Maurício Mendonça Godoy In The Investing Department

Maurício Mendonça Godoy Preview

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is one of Brazil’s influential exclusive leaders. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Toyo Setal. Setal is a company dealing with oil and gas.

In 2015, many companies were eager to work with him, among those companies was Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda (EBR). Maurício Mendonça Godoy took over at the top executive position at EBR due to his previous impressive tasks. Since his join in the organization, Maurício Mendonça Godoy has worked hard to build the company’s positive reputation in construction and field work. His experience from the previous work has enabled EBR to succeed.

EBR the Best Supplier

EBR recently won the Petrobras award for the best supplier in engineering category. The event took place in 2018. The company selection was inclusive of the construction and assembly subcategory.

The affirmation was as a result of organization presentation in the implementation of the FPSO P-74 project that gave results 80 days before the deadline. The EBR commander Maurício Mendonça said that it was a privilege to be honored by vital clients like Petrobras. He also promised that they would continue working hard to serve their customers.

Benefits of AVEVA Plant

Maurício Mendonça Godoy, the CEO of Setal, said that they decided to finance AVEVA plant to meet the clients in market needs. AVEVA was launched within Setal during the AVATAR project.

AVEVA plant has made it easier the observation of online information and reduces human resources by 30%. The outcome by AVATAR demonstrated how AVEVA plant was in a position to offer system amalgamation and help Setal reach its full potential.

Setal has four main projects in Petrobras. The four refinery expansion is Replan, Repar, Revap, and Reduc.

What is AVEVA?

AVEVA is reliable globally in the distribution of information management and engineering designs to the prominent institutions in plant and marine organizations. The organization was founded in 1967.


Toyo Setal was initiated in 2012. It is an oil and gas industry. It was founded to offer administration services, engineering, and construction to oil and gas industries. The institution is legalized with SETAL branch, which is prominent globally for its exceptional service delivery.

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Serge Belamant, The Genius Behind Bitcoin

Anytime people talk about Bitcoins, the biggest possibility is that they do not know where the idea came from or who started the bitcoin technology. This is where Mr. Serge Belamant comes in. The top famous entrepreneur has opened up many block chains, which have gained popularity in the world at a very high rate. His career as a software developer has contributed so much in the development of the said block chains.

His idea was born when he was working in technological firm in South Africa. He created software that helped Serge Belamant in monitoring the work that was going on in the building of dams as well as monitoring the dams’ water levels. This made him start an idea where safe and unchangeable transactions of money via the internet were made throughout the world.

Over the years, many people have embraced Bitcoin and the idea is gaining popularity in the world. Every year, over a hundred million dollars are transacted via bitcoin globally. Unlike a few years ago were sending safe and untraceable money to another continent was impossible, it is now very possible for one to do so regardless of where they are. It is also convenient and swift to transact.

Serge Belamant was the first person to introduce smart cards. This has helped many people and especially travelers, to stop carrying hard money, which is unsafe and could limit them from the number of things to purchase. Serge’s joy comes in when he sees how people have embraced smart cards and knows that his invention was not in vain.

Though Serge Belamant did not complete his college education, this, however, did not hinder him from bringing change to the world. His talent and resilience is evidence with the many new things that he has introduced. Belamant’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as he has won several awards among them being Victor Ludorum award, which was awarded to him in 1971.Mr. Serge believes that those who dare to take calculated risks always get what the world has to offer. He goes on to urge people to embrace the new technology and make the most out of it.

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Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of President dos Santos. José Eduardo dos Santos is the President of Angola, and his been the President since 1976. He gave birth to his daughter Isabel dos Santos who is the oldest daughter. Isabel went to school just like the sons do in African cultures in order for her to learn just as much as anyone else. Her father was very interested in her educational background because he believed that she was capable of many things. Isabel dos Santos was sent to a boarding school in England where she learned more about the requirements to become a professional women in the modern world.

Once she graduated from there she went to King’s College. She studied electrical engineering where she was the only girl in any of her engineering classes. Isabel dos Santos met Sindika Dokolo, who was the son of a millionaire from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. When they became married she switched her main focus to becoming an entrepreneur in Angola. She became involved in politics and business after she graduated from college. Her first role as part of her family was the project manager engineer for Urbana 2000.

Her involvement in Urbana 2000, helped modernize a trucking business by implementing the use of walkie talkies in daily operations. She then created a business called Miami Beach Club. which was one of the first businesses to set up shop on Luanda Beach. Isabel would continue her career by accumulating wealth to engage in a number of investment opportunities around the world. Her role helped stimulate the domestic Angolese economy. She gained control of SGPS after a merger, where she announced her intent to merge all three companies into one corporation. Isabel has multiple different opportunities that allowed her become a well-known women in the business world.





