How Sheldon Lavin rose to be the CEO of OSI Group

In the most prominent food company OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin offers his services as the CEO of the company. He has been a part of OSI Group for the past four decades. In the four decades, he has played different roles in the company, and he has ensured that they are useful in making him an essential person in the business sector. Sheldon Lavin has been of help to the company in gaining the recognition as one being the best in what they do in the world. The result that the company has received under the leadership of Sheldon is something that has never been seen.

Even though Sheldon Lavin was not among the founding partners since he joined the company much later, and as soon as he entered, he started dominating the industry. In 1975 that’s when he joined OSI Group. The first time he joined the company was because he was requested on being an equal managing partner in the quest of managing the company forward. Even before he had joined the company, he had offered his services to the company in the form of capitalization when the company was expanding locally and internationally. The founders of the company realized that Sheldon would be of great help to the company if he became a partner. That reason why they approached Sheldon Lavin with the offer, and after a short while he took over the role of CEO and chairman.

After he attained the role of being the company’s leader, he had to make some changes. He realized that the company has many opportunities for achieving its goals, but it was not making use of them. The reason why he made through changes. The time he joined OSI Group, it only offered its services to one client. The products that McDonald’s requested from them was huge, and they didn’t see the need to expand any further. Though the idea of having one client was not something that Sheldon liked. He said that if anything happened to the clients, then they would be forced to close. The reason why he started to look for other clients. Click here to learn more

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Focuses On Fighting Unethical Insurance Firms

Annually, many accidents take place. Many people are affected by these accidents since some individuals also lose their loved ones. Many individuals can testify about how Kisling, Nestico & Redick positively influences the legal outcome of the court proceedings. For starters, the victim may have complied with the traffic laws. Nevertheless, some of the reckless drivers put people in harm’s way since they could not obey some of the traffic signs.

The attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick deal with cases involving traffic accidents regularly. Kisling, Nestico & Redick has also managed to be a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Super Lawyers. The positive track record at Kisling, Nestico & Redick has come about as a result of the lawsuits that they have managed to win over the years.

As for the attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick, they possess the skills needed to formulate some suitable strategies that allow them to win some of the cases in a courtroom. The firm has been offering quality services since it was founded in 2005. The KNR team is dedicated to handling cases in the following categories: truck collisions, product deficits, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and compensation claims by workers. The Kisling, Nestico & Redick lawyers are also dedicated to ensuring that people get the justice they deserve. Since 2005, the KNR law firm has also grown extensively. According to Kisling, Nestico & Redick it is good to collect a witness statement immediately after an accident has taken place. Also, the victims should be taken to the hospital immediately to make sure that they have been treated for any injuries that they may have incurred internally and externally.

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Philip Diehl Speaks about the US Penny in the Market

In the United Kingdom, the parliament has been busy making reforms that can benefit the country. For a very long time, the parliament has been discussing the issue concerning the one penny. After a long time, majority of the lawmakers decided that it was important to retain the penny. The monetary system in the UK has been asking for the removal of the copper coins for a very long time.

The government has felt that this is not the right decision to take. According to the finance minister who has researched so much about the matter, there are many citizens who are still using cash on various activities. After the debate ended in Britain, the people in the US started the discussion concerning their penny and whether it is required in the market. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

There are some individuals who have asked for the government to get rid of the coins because it is rarely used, and its value keeps going down. US Money Reserve, an institution that focuses on precious metals, has leaders who know more about the coins that are in circulation in the market.

Philip Diehl, the person who sits as president of US Money Reserve spoke about the penny subject recently, giving people the kind of insights they want to know about the coin. According to Philip, the one-cent coin is considered to be the first ever currency that was established by the United States government.

However, the penny never featured the president of America in the past, Abraham Lincoln. The coin has always been recognized as a symbol of the American nation because it celebrates and recognizes one of the most respected presidents in the history of the country. The market value of the coin doesn’t matter anymore to the citizens.

US Money Reserve president says that the composition of the coin isn’t what it used to be in the past. With the changing time, the composition is different because of the modern ways that have been used in the process of making the coin. In the traditional times, the penny was believed to be made of coin.

However, after the end of the second war in the world, the coin composition started to have some zinc and copper materials. The cost of acquiring copper started going up and there were many restrictions surrounding the use of some metals in the American market. Philip Delhi advice concerning the coin has been received positively by the people who use the coin.

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ClassDojo App Mindfulness Mediation for Schools

On May 10th, 2019 the mindfulness meditation app, ClassDojo sponsored ‘The Worlds Most Mindful Moment,” a fifteen minute guided meditation that took place in the classroom. ClassDojo has been used in class rooms across the world, reaching over 180 countries. Mindfulness meditation is correlated with a reduction in anxiety and has shown a positive effect on students optimism and relationship skills.

According to recent studies kids and teenagers are more stressed than ever. Finding suggest that they are often stressed out than their parents. It seems that the carefree days of childhood are coming to an end. People look around for what’s to blame for this sudden rise in suicidal thoughts in teenagers and social anxiety in young children. Technology is quick to get the blame. ClassDojo aims to make our modern access to technology an ally in this fight, rather than an enemy.

