Drilling holes with Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali has a B.S degree in Earth Sciences. He did his bachelors from Penn State University. After graduating and completing his bachelor’s degree he went to Florida Atlantic University to do his Masters in Geology. After completing his studies he worked geologist for a drilling company and also offered consultancy services to an environmental firm. Apart from being a successful geologist Matt Badiali has been working as an investor in an attempt to earn great profits.

Matt Badiali has a lot of experience in his field and has almost traveled all around the globe to work. He has been to many locations which include Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Haiti, Singapore, etc. He has talked to a lot of people and has earned a lot of experience visiting mines, oil wells. He has worked with a lot of CEOs and has talked to them in order to learn new skills and to develop existing ones. He believes that no one can truly know the true picture of anything unless he or she sees it for himself. The skills that he has learned and adopted over the years have helped him in his career. He can observe drilling crews and examine how skillful they are. He believes that how companies can drill holes says a lot about their potential. Read articles at stockgumshoe.com by Matt Badiali

He has done a lot of research in order to find profitable investments in natural resources. Apart from being a geologist and an investor Matt Badiali has also worked as a teacher. He has taught geology at the Duke University and also at the University of North Carolina. He has done a lot of research and has presented his findings in conferences with many geologists. He has presented his findings to big companies which include Exxon Mobil and Anadarko. He also worked for investors and looked for rare opportunities for investments in natural resources. Since he was good at both geology and finance he was able to handle the job pretty easy as compared to other people who lack knowledge in either one of the two fields.

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Academy of Art University: A Premier World Class Art Institution

Art is an integral part of human life. Since time immemorial, human beings have devised numerous ways to express themselves through various works of art. As such, human love for art has necessitated the establishment of institutions that are meant to create a good rapport among students who enroll at such institutes. One such school is the Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University is presumably one of the first art institutions that provided training in commercial and advertising art. The university has thus cemented its place as a premier school where students are taught by some of the best professionals and tutors in the art industry. Indeed, the dedication and commitment of the staff at the institution have seen it metamorphose into a fully-fledged finishing school for some of the most notable visual artists in the United States.


Foothold in San Francisco

The Academy of Art University has maintained significant real estate holdings in the coveted San Francisco area of the United States. Their long term involvement in streamlining the art industry, he is making them part of the most beautiful city in America. One of the main advantages that the university has is its proximity to the San Francisco city center. By sitting in the historic Embarcadero neighborhood, the university enjoys the benefits of being part of an inspiring city that appreciates art and related culture.

History and Origin of the University

The Academy of Art University was established in 1929 by the director of Sunset Magazine, Richard Stephens. The institute has remained relentless in transforming focused students, into professional designers and artists. Richard Stephen believed firmly that teaching the right skills could tremendously transform aspiring students, not respectable members of the global art society. In addition to that, his belief that students could be accepted at the Institute without a prerequisite art portfolio also played a significant role in giving a golden opportunity to most interested students.

Student Population and Courses Offered

The Academy of Art University has emerged as the largest accredited art and design institute in the whole nation. Their incorporation of state of the art teaching practices has sent their total enrolment to grow to more than 18,000 over the years. Students at the institute sharpen their skills in animation, fashion, interior design, and architecture.

Neurocore Knows Neurofeedback Is Good For Treating ADHD


Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are located in Boca Raton, Florida and Livonia, Michigan. The company owns several locations that all provide equal customer service and techniques to help people with mental illness. The company is a brain performance company. Their goal is to improve any weaknesses or sicknesses with the brain. Additionally, they focus on tackling ADHD which is becoming increasingly more common in both children and adults.


“Neurofeedback” or Neurotherapy” is their main technique to improving brain performance. They treat patients with ADHD with neurofeedback. “Neurofeedback” enables people to train their brains to perform a certain way. Sicknesses and poor performance can be reversed when using “Neurofeedback” methods. Neurocore has perfected being able to train the brain to perform correctly.


“Neurofeedback” training allows the brainwaves of the brain to be watched while a person is either watching a movie or playing a game. The professionals at Neurocore  will analyze these brainwaves. Then the professional assigns a specific routine for the patient to undergo to improve the quality of their brain. The professionals assigned in house and at home programs for the patient to undergo.


