Jack Plotkin on How Telehealth is Changing the Medical Field

Jack PlotkinAs Jack Plotkin is quick to point out, there are many things that have shaped the medical field but he believes nothing will change the face of medicine quite like the concept of telehealth. For those unfamiliar with this, it’s basically the concept of going to your doctor’s appointment without getting into your car. Back in the early ’50s, the only way this was feasible was by having the patients attempt to describe the symptoms of their condition to their doctor over the phone. As you can imagine, this proved to be a rather ineffectual method of attempting to diagnose someone’s condition. Nowadays, however, it has become much simpler with the rise of wearable health gadgets such as Fitbit and the newest innovations.

With these new devices, you can send your vital signs directly to your doctor and receive a diagnosis within the hour. While this might seem like a much simpler alternative to visiting the doctor’s office, don’t forget the fact that these types of consultations are not cheap and it’s not as if your insurance will cover it. Jack Plotkin has also assured us neither Medicare nor Medicaid will pay for this procedure either. As such, it remains a privilege of the wealthy and elite. Of course, there are other obstacles such as the fact that most doctors have difficulty diagnosing their patient’s conditions without access to their medical records.

Jack PlotkinNurses are also finding themselves at a disadvantage without proper access to electronic medical records. Fortunately, however, they are currently perfecting a new platform known as virtual health which should enable doctors and nurses to have access to whatever EMRs they need. While it’s not clear if this type of procedure will ever become commonplace, I wouldn’t be surprised if it someday replaces doctor’s appointments altogether.

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The Highlights Of The Fortress Group Including The Hiring Of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is currently one of the leaders of the Fortress Investment Group. He is the head of the company’s credit division and his main focus is credit and real estate. Before Peter Briger joined the Fortress Investment Group he was a partner at Goldman Sachs for 15 years. Peter Briger has attained a mass amount of wealth and has made the list of Forbes 400 global business professionals. Mr. Briger is extremely well-educated he received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University. After graduating from Princeton University, he went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and graduated with a master’s degree in business administration.

Peter Briger had his extensive work history with the Asian market. When he was at Goldman Sachs his focus was in the realm of Asian real estate and debt vehicles. Because of this history that he had with the Asian market he built relationships with top Asian companies. These relationships also helped with the Fortress Investment Group being purchased by the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. Back in 2002 when the Forces Group added Mr. Briger to head its credit division it also brought on another Goldman Sachs executive by the name of Michael Novogratz . The Fortress Investment Group has had many historical moments during its existence. The company is known for purchasing one of the largest ski resort operators in North America called Canadian company Intrawest.

Other notable purchases made by this company is RailAmerica, Penn National Gaming, and Florida East Coast Industries. All of these companies that were purchased where perspective leaders in their industries. Fortress Investment Group was also the first hedge fund to offer an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. The reason why this initial public offering was so unique was because it was not a traditional hedge fund but it was an alternative asset management hedge fund. Mr. Briger along with the other leaders of the Fortress Investment Group are continuing to make big moves until this day. The company has nothing but more growth ahead of them, especially with the new partnership with SoftBank. Click here.

Starting the ViSalus 90-Day Challenge

What are the reasons that have made the ViSalus products so popular in such a short span of time? In just about a decade, these products have been able to transform the lives of more than 3 million people across the world.

They took the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge and successfully achieved their health goals. When you want right nutrition, complete guidance and effective social support for health and fitness, you can count on the Vi company and its community. Along the way, you can participate in the Vi challenge that can help you win lots of prizes.

Based in Los Angeles, CA and Italy, ViSalus offers a highly successful 90-day challenge to help you reduce weight and become fit. It is the original challenge that started the revolution in this field.

Throughout the last decade, ViSalus has offered highly effective plans and products to the people who want to achieve the best of their health. These programs are supported with high quality products that deliver the promised results. No wonder, it has become the number one global brand in challenge marketing platform.

It is time to set your health goal and achieve the result you always desired. You are just 90 days away from achieving these goals and results. Lose the unnecessary pounds and inches. You will become fit enough to buy most popular dresses that are available in standard sizes only. Read This Article for additional information.

Build lean muscles and start participating in fitness, sports and other activities that require heavy physical exertion and a fit body. All of these things and more are possible once you have completed the ViSalus challenge. Motivate and inspire yourself to achieve these goals that are realistic and achievable.

Head to the store section of ViSalus and select the kit that best meets your daily nutrition requirements. A wide range of meals, snacks, supplements and drinks are made under this brand.


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Iskandar Safa – CEO Of Privinvest


Iskandar Safa is the CEO of Privinvest, a leading shipbuilder that serves the national defense industry in Europe and the Middle East. Iskandar Safa is an example of what concentrated hard work can obtain in the world.

