Pattiz has new podcast

Jay Mohr is on it. So is Adam Carolla and Penn Jillette. Oh, and then there’s Snooki, from “Jersey Shore” fame. Yes, we’re talking about the PodcastOne Network. The hugely successful podcasting network is about to add one more show to its slew of successful hits.


The show, called, “Beyond Darkness,” will hit iTunes, stitcher, the PodcastOne app, and any other place where listeners can download podcasts, on Monday. It’s quickly going to carve a niche in the paranormal industry. That’s an arena that includes UFO sightings, angels and demons, ghosts and ghouls, time travel, along with so much more.


The show will be hosted by Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader. Dennis is a veteran of the radio industry and has a deep understanding of paranormal activity. His co-host, Schrader, has authored books on the subject and has served as the host of many radio shows. They both expect to seamlessly transition from radio to podcasting, as the two genres share much in common.


One of the main boosters of, “Beyond Darkness,” has been Chris Jericho, the famed WWE wrestler. Jericho has parlayed his success in the wrestling ring to host a widely successful podcast, which finds its home on the PodcastOne Network.


Jericho recently said that he’s exhilarated to listen to the paranormal show’s first podcast, but is simultaneously fearful it might make his skin crawl and his hair stand up. After all, the show is sure to include a plethora of ghost stories.


The PodcastOne network was launched in 2012 by Norman Pattiz, a decades-long veteran of the radio industry who sought his chance to make a name for himself in the online-based, nascent podcasting industry. Pattiz began the network with Chris Jericho, but they never planned to restrict the entire network to just wrestling.


Today, PodcastOne dominates the industry. It’s officially the country’s top advertisement-based podcast network, raking in millions of dollars a year. Besides the podcasters mentioned above, Dr. Drew hosts his podcast on the PodcastOne network, as well.


Pattiz has a major profile in his industry. Last year, he was featured in a special issue of Forbes. Aside from his radio and podcasting accomplishments, he’s performed government service. President Bill Clinton appointed Pattiz to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. He then had the distinction of serving the board under President George W. Bush, as well.

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Capital Group CEO’s Business Success

Timothy Armour who is the chairman of Capital Group has succeeded in business through his do-not-settle-for-average spirit. He has been able to raise Capital Group to become a home of American Funds.

As a globally recognized fund manager, Timothy Armour is proud that his company owns shares in Netflix. He emphasizes that investors need to be prudent when looking for managers in order to identify active managers who can grow their companies and thereby earn their keep. He gives a scenario of a person who, in the early 2000s had a crucial investment choice to make.

Excellent Choice

In July 2015, Timothy Armour was named as the Chairman of Capital Group. This was as a result of leadership succession plans, which were formalized after the former chairperson Jim Rothenberg passed on. Timothy Armour brought into the company 32 years of profound experience and has been instrumental in making the company grow. Janet Young, CFA has termed the chairmanship of Timothy Armour as a good choice. This is because he is able to consider how the economy will change in the future and thus lays down strategies on how to prepare for the changes. His long-range requirements of employees have also seen him being labeled as a good choice.

Capital Group in 2015 also made another perfect choice after partnering with Seoul-based Samsung Asset Management Company. The partnership is aimed at developing the right investment strategies and retirement solutions and asset allocation. It is also a way through, which Samsung will activate equity investment. Tim who is the chairman of Capital Group has labeled the partnership as a success. This is because according to him, it will provide reliable insurance, retirement solutions and savings to different Korean investors.

Perspective on Market Selloff

The selloff will correct the current market value according to Timothy Armour. He says that investor should thus focus on investing in reliable companies. He also said the selloff will be turbulent due to the transformation to a consumer-led economy in China.

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The Exciting Career of Helane Morrison as an Enforcement Officer of SEC

Helane Morrison supervised the enforcement program of the San Francisco District Office on behalf of Securities and Exchange Commission for three years (1996 to 1999). Arthur Levitt, the former chairperson of the SEC, named Ms. Morrison as the office administrator in 1999. Following this prestigious appointment, Helane Morrison became the first woman to serve in the capacity of district’s chief.


Ms. Morrison’s remarks


During her acceptance speech, Ms. Morrison promised to work closely with other employees of SEC and citizens of America in restoring sanity in the financial world. She said that her main agenda was to strengthen the impact of SEC and to oversee the office’s strategic direction.


Accomplishments of Ms. Morrison as a SEC’s officer


Ms. Morrison oversaw the implementation of enforcement and examination programs in Northern California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Northern Nevada, and Idaho. Under her exceptional leadership, the San Francisco office came up with high-status cases such as fraud cases involving a firm affiliated to McKesson HBOC. The office also brought cases claiming insider trading, securities violations by brokers and investment advisors, and swindling of senior citizens.


Today, Ms. Morrison uses her more than a decade expertise of working as an enforcement officer of SEC to drive the growth of Hall Capital. She encourages other female entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and work towards holding powerful executive positions in the business world.


Who is Helane Morrison?


Helane Morrison is one of the self-established American female entrepreneurs, legal experts, and retired regional director of the SEC. Ms. Morrison has built a successful career as a compliance professional. Her main role is to regulate the financial services industry and expose corrupt financial executives. She became a senior employee of Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007. Ms. Morrison serves in the capacity of chief compliance officer and general counsel.


Education and work background


Ms. Morrison holds a Journalism degree and Juris Doctor from Northwestern University and the celebrated University of California respectively. She obtained her first job while pursuing her studies at the University of California to oversee the editing of the California Law Review. Ms. Morrison has served as a law clerk for both the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of the U.S. Ms. Morrison was a senior lawyer at the San Francisco-based Howard Law Firm from 1986 and became a partner in 1991. She served as the partner of the company until 1996 when she was appointed as a regional enforcement officer for the SEC’s office located in San Francisco. In 1999, she rose to the post of district administrator and, later on, to the position of regional director.


Experts Give their Opinion on the Traffic Problems of Williamson County

Most transit conferences in Austin are usually focused on the major city. However, the Williamson County Growth Summit was used as a platform to discuss the suburbs of the region. Among the panelists was Mike Heiligenstein, Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Leandre Johns, the Director of Uber Technologies Inc.Texas External Affairs, Jared Ficklin, a transportation designer, and Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout LLC.

The discussion took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Hotel. It focused on the impact of technology on the transportation sector in the Austin area and globally. Heiligenstein noted that technology such as ridesharing apps and driverless vehicles would have an impact on the transport infrastructure. However, he noted there was still need to improve the capacity of transport infrastructure such as by building smart roads. It was the only way to keep up with the growing mobility needs of the residents of Williamson County.

Mike noted that Williamson County had done a lot to improve its roads in the past 15 years. However, these efforts were being outpaced by the current influx of people into the county.

Additionally, Ficklin contributed to the discussion by talking about building and land codes. According to him, there is a need to keep these codes flexible. For instance, he talked about the future of parking garages. In his explanation, he explained that there are no building codes that accompany the design of garages that would be used for the cars of the future.


Mike Heiligenstein and the Mobility Authority


Mike is the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The authority is contracted by Williamson and Travis counties to come up with solutions for traffic problems in the area. Some of the solutions they have incorporated include building fiber optic cables into the roads. They anticipate a day in which smart cars will be able to communicate with the infrastructure. For instance, if a vehicle is in the wrong lane a message can be sent to it.

The authority also builds toll roads as a way to increase the road capacity in the region. Other solutions that it has created include a highway emergency response unit. It patrols roads where there are major issues of congestion.

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