during that notorious Lula Administration. This complex hosts a variety of operations. Most of them are related to natural oil. Much of the soil is sourced from the area’s presalt super fields. Naturally, it took some collaborative private sector actors entering their operational model in order for it to function optimally. Now, there is no denying Petrobras; capacity when it comes to diesel production. There are so many hundreds of thousands, specifically with regards to barrels, each and every day coming out of this complex.

What is Toyo Setal like?

Toyo Setal is also from Brazil. It area for functioning is the industrial enterprising field. EPC, which many people use when discussing the areas of engineering procurement and, of course construction, takes a prime focus for Toyo Setal. This TSPI grand subsidiary, which is fully owned, has done wonderful work outside of just petrochemicals. There are things like fertilization, steel and a unique type of mining that Toyo, throughout Brazil, has segmented its operations into.

What was the outcome of this bid?

COMPERJ has extended to Toyo in Brazil an 18-month window for this interesting complex work completion. The commercial manager over at Toyo has expressed great enthusiasm regarding the Petrobras relationship. One of the greatest things for the Rio de Janeiro region, regarding this deal, is the wealth of new jobs it will open up in Itaborai. While only 1,000 will be created directly, this will likely add up to a total of 5,000 jobs when looking at the more indirectly impacted areas by this bid deal.

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Kynect – People Helping People

The strands of networking marketing initiatives are spread heavily across the internet. None has been more successful than Kynect. Kynect is a network marketing system that creates new opportunities for users in terms of finding ways to save on their energy usage, mobile phone plans, and protection services.


In addition to energy services, Kynect also sells protective and wireless solutions. Its wireless plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data. The data cap is 15GB of 4G LTE. New customers can buy a new phone or bring their compatible device.


The protective services include Virtual MD, identify protection and roadside assistance. Virtual MD is $25 a month while identify protection and roadside assistance are $15 a month each. The combination of these three sources markets to a wide range of consumers, fostering full inclusion for all Kynect users. The system allows the word-of-mouth travel and individual networking capabilities to become the beckon to success.


Kynect was created out of Dallas, Texas. The company started with clean and renewable energy initiatives and expanded to the savings on mobile plans and protection services. The energy platform allowed users to connect their devices with their networks via social media platforms, texting options, and other related phone functions. The Kynect user would adapt to the form of service offered to save them money in their location.


The marketing comes into play when this user spreads the word throughout their tree of contacts. Applying your list of contacts to the Kynect network allows for the user to secure revenue with each prospective customer that links your name to their sign-up. This is an excellent system for those looking to gain from their vast collection of contacts.Refer to This Article for additional information.


The expansion into the field of phone savings and increased protection standards help to impact all areas of life. We all utilize our phones, so why not make some extra cash when doing so? The Kynect system has grown to over a million users, each benefiting from the increase in renewable energy usage, phone savings, or increased protection plans for their families.


This brand continues to market to all individuals and the announcement of the increased platforms of usage will allow for greater inclusion rates with an entirety of the population.


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Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management and Highland Capital Funds Offering a Diverse Range of ETFs and Alternative Investment Strategies

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based fund manager primarily focused on global alternative investments. It was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. HCM was an early leader in leveraged loans. Since its beginning, the firm has expanded into other asset classes through its value-based methods and its market expertise. As of 2018, Highland reported $13.9 billion in managed assets.

Highland Capital Management serves retail and institutional clients through a diverse range of investment strategies, including high yield credit, real estate, public equities, special situations, private equity, structured credit and region-specific verticals.

Highland Capital makes the advantages provided by institutional-level investment managers and strategies available to investors in a mutual-fund style. Alternative investments may be credit oriented or technically driven strategies, private equity, futures or real estate.

A large percentage of HCM’s business has been bankruptcies and reorganizations, including reorganization at Delphi Corporation and the 2001 Bridge Information Systems bankruptcy. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, L.P. is a Highland Capital Management affiliate offering ETFs and a range of open-end mutual funds comprising various investment strategies and asset classes.

Their ETFs track the Market iBoxx Liquid Leveraged Loan Index and are licensed by Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors.

HCM Fund Advisors also introduced three NYSE-traded ETFs: the Highland HFR Equity Hedge ETF, the Highland HFR Event Driven ETF and the Highland HFR Global ETF.

Highland was the first investment management firm to develop portfolio-tracking software. It eventually became standard for many loan managers, and Highland sold it to JPMorgan Chase in 2003.

Highland contributed to the founding of the George W. Bush Presidential Center and made a 2018 $10 million endowment backing its public programs. Get Additional Information Here.

Apart from its Dallas offices, now in the Crescent Complex, Highland Capital Management maintains locations in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Seoul and Singapore.


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How Iskandar Safa Led Privinvest to Success In the Shipbuilding World


Shipbuilding may be one of the most competitive businesses in the world. That’s because there are only a handful of companies able to efficiently deliver large yachts, naval vessels and supply ships. However, one shipbuilder, Privinvest, has been able to survive and thrive for the past three decades. That success is due to the passion and vision of Privinvest CEO Iskandar Safa.

Born in Lebanon, Mr. Iskandar Safa has a major passion for large ships. This passion led Mr. Safa to pursue and receive an engineering degree from the American University of Lebanon in Beirut. After receiving his engineering degree, Mr. Safa was ready to start his own shipbuilding business. With that vision in mind, the Privinvest CEO set out to acquire his first shipbuilding company.

As a new CEO, Iskandar Safa didn’t have many choices when it came to acquire a shipbuilder. Therefore, Mr. Safa has to roll the dice with a struggling French shipbuilder Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie. At the time, the world was in a recession. However, Mr. Safa persisted and was able to turn around the shipbuilder in just two short years.

Today Privinvest is known as one of the top shipbuilders in the world with shipyards in Europe and the Middle East. Among the projects completed by Privinvest is “Sailing Yacht A.” This superyacht, known as one of the largest in the world, measures an incredible 143 meters in length with 12,600 in gross tonnage displacement. In fact, Privinvest has been responsible for building 2 of the 10 largest sailing ships in the world. Read This Article to learn more.

In the past 30 years, Privinvest has been able to grow while the rest of the industry has been shrinking. That is because of Safa’s commitment to efficient shipbuilding. Heading into the company’s fourth decade, Privinvest seeks to continue its growth in the hyper competitive shipbuilding industry. Find More Information Here.


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Luke Lazarus on Why Every Business Needs a Consultant

When Luke Lazarus starts a business, he begins by creating a plan that tells the story of that investment. He ensures that the story takes into account the customers and the business partners too. After that, he carries out thorough market research to identify the points at which customers engage with products.

He also wants to know about competition and segmented markets. However, he says that there is an aspect that most people overlook, yet it is the one that plays the most significant role in determining success – startup consultancy. Here are a few things that he had to say about the need for every business to have a consultant.

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The Need for Consultancy

A look at data from recent business surveys is enough to tell you that consultancy is an integral part of a business. Imagine every new business is more likely to wind up in the first year. A big chunk of those that survive the first never makes it past the fist.

To make it worse, the bow out after making huge losses. It is because the market is ruthless to entrepreneurs who do not understand how they work. Any business that is not guided will be wiped off the markets as those that have a proper direction continue to dominate.

The Turning Point

When Luke Lazarus analyzed these statistics, he pointed out that there is a turning point that can herald the beginning of success for bust startups. His point is that even though everything looks gloomy, we cannot overlook the fact that we still have a small number of businesses that are still doing fine.

Some people are setting up businesses and succeeding straightaway. They may be one a thousand, but they exist. If only people knew about their secret, everyone in this world would be celebrating. Their secret is startup consultancy.

The Serial Winners

Luke explains that the small percentage of people who still succeed in business are those who have picked up success tips over the years.

These people have been through torrid situations, but they have always come out victorious. With every investment, they have picked up little success tips. Today, they can piece together those tips and ensure that their next venture succeeds no matter what they face.

The best part is that these people are willing to share their tips. They are tired of winning alone, even when others fail miserably.

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Because of that, they open up consultancy businesses where people can get the guidance that they need to be successful. A startup that follows their advice is more likely to succeed than one that tries to do it blindly.

Luke Lazarus is not a new name in the entrepreneurship world. He is the man who graduated with an MBA from the Melbourne Business School at only 24 years of age. He is also the man who jumped straight into the business and started shaping the industry. He has been offering startup consultancy services for more than ten years and has clients from both Australia and the rest of the world.

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