Ara Chackerian, Blending digital healthcare into the Healthcare System

Ara Chackerian is the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings. As an angel investor and business person, Chackerian is well-known for investing in healthcare startups, which exhibit a verifiable commitment to bring innovative ideas into the United States health care system.

Ara Chackerian has 20 years of experience in the Healthcare. Throughout his career, he has done a commendable job in bridging the gap between health care services provision, and the emerging technological trends. Chackerian has also co-founded a variety of companies within the healthcare sector. Some of the companies he has jointly established include the famous Telepharmacy services provider, PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, which provides diagnostic imaging services, and the renowned integrated behavioral health services provider, TMS Health Solutions.

Ara Chackerian is also an extensively experienced business executive. He is the Chief Executive Officer at BMC Diagnostics. He has served as Executive Chairman of the two companies he co-founded, that is, PipelineRx and TMS Health Solutions. Additionally, Chackerian also served at PSS/World Medical as the Executive Vice President. PSS/World Medical is a worldwide distributor of medical products. Chackerian holds a B.S. in marketing from Florida State University.


Chackerian is the brain behind transcranial magnetic stimulation. Out of a desire to establish out-patient facilities in a unique area of healthcare, he and a long time partner decided to establish TMS Health Solutions. The primary idea was to revolutionize the outpatient psychiatry space alongside the FDA approved transcranial magnetic stimulation. After thorough research, Chackerian realized that transcranial magnetic stimulation could be instrumental in supplementing talk therapy and medication in psychiatric care. Together with his partner, they embarked on building a series of medical facilities to offer the services in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area.


Ara Chackerian has excellent ideas for the future of healthcare. As an angel investor, he believes in the power of innovation to bring the much-needed changes in the mode of healthcare provision in the country. One particular trend that he closely watches is the digital healthcare. He believes that digital assisted healthcare apps and telemedicine are the future for the healthcare system. In particular, Chackerian, he points out to the ability of algorithms check and monitor behavioral changes in patients suffering from depression. Such technology can be used to assess the progress of patients.  You can visit for  more info.