The ClassDojo app has been developed specifically for use in the class room with young children ranging for kindergarten to the eight grade. There goal is to provide students with the skills necessary to develop emotional intelligence and self control. Mindfulness meditation isn’t any thing new, as it has become a sensation with modern adults who often use it to take control of their own stress. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce behavior issues in young children, and seems to improve their educational experience. Student who practice mindfulness are more likely to avoid burnout and bouts of severe anxiety. ClassDojo is working to raise awareness and to help decrease the stresses of growing up in our modern world.

Betsy DeVos: A Life Spent Advocating For Choices In Education

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is not afraid to disagree with President Trump, although, she does not contradict him in public or to the media. DeVos reportedly resisted rescinding a federal policy which allowed transgender students to use the school bathroom of their choice, but she publicly supported President Trump.


She’s known as a tough cookie in her home state of Michigan where she advocated for school choice. While critics said charter schools took funding away from public schools, DeVos said low-income parents deserve choices. She talks about visiting the Potter’s House Christian School with her husband. They had the money to send their kids to private schools, but the parents of the students at the school had to sacrifice to send their students to a good school. DeVos and her husband Dick now support the school.


DeVos started a foundation which gave children scholarships, however, she realized that the scholarships only helped a few families. Scholarships didn’t address the real problem which is poorly performing public schools, especially in Detroit. DeVos also served on the boards or two organizations which supported school choice; the American Education Reform Council and Children First America. DeVos also started the Lansing-based Great Lakes Education Foundation with her husband which advocates for charter schools.


When Philanthropy Magazine interviewed DeVos, she spoke about her support for online learning and homeschooling as well. Online learning is new, says DeVos, but it has promise. She goes even further, supporting charter schools run by for-profit companies, saying the free market and parents will decide the school’s fate. DeVos mentions her husband’s charter school, an aviation high school. The school prepares students for high-paying careers in the aviation industry.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have given almost $139 million away to charity during their lives. DeVos favors educational causes, educational reform and supports political candidates who favor school choice. She feels children shouldn’t have to attend a poor simply because they live in a certain zip code. As Education Secretary, DeVos has pointed out that even the better schools in the U.S. don’t perform as well as schools in other countries.


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Paul Mampilly: A Market For the Everyday American

Paul Mampilly began his career almost two decades ago as a research assistant to Deutsche Bank. Slowly but surely Mr.Mampilly would continue climbing the ladder within various organizations such as Banker Trust and ING, o name a few. By 2006 Mr.Mampilly had no doubt become one of the most revered and prominent figures on Wall Street with various organizations seeking his expertise. In fact, Paul Mampilly would go onto become a key hedge fund manager to a firm called the “Best in the World.” Although Mr.Mampilly experience within Wall Street was prominently a successful one, the overbearing responsibility of maintaining billion-dollar investments for other people made him decided it was time to step down.

Today, Mr.Mampilly can be found running his own business where he provides everyday Americans the ability to obtain insider information only available once to those within wall street. Paul Mampilly states that Wall Street isn’t necessarily for the average person; in fact, much of it caters to only the elite. Therefore, the creation of his newsletter “Profits Unlimited” provides people with the necessary direction to make educated investments. Read articles at

When asked about the reasons most financial experts don’t seem to work for people, Mr.Mampilly replied with a short list of the problems hovering around this particular issue. One is that financial advisors often don’t really delve deep into questioning an investment. Paul Mampilly explains that before he every provides advice to anyone, he will think about all the reasons why he can be wrong and vise versa. The fact is that most advisors who find quick success think that their instincts of the market will always be right, and that is simply not true.

In addition to the underwhelming advice on the market right now, another area that Mr.Mampilly often had moral issues with were the fees associated with transactions. Mr.Mampilly states that fees would always be collected no matter the quality of advice given to investors. Although he understood some of the reasons behind these policies, the practice never really settle right with him. Read More:

Toyo Setal on Dealing with Faux Passion

Quiet is the call of companies within Brazil for change. They are not all suited towards existing in the long-term, and for the companies who are, this is quite annoying. Toyo Setal comes to mind as one of the most influential companies the country has ever seen, and they are getting fed up with the amount of other “engineering” corporations who pretend to be all about the art of their work until they finally reel you in as a customer and they show their true colors.

These companies do not care for consumer interests; they are only concerned with elevating their own state within the business industry. This is where TOyo Setal draws the distinction, and they plan to do so for as long as they live. These are people who are dedicated to the ever-growing destiny of changing the state of the world, and this is, in their opinion, the destiny that every business owner is confronted with on some level. However, some do not genuinely come to the call of their passions and they instead twist them around for the sake of expansion.

This is a process that Toyo Setal has been aware of for many years now, and their disgust for it has never wavered. They believe that if you are someone who is going to exercise their passion for the industry by spending thousands and thousands of dollars into creating a company within it, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone who does business with you goes away thinking that the industry you are a part of is truly on the up-and-up.

