McDonalds Partner, OSI Group , Set to Co-Produce the Impossible Burger for Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods will launch its new Impossible Burger this coming month and using OSI Group as its producer. OSI Group is also one of the McDonalds key suppliers of its beef. OSI Group has been a key supplier for McDonalds since 1955 when Ray Kroc chose OSI to be its main food supplier of been products. Impossible Foods has been producing its Impossible Burger in its main production warehouse in Oakland, but now has made a co-producer contract with OSI to also produce its burgers in its Chicago production plant.

Impossible Burger

By making a deal OSI it allows Impossible Foods to keep up with the growing demand for its Impossible Burger, which has been growing since its debuts at Chef David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi in 2016, which started a great demand among Quick Service Restaurants around the country. OSI has installed machinery in its Chicago plant which is almost a cut and paste operation as Impossible Foods has in its Oakland plant. The Impossible Foods employees who will be producing the Impossible Burger will need to key into the in-house facility, which is separate from other parts of the OSI products to avoid any contaminants during production.

Growing Demands for Impossible Burger

A spokesman for OSI Foods says it will see a big rise in demand for its Impossible burger and OSI will be there to help Impossible Foods to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Impossible Foods said that it is continuing to see a big rise in the demand for its Impossible burger from other fast-food purveyors, pizza places, as well as other QSRs. Several QSRs have already produced versions of it own Impossible burger. White Castle has the Impossible Slider in its menu and Burger King will roll out its Impossible Whopper later this year.

Exceeding capacity

Impossible Foods has already exceeded its production capacity twice in May and June 2019 in preparation for the Impossible burger launch next month. Impossible Foods has an 86,000 square foot facility in Oakland, where it produces its Impossible burger, but will be moving part of the production of its main flagship burger into the Chicago OSI plant, where its plant has been almost perfectly duplicated by OSI in order to produce the Impossible Burger under its co-producer agreement with Impossible Foods.


The substantial contribution of Peter Briger at the Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger acts as a Principle at the Fortress Investment Group. He obtained his first degree at Princeton and held a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. After his education, he worked with several organizations such as Wauwaa as a significant investor and Goldman Sachs as a partner before joining Fortress Investment group. At Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger worked as member committees such as the Asian Management, Japan Executive and Global Control and Compliance. He is a member of the board of committee of the Princeton University Investment Firm and has position rank in the Forbes’ 400 lists of world enterprise professionals.

For more information about Peter Briger, view his Crunchbase profile.

Fortress Investment Group is a company, based in New York, that mainly deals with the management of investments around the world. It is currently holding over $43 billion worth of assets on behalf of over several investors. It uses the unique, colossal risk-oriented returns to operate on the full range of its investments. Three Principals head it; Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger. They primarily focus on assets investments, operations control, partnerships, capital market, and administration of the specialized knowledge of particular organizations and institutions. Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone first founded the firm. They merged their financial expertise and experience in each of their fields of operation to bring out the leading investment firm that became the current Fortress.

Peter Briger earned his valuable experience from his 15 years working with Goldsman Sachs. He joined Fortress in 2002 as a partner, with his central role at the company is to mainly focus on the success of the company on its real estate and credits investments. He also brought in his expertise, connections understanding, and experience of the Asian financial system. On the position of principal and in association with the other principals, he has overseen tremendous changes in the firm. Among the acquisitions made by the company in their leadership includes the Ski Resort in North America, the Intrawest in Canada, Penn National Gaming and RailAmerica. Peter Bridger takes part in charitable activities and holds positions in their committees. He is a strong supporter of the Central Park Conservancy and Tipping Point.


Academy of Art University Students Show Fashion Design Talent

In September of 2017, New York had one of its annual fashion shows. At the latest fashion show, a number of new designs were displayed for many in the fashion industry to check out. These designs were made by students of the Academy of Art University. When the show was taking place, the students in the fashion design program were able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to their peers in the fashion industry. This has allowed them to make a lasting impression on many executives, designers and employers. As a result, some of the students will be in position to get jobs and begin their careers as fashion designers in the near future.