Iskandar Safa was born in 1955, in Beirut, Lebanon as the CEO of Privinvest Group. His degree was in Civil Engineering, American University of Beirut, 1978. He graduated from INSEAD at Fontainebleu, France with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, 1982. He then was working on several business ventures, having spent several years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in order to manage construction operations.

Iskandar Safa has led the company through his awareness and implementation of innovation in surveillance and security technology for use on the ships as well as along the coastlines. Safa has also made it a point to pay strict attention to Privinvest’s research and development labs using renewable energies for the company’s sustainability and environmental impact.

Privinvest is a specialist in making innovative ship designs. They build naval vessels, as well as commercial ships, and mega yachts. They have 2000 vessels, they provide services for more than 40 navies and even their private customers, who are NATO countries and their allies. As one of the leading privately-owned shipbuilding groups in Europe, Privinvest started in the early 1990s when Iskandar Safa purchased Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN) which is a shipyard based out of Cherbourg, France. Iskandar Safa turned around this company that had been facing a downturn when he bought it, transforming this into a business with 400 employees.

Privinvest is a purveyor of high-speed aircraft, which set a new benchmark on the market that is designed to support sustainable industries while working on marine renewable energies. Iskandar Safa does not seek the limelight but rather to deliver solutions, as he is trying to build sustainable jobs while designing vessels. Iskandar Safa is in the business of constructing naval vessels, superyachts, commercial vessels, and integrated surveillance and protection systems. Find Related Information Here.

Privinvest has shipbuilding facilities in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. Privinvest is also involved in environmental issues, having worked in Marine Renewable Energies, also known as the hydrokinetic and turbine industry. Iskandar Safa has delivered more than 2,000 vessels and its products to over 40 navies, NATO and non-NATO nations. See Related Link for additional information.


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Luke Lazarus Leads Startups to a Sure Foundation of Success

 Knowing what’s ahead

Luke Lazarus believes in being straight up with the startup’s businesses that seek his consulting services. He wants them to prepare for the reality behind what they are making for, and that often means distinguishing the way investors think and expect.

Wherever a venture capitalist shows up, they are expecting certain elements to be present in the pitch they receive. When an investor doesn’t receive what experience has told them to expect in a potential investment, they write off the business’ story sales pitch and move on.

An offering to an investor has to have a short story. The business story needs to be emotionally connecting to the listener, and that is what excites the investor. Investors sense that if the business story does not move them, the consumer won’t be able to make an emotional connection to its values.

Experience and Practice

Luke Lazarus has been able to zoom in on key elements that make a business successful in his twenty-plus years of managing successful business ventures. A vital aspect of any successful startup business is drilling down to bring out the essential values behind their mission and make it ring clear in the presentation to investors.

Investors want to know what drives a business. The core business values are the ones that will ring clear to the consumer. Consumers are those able to make an emotional connection of their held values with those of the brand or business. Read more: Luke Lazarus | F6S and Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant – INTERVIEW

Whether it is fresh homemade cookies freshly baked daily or a canopy that brings family and friends together to enjoy in the summer heat the values need to be there, and they need to evoke an emotional connection with the consumer.

The canopy is the product but acts as an instrument to bring the values of togetherness and time spent with family while enjoying refreshing drinks, refreshments, and maybe a barbecue.

Luke Lazarus stresses the lasting benefits the product ultimately brings since the emotional connection often comes from the sustainable values that the customer also shares.

Learning Early

Luke Lazarus is an entrepreneur, business leader, and startup business, consultant. He has twenty years of startup success he uses to help startup businesses prepare for launch day.

Lazarus prides himself in being able to zero in or minute details in the business plan that offset the primary mission of the startup.

Lazarus works with startups for several days or weeks. During that time, he brings startups to a point where they are confident of their mission, story, and values.

A startup’ values and mission brings an emotional connection to their pitch when seeking funding from investors. When a startup can make an emotional connection with consumers, Luke Lazarus believes they have established a sure foundation for success.

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Industry Expert Peter Briger Blends Work And Humanity Moments In Time

A Forbes Top 400 business professional, financial expert and former US Treasury Official, Peter Briger is also well known for his philanthropic generosity. Briger, who joined the Fortress Investment Group in 2002, currently holds the position of president and chief executive officer at the company. He has been a member of the board of directors of Fortress since 2006 and a member of the management committee since 2002. Based in San Francisco, Briger makes the most of his finance and investment expertise to administer the company’s credit fund business. Briger and his team of more than 300 specifically focus on undervalued assets and distressed credit investments. Formerly a partner at Goldman Sachs & Company, Briger possessed more than 15 years experience in a number of leadership roles as co-head of groups that incorporate the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business, the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business and more.

Briger is also the founder of Hydromine and functions as its chief executive officer. He has extensive expertise in developing, assembling, building and configuring major mining projects. Aside from his work at Fortress, Briger contributes to several philanthropic and community activities. He is a board member of the Central Park Conservancy, which manages the park and has invested more than $600 million since its start in 1980 and the Global Fund for Children which works with groups worldwide to be of assistance to at-risk children. Briger also is a board member of Tipping Point, the Hospital for Special Surgery and the Princeton University Investment Company.

