American Addiction Centers: It’s Time To Change Things Up

The AAC (American Addiction Centers) is well aware of the fact that things need to change when it comes to the perception of addiction. Too often, people with addiction have gotten a bad rap. They have taken the fall for things that were out of their control. The AAC likes to open people’s eyes to things that they were blind to in the past.

They want people to know the facts and to really look at them. Too often, the numbers get lost in translation. That is not going to happen with the approach the AAC is taking with alcohol use disorder. They have said their mission right now is to help people understand more about it and what brings it on in the first place.

For certain people, it is simple as the fact it is heredity. They were born with it. In addition to that, they might also have a mental illness as well that has been undiagnosed. These people are not just drunks for the sake of being drunks.

It is important to humanize them and look at them for who they truly are: people that are struggling to beat an addiction. For example, if someone had diabetes, would people make fun of them for being overweight or eating too much? No, instead, they would get sympathy. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alchoholism | AliveNewspaper

There are professional athletes that play through diabetes. They are in tremendous shape and do all of the right things. It is no different than someone suffering from alcohol addiction. They never used to drink, but all it took was one drink, and everything else fell apart from that point forward.

It brought back childhood memories, not the good ones, and it really made them spiral out of control. In today’s culture, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on men and women to drink. As a matter of fact, if you go to a party of some kind or a work gathering and you are not drinking, people look at you sideways.

They are almost offended. The key thing to remember is that people can have fun without drinking. It is not necessary in order to have fun. So many people are the social drinkers that have a few beers after work with their co-workers.

For people suffering from AUD (alcohol use disorder), they can’t do that. One beer leads to possibly ten beers. They need to respect that.

It is the same way that people respect those individuals with diabetes. They can’t have certain foods because it doesn’t fit their diet. They are not trying to be rude or insult anyone. The same logic applies to those with AUD. It is just how they are wired as human beings.

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