The methods used at all Neurocore locations have proven to be effective. People have seen their symptoms dramatically be lowered due to the “Neurofeedback” therapies the company has worked hard to utilize for patients. The staff here are brain specialists. They have attended school and thoroughly learned about the brain, illnesses of the brain and ways to treat the brain. Go Here to read some great reviews about Neurocore.


About four percent of Americans are suffering from ADHD. Children also suffer from this mental illness. Many times ADHD systems are a lot of times noticed in small children early in life. But sometimes symptoms do not appear until adulthoods. Females in their twenties are a growing segment of the population who have this mental disorder. Over the past few decades, researchers have become to notice and understand this mental disorder a bit better. There is still a lot of confusion around how people get ADHD and what are the best ways to treat the illness. Neurocore knows “Neurofeedback” is a great way to heal people with this disorder.


Additional reference: https://patch.com/florida/miami/neurocore-abridged-history-applied-neurofeedback


Steve Lesnard Is An Expert In Digital Marketing

Steve Lesnard has had a successful career in the world of marketing, including some years as General Manager and Global Vice President of Nike. He is a graduate of Babson College and holds masters degrees in Business and Entrepreneurship and in business administration. Steve Lesnard grew up on the island of Corsica, and he has always been interested in different countries and cultures. His curiosity and understanding of how people from different cultures face and solve problems has given him an edge in forming marketing strategies.

Steve Lesnard believes that the successful marketing of products must concentrate on what the consumer needs and wants. A company needs to focus on how their products will add value to consumers’ lives and wake up the customers’ awareness of how the product appeals to them. In order to offer this to customers, the company needs to understand what kind of customers are being targeted and why the product will be of benefit to them. Using all the marketing tools in the modern digital world gives so many opportunities to connect with consumers emotionally as well as rationally. Apple has been especially successful at connecting with customers through simple messages such as their “10k songs in your pocket” for the iPod and now its emphasis on safety and health benefits for its watches, both making customers realize how they wanted and needed products that could be with them when they are out and about.

Once the product and potential customers have been sorted out, Steve Lesnard has two key principles for successful marketing. Firstly it is paramount to keep the message simple and memorable. This sounds easy, but it isn’t. This is why talented and creative marketers are so sought after. The second principle involves bringing the product to life through visuals that show how the product works and how people look when using it. Showing famous people using the product also makes it appealing.

Ashley Lightspeed, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners Underscores Importance of Digital Media

The transformation of the digital media industry is primarily because of various venture capital firms. These firms provide funding for start-ups in the digital media industry. Through the years, the industry has raked in millions to various venture capital firms proving that it is an intelligent industry to invest in.

With the continued advances in technology, the number of start-ups in the digital media sector has increased. As a result, the market becomes even more competitive. Despite heavy competition, investors are still willing to invest in the digital media industry. See full article at bostonglobe.com

Ashley Brasier, one of the partners at Lightspeed Venture Partners, is one of the many investors who recognizes the promising potential for companies who are into digital media investing. In essence, digital media is any digital content transmitted using the Internet or computer networks. It includes a wide variety of communication media, audio, text, graphics, and video.

Digital media is the latest platform for introducing content to the audience. With the unbelievably increasing audience in various digital media platforms, the sector is slowly replacing old media practices and methods. Products related to this particular sector are endless.

The most widely known are related to TV, e-commerce, marketing, education, technology, and publishing. There are many popular US digital media companies with massive support and investment and massive consumer following. This includes Vice, Refinery29, BuzzFeed, Cheddar, and Mashable.

Ashley Lightspeed knows the digital media industry so well. Her experience in the tech world and her academic background make her well aware of the benefits of investing in companies in this industry. Brasier got her undergraduate at Duke University with a bachelor’s degree in Visual and Media Studies. She earned her Masters of Business Administration degree at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Ashley Lightspeed joined Lightspeed Venture Partners along with four other new partners in December 2018.

To Learn More, visit at https://medium.com/@ashley.brasier

The Realreal Is a Growing Trend in Online Consignment


Second-hand clothing stores and consignment shops have always been a popular go-to for those seeking designer fashions on a budget. As time went on, the shops moved to online which offered even more access to fashionistas. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Cartier are all more affordable options. There are several companies that cater specifically to the demographic that seeks to purchase only brand name items. The RealReal is one such company.