More recently, Briger made a donation which helped set up the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council (PEC) at Princeton University. The PEC works with existing campus groups to facilitate entrepreneurship by setting standards and priorities for the use of financial resources. The program, between students and the latest alumni, promotes creativity, innovation and taking risks. It also makes physical space available to entrepreneurs. A graduate of Princeton University, Briger went on to receive a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

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Paul Herdsman Creates A More Local Outsourcing Option with NICE Global

Paul Herdsman has been able to achieve high levels of success in the business world. With several management positions under his belt, Herdsman found his ability to solve problems along with an appreciation for creating efficient and streamlined processes for various companies’ customer service departments. He was able to work with these firms to created a more productive team of customer service representatives that were able to improve the overall public perspective of the company and contribute to a more profitable outcome.

The skills and education he acquired during his tenors in the private sector afforded Paul Herdsman to venture into the role of entrepreneur. He began his own company, NICE Global, that provides as an outsourced customer service solution for United States based businesses. Perfecting his skills of managing outsourced customer service during a time when many companies were connecting with representatives located in India, the Philippines and smaller countries in the Caribbean; Herdsman saw first hand the challenges that outsourcing so far away offered several businesses that were based within the United States. He became aware of how distinct differences, such as not speaking the same language, actually created barriers amongst the companies and their consumers thus developing into a negative view of the company from the public.

In this discover, Herdsman saw an opportunity to provide a better outsourcing service to these companies. Based in Montego Bay, Jamaica, NICE Global provides a partnership of English-speaking agents to service U.S. based customers. Furthermore, the firm’s location allows for a more convenient travel destination for businesses and potential clients to audit and review the facilities of NICE Global as well as allow for face to face interaction between the company and its clients. Herdsman believes this allows companies a better relationship with their outsourced service agents along with strengthening the overall perspective of the company to the public.

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Sergey Petrossov Explains How It Feels to Manage a Billion Dollar Startup at 28 Years

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov is a twenty-eight-year-old Chief Executive Officer of JetSmarter, a transportation marketplace located in Fort Lauderdale, and launched in 2013. As an entrepreneur who has been there and done that, he starts by saying that when it comes to running a startup business, you have no option but to make sure that you go all in. It is the only way to guarantee that you will not experience cold feet along the way or look back at what you should have done.

December 2016 saw the private jet transportation company based out of Fort Lauderdale announcing that it had managed to raise more than one hundred and five million dollars. According to Sergey Petrossov, the sum raised that year was from both new and existing investors. Some of these investors included celebrity mogul “Jay Z” and some members of the Saudi royal family. By March 2017, JetSmarter had an overall valuation of $1.5 billion. In the world of venture capitalists, this is what is called a ‘unicorn’.

This is because it is extremely rare to come across a private company that has a valuation of more than $1 billion. Looking back, Sergey Petrossov stated that in 2015, his firm did not have more than fifty people on the payroll. Many of the cities currently being serviced were launched a year later in 2016. This was what set off the massive hiring that has been taking place all over the world. By mid-2017, the private jet company stated that it had more than 260 members of staff.

Increased personnel members have also meant that the company is now able to reach more destinations than it did when it started. For instance, it now flies into cities in the Middle East, Europe, and in the United States. There are plans underway to have it start making flights to cities in South America, China, and India. Apart from the corporate offices in Fort Lauderdale where it has its headquarters, it also has offices in other locations such as Saudi Arabia, London, Moscow, Zurich, and Dubai. Its clients can choose to create a shared jet, travel on a private jet, or even charter an entire jet.

JD.com on Serving Their Clients

The path JD.com is headed down is admirable to watch. They have been making a name for themselves within the Chinese retail business for years, and for years they have been succeeding. It is success stories like those with Jingdong that inspire young entrepreneurs to enter the business world in the first place. In a sense, JD.com is building up the new generation of entrepreneurs and investors. Because of this, they have a significant amount of influence and power.

Despite this, however, they remain a humble retailer corporation. Even though they are the largest in the country, they always consider the needs of others before themselves. This sort of respect JD.com holds for their customers is extremely honorable, and it is what has made them such a favorite in the eyes of many customers. Those who oppose the efforts Jingdong puts forward to grow as a company are likely unaware of just how humble of a successful business they are.

Not only have they contributed greatly to the evolution of business in China as a whole, but they have made significant efforts to create philanthropic fundraisers. To JD.com, this is a requirement for any major business. In their eyes, those who are fortunate have the responsibility to give back to the communities that raised them. One of the biggest efforts JD.com has is to empower their local communities. At the end of the day, even though they are a corporate entity, JD.com does not exist to generate a profit; they exist to serve the people. Click here.