The Academy of Art University is a leading educational institution that specializes in providing artistic educational programs. At this university, students are able to learn a number of field in the arts that include acting, photography, graphic design, art, web design and fashion design. All of these programs will enable students to pursue their passions and eventually start a career in the artistic occupation of their choice. The school offers both bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs.

One of the things that make the Academy of Art University among the most notable educational institutions is its teaching and instruction. Unlike traditional universities, the instructors are professionals who actually work in the field they are teaching. As a result, students are able to learn from experts in the field and will therefore learn what exact skills are needed to thrive in artistic occupations.

Another thing that makes the Academy of Art University one of the top artistic educational institutions is its flexibility. Students can complete courses in either in a classroom on campus or on the internet. Anyone who attends the campus will be able to get live instruction in a traditional classroom setting which can suit most people’s preferred style of learning. They can also complete programs online that allow them to complete courses at their own pace. As a result, the Academy of Art University provides students with the added benefit of convenience when attending.

Ashley Lightspeed Joins Lightsped Ventures to Help Startups

Last year, Lightspeed Ventures, one of the popular institutions in the venture capital markets, was in the spotlight. The institution successfully managed to raise more than one and half billion dollars so that they could invest in startups. Everyone was speaking about the fastest-growing venture capitalist company and the impact it is making in the lives of investors. Silicon Valley businesses are bound to benefit from the new move. After raising funds, Lightspeed Ventures increased its top leaders. One of the new faces in this organization is Ashley Brasier. According to close sources in the company, Ashley Lightspeed brings intelligence to the growing firm. See full article at

Ashley Lightspeed is the professional needed to make Lightspeed Ventures reach its goal in the market. The executive will be part of the consumer investigating team. In this role, she will work with all the startups to come up with an effective growth strategy. The board chose the professional to fill this role because of her accomplishments in the past. Ashley Brasier has a degree from Duke University, and she is an expert in management issues. Brasier served in many prestigious roles before she could resign and serve in Lightspeed Ventures. The few people who have worked with her say that she is the ideal candidate for the role given. Being a woman does not affect her performance in the male-dominated society. Ashley says that she grew up in an environment that natured her talents. Her father was close to her, and he guided her to make the best decisions in her career life. Brasier is excited about the new role in her career, and she is embarking on a journey to help millions of startups in the United States and other parts of the world. The visionary woman leader looks forward to empowering more women in business too.

To know more about Ashley Lightspeed visit at

A Patient –First Outlook in Medical Marketing by Carsten Thiel

Born in Berlin, Carsten Thiel studied chemistry in Malbrook. Thiel left his native country to study at the UK’s University of Bristol. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in organic chemistry and later specialized in biochemistry. At Maz Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Thiel obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.

Carsten Thiel has steered the market launch of numerous medical breakthrough therapies. His direct participation has enhanced the quality of lives of thousands of patients. However, he has dealt with opposition from people who don’t believe in his stand for a patient-first approach when it comes to medical marketing.

One of the most significant responsibilities Carsten Thiel has handled is the launch of Xenic – a new weight loss product. In many instances, the marketers of weight loss products make large-scale promises. They ignore the importance of reminding potential users of the need to ditch a sedentary lifestyle and other harmful behaviors. As such, the initial sales are usually high but then tend to slow down when the product fails to meet the expectation of users.

Aware of this risk, Thiel preferred a slower launch instead of raising the expectations of the consumers unnecessarily. He proceeded to launch Xenic with the right stakeholders. He focused on a particular segment of customers who would reap the most benefit from the product, and those committed to using the product alongside healthy lifestyle choices.

While this approach yielded a slower accumulation of sales, it built a positive reputation. Carsten Thiel applied his expertise to persuade the leadership of Roche to follow the same path. Within its first year, Xenic sold more than a billion Swiss Francs. By any standard, this was a big success.