The career life of Aaron Lupuloff Patch

Aaron Lupuloff has established his career in finance over the years and he has worked in many companies in the country. He has not only changed the face of the industry through his wise contributions, but he has also proved to be a great leader through the vast ideas he brings to the companies he has served. As an expert in finance, he always has focused on maintaining a high motivational level to bring reinvention in the ventures he serves. He outlines all the goals he wants to achieve in a given period and with the plan, he takes the required measures to accomplish them.

Aaron Lupuloff shuns procrastination as he believes it contributes to failure in a business. According to him, procrastination denies an investor the chance to chase their dreams as they do not know the right things they have to address while handling their business matters. He insists that every dedicated investor must first research on the nature of the market that he wants to invest in to know the things that they ought to focus on to attain their goals. With a vast knowledge of the issues affecting the market and businesses, he believes that an entrepreneur gets to come up with the best plans on how to handle their ventures and remain ahead of their competitors.

Besides, Lupuloff believes that focusing on the crucial issues that a business ought to achieve is vital as it keeps challenging a firm owner to put more effort into achieving them. The hard work that an individual puts towards their business is the major determinant of the direction that their venture takes. It is, therefore, crucial for firm owners to beware of the strategic plans that bring better results in their venture rather than focusing on the issues that do not prove to be important in bringing great returns in the business, reports by youngupstarts

The career of the successful financial expert has proved to be great due to the amendable successes he has achieved. He is also a philanthropist and he has helped nay people get back t their feet through the funds he contributes for them to achieve better living.




Flavor of Beauty With EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm has come to be a great example of health and beauty. In the health aspect of the product, it not only has plenty of natural ingredients that are effective at moisturizing the lips, but also great flavors that make it appealing. Eos lip balm as a whole is also dedicated to transparency. They wan their customers to know everything that goes into their products so that the customers can feel closer to the company. One of the most important factors in a customer spending money on a company and a product is how trustworthy the company is as a whole.

EOS lip balm uses sustainable ingredients such as avocado oil, castor seed oil, coconut oil, and plenty of other ingredients. The product developers are also very creative in the types of products they come up with. One example is the Smooth Sphere Lip Balm. They have a great smell to them. They are also very effective at moisturizing and softening the lips which makes them very healthy. This is one example of the difference it makes when lip balm is made from 100% natural and healthy ingredients. They will not only bring forth moisturized lips but also healthy lips for the customer.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum: The Connection of Obesity and Joint Replacement Surgeries

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an orthopedic surgeon who works at the Bronxcare Health System. Recently, he shared a study that he described as alarming – the study detail how the number of people who require joint replacement surgery is increasing through the years, and the average age of people who require the surgery is becoming younger. Before, people who are ages 68 and above are the ones who require this surgery, but in a recent trend, the average age for those who go to the hospital to get a joint replacement surgery went down to 65 years old. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum said that this is because of the unhealthy lifestyle practiced by many Americans.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum explained that when someone is living an unhealthy lifestyle, their risk with obesity and its related diseases increase. Those who are gaining a lot of weight are giving more pressure to their knees and the joints that support it. As a result, they will be developing weaker joints, and it would have to be replaced as soon as the damages appear to prevent any further problems with the knees. People who have been going back and forth to the hospital for their surgery are labeled as obese, and Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum said that it can only be prevented if the public is informed about the dangers of eating too many calories and becoming morbidly obese.

Currently, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is practicing his profession at the Bronxcare Health System, and he advised the public to contact their doctors immediately if they wanted to have their conditions resolved. He said that the problem with the joints should be addressed immediately because it can result in more serious conditions that could disable the patient. He also recommended eating a balanced diet and performing different exercises that would keep the body in shape.

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Paul Herdsman How To Become Successful As An Entrepreneur


Paul Herdsman is the co-establisher of a famous business solution organization situated in Jamaica famous as NICE Global. The company focuses on helping organizations improve their client retention and incur fewer costs. Most importantly, NICE Global provides solutions concerning revenue increment in different enterprises.


Under Paul Herdsman’s management, the company’s customers are happy and grow individually in their personal and professional lives. As an experienced entrepreneur, Paul offers relevant tips for entrepreneurs to follow to achieve success. His guidelines are invaluable and worth pursuing growth and achievement.


Paul Herdsman recommends the acquisition of positive attitude in your entire operations. Positive attitude generates positive mentality and positive thinking. Research has over time indicated a relationship between positive thinkers and problem-solving and resiliency. Paul Herdsman states that positive thinking is among the best ways to accelerate your positivity garnering success.


Besides, Herdsman postulates that a realistic vision should govern a good entrepreneur. Once you formulate a clear path to take for your venture, you are eligible for achievements upon working diligently. The most relevant success tip for Paul Herdsman is the establishment of an appropriate company. Often, it is challenging to work alone. As such, you require the right team to spike your motivation.