The RealReal, which is based in San Francisco, offers second-hand items for purchase began trading on the NASDAQ stock market at $20 a share in June 2019. By noon of that same day, the shares were up 40 percent. They raised $300 million for its initial public offering.


In 2011 Julie Wainwright founded the company and now serves as its chief executive. Since its founding, it has been able to secure $173 million in funding. RealReal offer everything from clothes to accessories. In 2018 the company grossed $207 million. She attributes that to the popularity of purchasing luxury items online, in particular through their app. In addition to its online presence, the company also has three physical stores, its flagship store being in New York’s SoHo neighborhood.


The Real is unique as it utilizes the services of horologists and gemologists to guarantee the authenticity of the items. On some occasions, experts have even visited the home of potential sellers for verification. They have paid sellers approximately $988 million since their founding. Extra services such as this provide customers with the assurance that the goods they purchase are not counterfeit and meet a certain standard. The attitude of the consumer has changed as it is no longer taboo to even speak about purchasing items second hand.


The RealReal has over 1,700 employees and is looking to expanding to fit a growing market and demand for lower cost luxury, name-brand items. See Related Link to learn more.


Learn more about RealReal on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_RealReal

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Paul Mampilly a Highly Successful Investor and Author

Paul Mampilly is an internationally recognized investment analyst and former Wall Street hedge fund manager. The investment guru currently serves at Banyan Hill Publishing where he authors a couple of investment newsletters. Mampilly who hails from India moved to the US as a young boy to pursue a better education. Mampilly in the US did not only get proper, but he became one of the most sought after portfolio managers at Wall Street. Mampilly is passionate about helping people. At the height of his career, he felt he had had enough with Wall Street and wanted to start a new journey of assisting ordinary people create wealth. To follow on his passion, Mampilly decided to quit Wall Street and joined Banyan, where he got the platform of helping many people acquire wealth. If you would like to view the full article, please click here.

Paul Mampilly from an interview said that his ultimate goal after retiring from Wall Street is helping more people to become financially independent and live better meaningful lives. Wall Street, according to Mampilly, was a nice place to work at and make money. However, after serving there for a couple of years, I felt that the work I was doing was not helping many people but a few individuals. The system at Wall Street is geared towards enriching the elite class says Mampilly. Paul Mampilly, after retiring from Wall Street, said that he started Profits Unlimited a newsletter that aims at explaining to ordinary Americans how to invest their hard-earned money. Besides providing readers with investment tips, Mampilly hopes to bring closer the world of investments to Individuals who in turn can be able to make informed investment decisions and gain wealth.

Paul Mampilly says that many people speak bad about the financial advice sector and think it is a get rich quick industry. Mampilly has a different perspective of the industry and says that for him, it is not all about making money but the peace of mind and a different lifestyle that people get to enjoy after attaining financial independence. Mampilly says ever since he started sharing investment advice on the Profits Unlimited he has seen people lives getting transformed. People, according to Mampilly, did not become overnight millionaires but are no longer slaves to their nonstop jobs. They now have more than enough time to spend with their loved ones.

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U.S. Money Reserve CEO Angeloa Kochs Story of Hard Work and Believing in Herself

Angela Koch is the CEO of the largest precious distributor of precious metals U.S. Money Reserve making her the only female CEO in the precious metals industry. She is in-charge of setting the overall direction of the company alongside overseeing all the operations of the company. The company has helped thousands of Americans to not only make decisions on gold, silver or platinum, but also diversify their assets in form of the metals.

According to Angela Koch, U.S. Reserve values their sales people to make them feel they play a critical role in the success of the company. They train the sales individuals on how to run the whole system including customers’ needs and materials. The company empowers the individuals to facilitate the efforts to stay on top in the industry.

Angela Koch brings a unique approach to her leadership role at the company with employee empowerment being at the heart of focus. She strives to take care of her employees alongside helping them to grow and partake personal and professional development.

The efforts will in turn result in greater success for the company. Angela Koch recognizes the importance of empowering the employees to be in-charge. When empowered, they can run the system even in her absence. She does not focus on the dollars. Instead, she focuses on elevating the employees and moving them up. Ultimately, productivity is assured and profits increase.