A good number of people supported Thiel’s approach. However, some people didn’t want to change the traditional structure of pharmacology due to the costs involved, required training, and the minimum initial sales. For Carsten Thiel, this was a pivotal opportunity within his career to transform the infrastructure so it can pay more attention to the patient first and for everything else to come second.

Carsten Thiel set an excellent example in the world of medicine. For instance, the modern standard practice in oncology requires that the doctor offers patients a complete work-up of tests. Oncologists are required to narrow down therapies that each person would most likely respond to scientifically.

Carsten Thiel’s: Twitter.

Kisling Nestico & Redick: A Law Firm Dedicated to Helping People

The Ohio law firm of Kisling, Nestico & Redick provides experienced representation to clients who have suffered vehicular, work injuries and serious personal injuries. The firm’s dedication to adequately representing those injured by motor vehicles began partly from the personal experience of the firm’s founder, Rob Nestico. At age 15, Nestico suffered severe injuries from an automobile accident caused by a negligent driver. While he was hospitalized, the insurance company took advantage of his immigrant parents’ inability to communicate in English. Today, Nestico employs people who once worked for insurance companies, thus enabling the firm to know what tactics these companies may use to avoid payments.

Located in Ohio, Kisling, Nestico & Redick now does more than help their clients; it seeks to help communities. Because the aftermath of tragic accidents can be devastating and permanently alter the lives of families, the law firm has created specific initiatives. One of these is KNR Cares About Kids that educates young people about the dangers of not wearing helmets while riding a bicycle and informs teens of the dangers of texting while driving.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick also gives back to communities, fighting hunger and deprivation on a local level. The firm purchases bags of food for school children, and it raises money for the food pantry upon which many parents and children depend. Kisling, Nestico & Redick takes the disadvantaged youth on trips for school supplies. It also arranges for needy children to go on shopping trips for new clothes and shoes. Then they will not be embarrassed by having to attend school with used and worn clothing.

On these trips, a representative of the law firm accompanies the children and personally buys the items, ensuring that everything goes directly to those in need. With such direct charitable interventions, the firm exemplifies true charity and good business citizenship. In another example of safety concern and altruism, Kisling, Nestico & Redick donated children’s bicycle helmets at a YMCA Child Development Center. Further, to save teens from injury, Kisling, Nestico & Redick offers its Stop Distracted Driving Scholarship to a high school student who originates the best proposal for reducing inattentive driving in teens.

How to handle your skin during summer

When people get past the age of fifty-five years, they think that it is too late to do something about their skin. When you are young and full of energy, the idea of using sunscreen does not sound interesting. Scientists took many years before they could establish the first effective sunscreen. Both men and women start using sun protection when they are in their advanced age. Genucel cares about your skin, and this is why it is offering tips on how people can maintain healthy skin when they are older. Genucel has products that work for different skin types. People from all age groups have specific products to use. To keep your skin radiant, the following tips will assist.

Hydrate and always Moisturize

Based on, since time memorial, health professional recommends drinking a lot of water so that someone can remain healthy. Many people do not realize that by keeping this habit, their skin retains a young look for many years. Women, according to Genucel, should take at least eight cups of water every day. Other sources in the world will increase this amount. When drinking water, use the timetable that is most beneficial to you. When you wake up, take a glass of hot water before engaging in any other eating activates. This water helps to start your organs for the day ahead. After your meals, a cup of water will help to deal with indigestion. People with enough water in their bodies will always have the best skin elasticity, not forgetting the natural glow. After drinking the right amounts of water, start using an excellent moisturizer that is ideal for your skin type.

Use an SPF cream in the morning

Starting to use SPF when you are in your fifties is not a bad idea. This routine needs to last for a lifetime. When using SPF, remember to apply the recommended moisturizing lotion, observe hygiene, and protect your skin. The weather changes several times a year. Direct sunlight has harmful rays that harm the skin in so many ways. When you sit under the sun for long hours every day, the skin will start getting darker and ugly. Wrinkles will appear before your time.  You can visit to know more about Genucel.

