ClassDojo App Mindfulness Mediation for Schools

On May 10th, 2019 the mindfulness meditation app, ClassDojo sponsored ‘The Worlds Most Mindful Moment,” a fifteen minute guided meditation that took place in the classroom. ClassDojo has been used in class rooms across the world, reaching over 180 countries. Mindfulness meditation is correlated with a reduction in anxiety and has shown a positive effect on students optimism and relationship skills.

According to recent studies kids and teenagers are more stressed than ever. Finding suggest that they are often stressed out than their parents. It seems that the carefree days of childhood are coming to an end. People look around for what’s to blame for this sudden rise in suicidal thoughts in teenagers and social anxiety in young children. Technology is quick to get the blame. ClassDojo aims to make our modern access to technology an ally in this fight, rather than an enemy.

The ClassDojo app has been developed specifically for use in the class room with young children ranging for kindergarten to the eight grade. There goal is to provide students with the skills necessary to develop emotional intelligence and self control. Mindfulness meditation isn’t any thing new, as it has become a sensation with modern adults who often use it to take control of their own stress. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce behavior issues in young children, and seems to improve their educational experience. Student who practice mindfulness are more likely to avoid burnout and bouts of severe anxiety. ClassDojo is working to raise awareness and to help¬†decrease¬†the stresses of growing up in our modern world.

How the ClassDojo app Empowers Educators by Having Privacy Practices in Place to Protect Student Information

Due to the increase in cyber identity theft and Internet criminal activity, more people are choosing to use programs that have settings for security and privacy. This is especially true when the content of information being exchanged revolves around children. The ClassDojo app was recently featured in an online article that discussed the importance of protecting the privacy of information associated with students. This application provides privacy settings that comply with the Child Online Privacy Act as well as with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Although the ClassDojo app was designed to create ground-up change as an educational communication platform for students, teachers and parents, it has never required the exchange of personal information. Student information such as gender, social security number, street address, email or student ID is never collected by the ClassDojo app. In addition, it does not share information with third party systems or social media sites. Since this application is currently used in more than 180 countries, the steps taken to ensure privacy have included compliance with agencies outside the U.S. such as Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

The team behind the ClassDojo app take the aspect of privacy very seriously. As a method through which educators could create positive cultures between classrooms, schools and communities, they take every measure to ensure all information remains private. Part of this is accomplished through an automated feature built into the app itself, which deletes any stored information every 12 months. This is in compliance with the educational policy that personal information pertaining to students, which is not required to be kept by the school, is removed.

The privacy practices put in place through the ClassDojo app and its team, allows for peace of mind when sharing information. This is an important aspect since the app itself was designed to help make better connections between parents, teachers and students by allowing them to share classroom stories, photos and even videos. The empowerment the app has brought to educators in the classroom has only been enriched by the control the app and its developers have put into place.

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