Angela’s journey to the helm of the company was not a walk in the park. After dropping out of college, she got married and started a family. At that time, she was responsible for the family’s upkeep because her husband was not in a position to do so. Read more: US Money Reviews | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | Indeed

She worked hard to make sure her family was well-taken care of juggling multiple jobs. She had to learn how things worked and took advantage every opportunity that came along to make a killing. Angela worked at pharmacies, Jewish Foundation and even electrical companies. At that point, she realized that she could do well in any position she was in.

Angela overcame challenges to earn a position at KLA-Tencor where she oversaw strategic business development. Angela Koch derived her inspiration from a mentor she had at the company.

Right after requesting for her ranch to be certified non-hormone treated cattle, she realized she could take a process, define it and leverage tech to place it in customer service. She moved to the U.S. Money Reserve where she worked her way up to become the CEO of the company.

Having been success at the America’s Gold Authority and other companies, Angela Koch has compiled three steps that can help anyone through a path like the one she took. First, you need not to look back; make a decision, pick an idea and go with it. Secondly, balance is very important in life. Thirdly, discover yourself, your strengths and maximize on them.

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Ashley Lightspeed Discusses Social Value

Ashley Lightspeed and other folks know that it is best to flow like water in social situations and in life. Ashley Lightspeed has learned that if one is able to stay confident, cool, calm and collected, they will be able to get far and have more exposure to the upside. The upside is where everyone wants to be, Ashley Lightspeed and other venture capitalists know that this is the truth. Business is all about minimizing the downside and maximizing the upside, understanding the risks and still venturing forward even if there is a little risk that is present within the world today.

The idea is that one should have a good disposition and always be in the space to meet great people and be one that is remarkable.

No one wants to work or hang out with boring people. They want to hang out, work with, and do deals with people that are interesting and that are amiable to their interests and what they are about.

As such, it would behoove people to learn more about how wealthy people get to where they are and how being social is a big part of that picture.

This is seen with social media stars who are able to make an empire out of their social abilities. This is seen with people like Kim Kardashian, her sisters, that whole family and others within the different industries. They monetize from their connections. See More on Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

When Meeting People

Remember, as long as you keep everything positive, and speak a hint of fresh air, you would be able to strike out conversations quite easily.

Make sure that in the name of confidence, you are not building a wall around yourself only to be unapproachable. Instead, build a foundation with your confident personality so that your prospective contact feels comfortable in reaching out to you.

Learn more: https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/06/lightspeed-hires-5-new-partners-from-slack-twitter-and-more/

Matt Badiali Shares How To Make Money From Marijuana Legalization

Real Wealth Strategist is a publication people use to find out what commodities to invest in. It was founded by Matt Badiali whose background is in geology and investing. He recently used Real Wealth Strategist to start sharing information with others about marijuana legalization and what that means to investors.

Real Wealth Strategist has a new issue each month which arrives in its subscriber’s email inboxes. It is available through Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt Badiali wrote an eBook about how to take advantage of the increasing legalization of marijuana around the world, particularly in Canada and the United States. He wrote that ordinary investors can make a lot of money from this trend and he shared how to do so. Other eBooks he has written include ones on commodities and mining companies.

In each issue of Real Wealth Strategist, Matt Badiali shares his insights into the latest trends and what specific stocks and ETFs to invest in. He covers every sort of commodity including lumber, gold, oil, natural gas, and copper. He targets commodities that have shown patterns of growth. When people subscribe to this publication they also receive a model portfolio, trade alerts, a weekly podcast, and a website only they can access. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali wrote in his eBook that investors who start buying marijuana company stocks will be ahead of the mainstream investor. This means that they can turn every $50 they invest into $2,100 or more. He sees the marijuana industry rapidly increasing in size by more than 4,000%. He has also written in Real Wealth Strategist about marijuana legalization and what impact that will have.

His research and writing team has also compiled a number of reports for their subscribers. One was called “Marijuana Millionaires” and showed how to increase your returns 10 times over. If an investor is in the right company’s stock in this burgeoning industry they can easily become a millionaire. He also released “The Mining Coup of the Millenium” which shared info on a Canadian mining firm that has a massive copper, silver, and gold deposit on property they own.

Website: https://mattbadialiguru.com/