Introducing The Top Place To Work In Direct Sales

The direct sales industry is and has always been a pretty competitive place. Is it any wonder then that they have a competition to see which place is the best to work as an employee? The qualifications are pretty simple, and the survey is run by the trusted industry newspaper known as Direct Sales News. 

The newspaper sends out a quick survey to the employees of various direct sales industry jobs. The purpose of the survey is to determine employee satisfaction and the different kind of perks and offerings that may be available to them. 

Any business that wants to compete for the title of being a top workplace in direct sales may do so, but a minimum number of respondents is required before the surveys are considered. The competition has to be on level ground for all participants after all. After any company has submitted the necessary number of responses, the surveys are reviewed and tallied up. The companies with the highest employee satisfaction are declared the winners. 

The employees at some of the top finishers are asked about their experiences working with their employers. Jeunesse Global employees frequently cite the perks that they are given for working there such as an excellent benefits package that includes unlimited PTO time and the ability to check out some of the free onsite yoga classes to help exercise their body and mind. Those are things that you simply don’t see at a lot of employers, but Jeunesse Global felt that it was important to include these things because they want their employees to feel valued, and this was the best way to do it. 

This is the third year that Jeunesse Global has been able to grace itself with an award from this industry newspaper regarding how well they treat their employees. It is an exciting indicator to the outside world that they have kept up their commitment to their employees and to the mission that they so obviously believe in. That is really the only takeaway that one could get from this, and it is a highly positive one for Jeunesse Global. 

Choosing the Most from Agera Energy

If you want an energy company that you can trust, it is time to consider the benefits of choosing Agera Energy. The Agera Energy company has long been used by both homeowners and company owners who want to save money while still getting the services and programs that they need. Read more about Agera Energy at

You can save money thanks to what Agera Energy is doing for you and why it’s a trusted option for your own particular needs. Make sure to consider the many benefits of choosing Agera Energy and know that this company has all that you need to save some funds.


You can get some helpful tips on the Agera Energy site itself or by visiting them on social media as well. This company has been making strides in the energy field and is continually working on ways to be more energy efficient and offer tips for homeowners to save money on the energy that they need. This is a company that you can trust with all of your needs and know they are going to offer you exactly what you need and want for this particular process. Be sure to consider the benefits of choosing Agera Energy and how they work for you. Visit to know more.

Unroll Me – Trouble Free App for Email Management

You have an email and you are expecting If you are troubled by tons of promotional, bonus and offer emails hitting your inbox each day, maybe it is time you take the help of the email management app such as Unroll Me. It is one of the most popular email management apps out there, which has helped hundreds and thousands of people across the globe to take back control of their email. Having to delete tons of emails each day at the start of the day and again before going to bed can be really time-consuming and frustrating at the same time. Moreover, there are many vendors out there who might be selling out your personal information to others, which would increase the burden of unwanted emails in your inbox with every passing day.

Unroll Me would help you get rid of the unwanted subscription services by letting you do bulk unsubscribe and at the same time would also help you categorize the subscriptions you want to keep. The subscription emails would be kept separately and presented to you in the form of a roll-up so that you never lose track of any important newsletter. The best part is that the subscription emails would not get mixed up with your inbox, and thus, you would be able to find those important emails at work within minutes without losing time. Using email management app such as Unroll Me increases your productivity and would also ensure that you do not have to lose another minute again in order to sweep unwanted emails from your inbox again. For a clutter-free inbox, Unroll Me is the perfect app that you should install and start using today without any security concerns as it uses the most updated and sophisticated security system. 

Unroll me is setting high standards in the industry as it offers the best service possible. They have a powerful system, yet the app is easy to use. The company understands what its customers want and try to add more features that would be useful to them. Those who have used their services once, swear by them.