Doe Deere Defies Odds and Edgy Lime Crime Makeup Reaches Red Carpet Status

Sometimes, all it takes is a dream, tough exterior, knowing exactly what you want and pursuing it, full speed ahead.  That might sound like a bizarre label for a cosmetics brand, but consider this. Lime crime is a very “Google-able” name.

The gorgeous young businesswoman with the lavender-colored hair and hauntingly beautiful makeup sat down with to talk beauty business.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, a happy child who was attracted to vivid colors in makeup, hair and fashion. She had a playful attitude and loved believing in the possibility of unicorns. Her entrepreneurial spirit developed early, and by age 13, Doe Deere was already selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. She was great at spotting trends and stamping her unique signature on them.

She later moved to New York City, hoping to pursue a music career. She began selling her own fashions through Ebay and joined a band. It was there that Doe Deere met her husband to be, her true partner and inspiration. She also enjoyed applying cosmetics that had an edgy vibe with wild colors and textures. Even though New York is a huge city, Doe Deere could not find the palettes she longed for, so she began designing her own. In 2008, Lime Crime makeup was born.

At first, Doe Deere was not sure her brand would fly, but she pursued her dream, stayed loyal to her heart, and women around the world and men, too, began to collect her makeup.

Banana colored lipstick, green, blue, orange and even gray, were stand-out hits. Lime Crime had arrived, especially when famous faces began wearing her makeup on the red carpet. Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry liked the playful, naughty attitude of Lime Crime cosmetics and turned many heads in Hollywood.

Doe Deere believes that e-commerce is a brilliant way to build a brand, and knowing how to communicate on social media also plays a key role. At the moment, Lime Crime’s Instagram account has grown to 2.4 million fans and counting. Young women can’t wait for new products to hit the market. The latest creation are Diamond Crushers, amazing, iridescent lip toppers.

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Technology leader Securus Technologies receives positive comments

Securus Technologies has grown to be a leader in communication services and software design. The kind of technological experience present in the company has seen high-tech products get applied in the correction facilities. Many crimes have been fought and many criminals convicted. Contraband materials such as the presence of mobile phones, alcohol and drug abuse in the correction facilities have been identified and dealt with accordingly. Through the software, many people have been convicted of multiple crimes. Many investigators that have interacted with the product have found it critical for their work.


The kind of positivity experienced with the software has seen several people post comments about the company. Securus has finally received most of those comments. The comments released were mainly aimed at the big portfolio by the firm. Securus has for a long time been at the forefront of providing leading communication solutions for the past year.


Securus Technologies growth is commendable, becoming a leader in civil and criminal justice technology is not a small feat. The company has gone forth to fight crime through provision of a voice recognition software. The services provided by the firm has helped solve crimes in multiple correction facilities. According to the comments, reviews and testimonials from people that use the product, the Investigator Software has gone a long way in helping fight crime, improve investigations and increase public safety in correction facilities.


The released information is a list of how people have benefited from the use of the product. While there has been an omission of the names, states, facilities and counties of people, the information is still relevant in expressing how useful the product has been.



The Broad Services Offered By Cotemar

Cotemar is a Mexican oil company that is engaged in the development of offshore fields. In addition, the company offers maintenance and constructions services such as food and accommodation, transport of staff, maritime support operations and supplying goods through specialized equipment. Cotemar has been in operation for over 37 years. Cotemar has a wealth of experience. This way, it has been able to deliver innovative and efficient solutions to the oil and gas industry. The company has highly trained employees who are dedicated to its success by ensuring that they meet or exceed their clients’ expectations. With the most skilled team, the company combines its experience and knowledge to ensure that there is constant innovation and inventions to expand their broad range of services. Cotemar operates under three segments.

The construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering division specializes in the modernization and development of rigs. The dynamic positioning of Cotemar of the semi-submersible rigs, which are mobile and have a high load capacity enables the construction of prefabricated and storage facilities. The company has a mobile connection tool that is designed to capture information in the field. Additionally, it has advanced technology systems that allows for proper planning to ensure the effective control of operations in the field. The employees are experienced in designing, constructing and coming up with innovative ideas.

The specialized and maritime support vessels segment uses specialized equipment. Cotemar use computers and GPS to control the motors and ensure the safety of fixed locations of the equipment to provide offshore maintenance services. The vessels provide transportation services. They transport personnel and lightweight materials. Additionally, they have diving systems that allow for the inspection of procedures. These vessels move from offshore to Ciudad Del Carmen. They transport construction materials to the construction and storage yard while provisions are stored in the refrigerated area. Firefighting vessels are among the many specialized vessels in the maritime operations of the company.

The last division offers food and accommodation services. Cotemar provides all cabins on the rigs with laundry services, nourishment, cleaning, and bedding services. Rigs have cabins that accommodate 2 or 4 people and have recreational facilities like basketball courts, gyms, cinemas, and TV rooms. The company owns a hotel in Ciudad del Carmen that hosts staff between crew shifts. Cotemar’s rigs have the capacity of serving over 4,000 people. While offering food services, the company adheres to the required standards of quality and health control. These standards are observed in all stages starting from receiving the food, preparation, preservation and supplying the same. This is because Cotemar is always concerned about the welfare of its stakeholders. See: