Ashley Lightspeed Discusses Social Value

Ashley Lightspeed and other folks know that it is best to flow like water in social situations and in life. Ashley Lightspeed has learned that if one is able to stay confident, cool, calm and collected, they will be able to get far and have more exposure to the upside. The upside is where everyone wants to be, Ashley Lightspeed and other venture capitalists know that this is the truth. Business is all about minimizing the downside and maximizing the upside, understanding the risks and still venturing forward even if there is a little risk that is present within the world today.

The idea is that one should have a good disposition and always be in the space to meet great people and be one that is remarkable.

No one wants to work or hang out with boring people. They want to hang out, work with, and do deals with people that are interesting and that are amiable to their interests and what they are about.

As such, it would behoove people to learn more about how wealthy people get to where they are and how being social is a big part of that picture.

This is seen with social media stars who are able to make an empire out of their social abilities. This is seen with people like Kim Kardashian, her sisters, that whole family and others within the different industries. They monetize from their connections. See More on Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

When Meeting People

Remember, as long as you keep everything positive, and speak a hint of fresh air, you would be able to strike out conversations quite easily.

Make sure that in the name of confidence, you are not building a wall around yourself only to be unapproachable. Instead, build a foundation with your confident personality so that your prospective contact feels comfortable in reaching out to you.

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