Igor Cornelsen on How to Succeed as a Business Professional

Igor Cornelsen hails from Brazil’s Curitiba. He is currently a retired investment banker. However, over the years, he carved a reputation for himself as one of the most envied service providers in the sector of finance. As such, Igor Cornelsen has managed a significant percentage of assets in the market. He is well aware of the stock market and its shifts, commodity, as well as foreign exchange. In his youthful years, he served as an investment consultant for high-profile companies. He, therefore, amassed experience in finance. Of late, he’s been spending most of his days playing gold. On the side, he is a respected strategy innovator focused on investing in damaged stocks as well as companies.

Being an investor with extensive experience, Igor Cornelsen often shares his expertise with various individuals on social media. He urges the people of Brazil to understand their economy and different shifts of the market. He also adds that it’s vital to have a connection with the natives and read extensively into the red tape besides having a vast knowledge regarding foreign currency.

Igor Cornelsen also adds that it’s vital for entrepreneurs of Brazil to network in order to ease their way into business. As such, one should also pay attention to the current news with a focus on what’s happening in the market. Igor implores youthful business professionals to focus on foreign transaction currencies with significant concentration of exchange rates. Also, he implores them to observe regulations imposed when it comes to conducting business.

Lastly, he understands that the private sector lends funds to borrowers that have an incredible credit score because it streamlines their costs for banks. Regardless of all impending complications, it’s vital for one to focus on creating a good credit score. It’s also crucial to understand the key elements affecting the economy of the country.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Taking The Leadership Of Bradesco With A Storm

With the economy of Brazil growing with each passing day, the need for financial security is pertinent. Therefore, financial institutions have to be alert at all times to assist individuals with planning and saving programs, in case of economic recession people should be ready to deal with the situation as it represents itself. Most people in the job market work for money but those who do because of the passion, their work speaks for them like Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who has taken the Brazilian market with a storm.

Being the chair of Bradesco, all his efforts and hard work are being directed towards ensuring that individuals are at per with what banks mean to the modern society. Also, attain the leading position when it comes to ranking. Trabuco was elected as president after the former head, Cypriano, retired due to the reason that for one to be a chair, they should be 65 years and below. Cypriano had surpassed that therefore; at the age of 57, Trabuco has the button to lead this prestigious organization. Right from his graduation in University of Sao Paulo, he still has that positivism and continues doing his work with vigor.

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Bradesco is the second largest private financial institution in Brazil. The former chair did exemplary work, but Trabuco Bradesco is doing more than commendable in a way that what he says, finds their way to the pages of magazines and Newspapers. He is however up to the task. This is because he is well equipped with what goes on in the company so, he has experience. It is evident that his challenge is enormous. Bradesco is behind their competitor, Unibanco, by R $150 billion. Although the climate of the current market may not be very pleasing, he already has a strategy to tackle that. Furthermore, they are doing their internal re-organization in the company to ensure that everyone is up to the task. Asides from reducing costs to get more clients as they did in 2009, Trabuco’s initiatives are on the verge of realizing the opening of 211 branches.

Whether it is because of the positions he has held previously, or his being in Bradesco for a long time, his work is outstanding. He is one man who knows what he is doing. Therefore, he becoming president of such a big company is no shocker.

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