This is the perennial goal of Toyo Setal, and because of this, it can be quite frustrating to see other corporations who do not even care about their clientele’s interests. These are the companies that are ruining the good name of the present Brazilian engineering industry, and they will continue to do so for as long as big businesses do not put them in check for it. Toyo Setal is one company that refuses to go through their careers without calling out the fake corporations around them.

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Matthew Fleeger Knows More Than Oil And Gas

Native Texan Matt Fleeger is leading a venture that’s bound to turn the oil industry on its head.

As CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, LLC, Fleeger has spent a number of years learning the ins and outs of what his family started in 1970. The Dallas-based company has established a footprint in Southeast Louisiana as well as thriving operations along many areas of the Gulf.

The primary goal of Gulf Coast Western is to acquire and develop oil reserves with geological advantages. These reserves pose the greatest financial potential while building strong partner relationships.

Fleeger stresses the importance of maintaining respect through transparency and honesty. “Our accredited partners are the reason for our longevity in the oil business. Without them, we would be just another fledgling company.”

Gulf Coast Western recently acquired the property rights to 13 oil-producing wells in Southwestern Louisiana. This venture, along with the assets acquired from Orbit Energy Partners, should produce more than 800 barrels of crude daily.

Gulf Coast Western also plans to explore thousands of sites along the Louisiana coastline. The seismic data will be a huge role in long-term development.

The company will also help with the operations of other Louisiana wells. This includes Union Gas and LLOX. With over one thousand current collaborations around the southern U.S., Gulf Coast Western maintains the highest-level of integrity. The company’s Better Business Bureau rating remains at an A+.

Additionally, over 70 percent of Gulf Coast Western’s partners have participated in the company’s joint ventures. Fleeger says this is well beyond the national average of all oil companies.

Fleeger is highly regarded for his considerable oil and gas expertise. A successful entrepreneur, Fleeger currently owns medical waste disposal company MedSolutions as well as Palm Beach Tan. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Business Administration.

Sheldon Lavin: From the corridors of Finance to the meat processing world

While growing up, Sheldon Lavin always admired owning his business. It is for this reason that he pursued finance related courses. Being a financial guru, Sheldon managed to have a commanding stake in the company when he arranged the financing of Otto & Sons first processing plant which was to be built in West Chicago, Illinois. It is during this involvement that the company changed the name from Otto & Sons to OSI. Presented with a lifetime opportunity, Sheldon Lavin created his significant vision for the company which saw it make a global claim as the world’s best food processing industry.

Currently, OSI Group has over 70 processing plants distributed over 17 countries, with their primary product being protein foods along with sauces and vegetables. According to Sheldon Lavin, the secret to the company’s success is their ability to work as a family. Despite having a hierarchy, their business culture has allowed every employer to feel part of the company. This has allowed the company to remain a successful entity for over a century. The business’s success has always been attributed to Sheldon’s eye for innovation. However, he attributes this skill to his success history in the company.

Over time he had to nurture it for the company to remain active in the global market. Running a big entity as a family can be a daunting task; however, Sheldon Lavin has always strived to make his employees feel loved. One of their approaches is to have lunch together, this has not only ensured they work as a family, but it has built a cohesive approach which continues even to their family. While other companies follow a certain way of passing complaints, Sheldon has always advised his employees to call him by his first name and always to consult him or his business peers when concerned about an issue.

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Angolan President action against Isabel dos Santos’ Company

It seems like the conflict between Isabel dos Santos and the President of Angola is unlikely to end anytime soon considering their new contention in regard to the Marginal da Corimba project whereby her company’s contract has been nullified. On the 15th of May, President Joao Lourenco withdrew the contract the government had entered with Urbimveste to be part of the companies that are carrying out the Marginal da Corimba project. This was the President’s decision and he alleged that that the company has been overcharging the government for the time it has been part of Marginal da Corimba.

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Isabel dos Santos has not taken this matter lightly because as a businesswoman, such allegations can ruin her name and that of her company. She expressed her disappoint for the unfounded accusations by the President through her Instagram platform. In her post, she emphasized on the value of a good name and a good reputation and that she had the right to both. She said that the allegations were untrue and threatened to give her business a bad name. As a person who owns many businesses, she said she makes sure that all her employees are carrying out their responsibilities appropriately and the operations are going on as they should be.

This marks the second time that the Angolan President has made decisions that affect Isabel dos Santos. The first time was introducing measures that affected her father’s family. Her father is Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the former President of Angola. The president justified his latest action that Urbinveste was overbilling the project’s values. The company gave their statement denying it had ever engaged in duping the government during the time it was part of the project.

Isabel dos Santos is a billionaire who has amassed her wealth through businesses and investments in various sectors within Angola and even abroad. She is well experienced on matters of entrepreneurship and economic development from running successful businesses and working in large companies. She is using her influence to promote economic development in undeveloped countries such as Angola. She has also talked about economic empowerment in several economic forums she has been part of.

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