Besides, Paul Herdsman clarifies on the inevitability of mistakes. However, he postulates that it is wise to learn from your downfall. According to him, more than 50% of ventures collapse within four years. Successful businesses are the ones that embrace defeat regardless of the number of times they fall. The business owners understand that eventually, they will thrive from their mistakes.


Besides offering these insightful guidelines, Paul Herdsman focused on the relevance of having a mentor. He postulated that a good mentor is an invaluable personality for your achievement. Entrepreneurs should trace individuals they can trust with their ideas for advice.


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Nicolas Krafft and L’Oreal Embraces Diversity

The L’Oreal brand is one of the more popular beauty brands around the world. The brand is embracing more diversity with the future of their company to keep up with the expectations of beauty enthusiasts that want to purchase products from a business that is more diverse and represents a variety of brands. The L’Oreal sales and marketing executive Nicolas Krafft realized the company had to make more steps toward diversity to be embraced by a wider customer range.

The L’Oreal brand showed off Nicolas Krafft’s innovations to the brand at Le Défilé L’Oreal Paris on the Seine. The annual Seine River floating catwalk show was held on September 30th. The focus of the event is to showcase various L’Oreal Paris looks. The point of the show was to additionally display the steps the brand has taken to be more diverse. A long list of diverse models for L’Oreal walked the 60-meter floating runway during the show. Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, Marie Bochet, and Louise Bourgoin were among some of the of models strutting their stuff on the L’Oreal floating runway. The show was a success and a masterpiece of art for the beauty brand.

Thanks to Nicolas Krafft the brand is steering toward a more profitable direction with a more diverse list of representation. The brand has singlehandedly put out there that anyone can be beautiful no matter what. L’Oreal’s body positive and diverse goals show that to their beauty consumers. That they are the beauty brand that believes anyone can be beautiful. Nicolas Krafft will continue with his marketing expertise for that to be the message consumers get from the mission of L’Oreal.

Alec Sellem Discusses His Company


Alec Sellem is the founder and chief executive officer of his own company known as Sellem Industries. His company specializes in gold mining and refining. His company is based in England and does much of its work in foreign countries such as ones located in Africa. One of the keys to Sellem’s approach is to look at the big picture and think at the forefront.


This means that Alec looks to consider the long term effects and results of a given project. Over the course of his career, Alec has come to the conclusion that traditional mining and refining methods aren’t likely to lead to long term success.


Instead, it is necessary to improve the current methods and develop a more streamlined approach to mining. Sellem Industries now focuses on localizing the process of mining such as developing infrastructure within villages and also establishing relationships with local residents.


While studying in Switzerland, Alec Sellem spent a lot of time in Africa. While visiting Africa, he established a connection with the people and the local culture. As a result, Alec Sellem developed a passion for the African countries and wanted to operate a business there one day. After starting his business, Alec has used his people centric approach to help maximize his success in the mining industry. With his focus on serving the needs of the local people, Alec has been able to maintain a high level of success as an entrepreneur.


Today, Alec Sellem operates his business in Sierra Leone. His company builds infrastructure in the area for the local residents as well as a safe place to mine on a daily basis. With an established presence in the area, Sellem’s company mines for local gold. While working in the mines, Sellem, looks to continue building quality relationships with the local residents as well as help bolster the local economy. This has put Alec and his company in position to attain success on a long term basis.


See This Article for additional information. Provides Successful Platform for Wu Fang Zhai may be a giant in the world of e-commerce but it is also a firm advocate for China. The company is dedicated to providing the best products available, and strives to widen its offerings. Its retail as a service venture aids numerous companies throughout China, and its logistics help businesses better connect with Chinese markets.

The latest success story coming out of Jingdong has to do with a time-honored traditional dish called Zongzi. Zongzi is the features dish of the Dragon Bowl Festival and enjoyed by Chinese families across Asia. Wu Fang Zhai is the most popular provider of Zongzi and has been making the popular food for decades. It is a time-honored manufacturer and thanks to it is experiencing record growth.

Wu Fang Zhai went to Jingdong as many buiness do. It was looking for a way to better its sales and expand onto an online platform. is known far and wide for its logistics and data-derived projections. Businesses form all around the globe have utilized Jingdong to better products and increase their presence. Jingdong’s extensive understanding of Chinese markets have made it a perfect choice for foreign companies. As for domestic, Wu Fang Zhai sold over 42 tons of Zongzi during the inaugural day of JD’s June 18 sales event. The huge number is due to a steady increase in Wu Fang’s sales year to year.


Jingdong was a simple storefront that sold electronics. Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong took the business online in response to the SARs outbreak that hit China. Jingdong’s online presence took off and soon the store was doing more virtual business than traditional business. Today, is a foremost e-commerce source for anything that is not nailed down.

JD come is known for his use of innovation. The company uses the latest tech to help run its warehouses, offers blockchain tech for small companies, and participates i the world’s only commercial drone delivery.

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