Academy of Art University: A Premier World Class Art Institution

Art is an integral part of human life. Since time immemorial, human beings have devised numerous ways to express themselves through various works of art. As such, human love for art has necessitated the establishment of institutions that are meant to create a good rapport among students who enroll at such institutes. One such school is the Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University is presumably one of the first art institutions that provided training in commercial and advertising art. The university has thus cemented its place as a premier school where students are taught by some of the best professionals and tutors in the art industry. Indeed, the dedication and commitment of the staff at the institution have seen it metamorphose into a fully-fledged finishing school for some of the most notable visual artists in the United States.

Foothold in San Francisco

The Academy of Art University has maintained significant real estate holdings in the coveted San Francisco area of the United States. Their long term involvement in streamlining the art industry, he is making them part of the most beautiful city in America. One of the main advantages that the university has is its proximity to the San Francisco city center. By sitting in the historic Embarcadero neighborhood, the university enjoys the benefits of being part of an inspiring city that appreciates art and related culture.

History and Origin of the University

The Academy of Art University was established in 1929 by the director of Sunset Magazine, Richard Stephens. The institute has remained relentless in transforming focused students, into professional designers and artists. Richard Stephen believed firmly that teaching the right skills could tremendously transform aspiring students, not respectable members of the global art society. In addition to that, his belief that students could be accepted at the Institute without a prerequisite art portfolio also played a significant role in giving a golden opportunity to most interested students.

Student Population and Courses Offered

The Academy of Art University has emerged as the largest accredited art and design institute in the whole nation. Their incorporation of state of the art teaching practices has sent their total enrolment to grow to more than 18,000 over the years. Students at the institute sharpen their skills in animation, fashion, interior design, and architecture.