Doe Deere of Lime Crime Cosmetics Mentors Women into Entrepreneurship through Her Make Up Platform

Doe Deere is a makeup mogul who invested in a company that manufactures make up. She was born in Russia then raised in the city of New York City. She established Lime Crime Cosmetics following her passion for makeup and beauty. Doe is committed to proving that makeup is an art that supersedes the concealing of imperfections. To her, makeup is a way of self-expression. She defines beauty s being able to adorn yourself with good makeup and what an individual feels at the moment. Consequently, she established a colorful, magical and incredible collection of makeup line.




As the chief executive officer of the company, Doe Deere is passionate about Lime Crime Makeup, a company that she holds close to her heart. The dynamic makeup lover is a self-declared unicorn queen who involves herself with the development of her makeup line. Her vision, as well as an irrepressible passion for deep, pronounced colors, has played a primary role in capturing the attention of a huge client base across the world. Doe has personal attributes as well as principles that guide her in dealing with customers. Doe launched her cosmetics line in 2008. She was looking for a colorful and eccentric makeup to match her wardrobe. The introduction of Lime Crime Cosmetics gave life to Unicorn Lipsticks. This is a lipstick line with various sparkling packages. Doe then launched a Velvetines line in 2012.




Doe is in charge of overseeing product development in her company. With the huge client base online, she has enough inspiration to control the company. She is a great influencer when it comes to beauty and makeup. She encourages entrepreneurs to be persistent about following their passion. Lime Crime Cosmetics is an intensely pigmented vibrant brand. It is internationally recognized in the makeup industry. The name generated from Doe’s favorite color. Her dream was to come up with a range of lipstick, eye shadow as well as nail polish. As an individual who started out on a small scale, she has achieved much success in a short time. She supports other women’s businesses by encouraging them to stick out their necks through adversity. She is fond of speaking in public areas. She encourages women to speak out for themselves on societal issues. She is a mentor for female entrepreneurs, inspiration, and supporter. She uses her social media accounts to encourage women in business.


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Hope for Thin, Fine Hair?

There is an interesting article posted on Bustle about the ubiquitous WEN by Chaz hair care line of products. The WEN line is unique because it is an all in one product that combines shampoo, conditioner and a styling product into one bottle. This line is touted to be especially good for customers that have thin and/or fine hair. Bustle contributor, Emily McClure wrote about the results she had with using the WEN line on her thin and fine hair. The results were very positive and it sounds like WEN has won over another new customer!

Chaz Dean has been a successful hair stylist for decades and has always enjoyed helping people to look their very best. The product line has added to his enthusiasm in bringing beauty to women, no matter where they live. Chaz started his career as an assistant in a Los Angeles salon that he eventually ended up buying from his former boss! His hard work and dedication have served him very well throughout his career and his huge success has not changed his caring and compassionate attitude. Chaz is a leader in the hair care industry and is looked upon for guidance as an example of how to run a successful business in the cut-throat beauty world.

After reading about Emily’s success with the WEN line of haircare products, many consumers with fine or thinning hair may want to also give it a try! It is difficult to find haircare for fine hair that does not weigh it down or become greasy after just a few hours. There are many options for beauty and hair care on the market today and it is often difficult to find the quality products that actually work. WEN has proven to be a great product for many people. For more info on Wen, visit the company’s crunchbase page.

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Doe Deere Defies Odds and Edgy Lime Crime Makeup Reaches Red Carpet Status

Sometimes, all it takes is a dream, tough exterior, knowing exactly what you want and pursuing it, full speed ahead.  That might sound like a bizarre label for a cosmetics brand, but consider this. Lime crime is a very “Google-able” name.

The gorgeous young businesswoman with the lavender-colored hair and hauntingly beautiful makeup sat down with to talk beauty business.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, a happy child who was attracted to vivid colors in makeup, hair and fashion. She had a playful attitude and loved believing in the possibility of unicorns. Her entrepreneurial spirit developed early, and by age 13, Doe Deere was already selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. She was great at spotting trends and stamping her unique signature on them.

She later moved to New York City, hoping to pursue a music career. She began selling her own fashions through Ebay and joined a band. It was there that Doe Deere met her husband to be, her true partner and inspiration. She also enjoyed applying cosmetics that had an edgy vibe with wild colors and textures. Even though New York is a huge city, Doe Deere could not find the palettes she longed for, so she began designing her own. In 2008, Lime Crime makeup was born.

At first, Doe Deere was not sure her brand would fly, but she pursued her dream, stayed loyal to her heart, and women around the world and men, too, began to collect her makeup.

Banana colored lipstick, green, blue, orange and even gray, were stand-out hits. Lime Crime had arrived, especially when famous faces began wearing her makeup on the red carpet. Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry liked the playful, naughty attitude of Lime Crime cosmetics and turned many heads in Hollywood.

Doe Deere believes that e-commerce is a brilliant way to build a brand, and knowing how to communicate on social media also plays a key role. At the moment, Lime Crime’s Instagram account has grown to 2.4 million fans and counting. Young women can’t wait for new products to hit the market. The latest creation are Diamond Crushers, amazing, iridescent lip toppers.

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Why You Should Order Your Skin Care Products From Makari

Makari is the leader in skin lightening products, and they also offer a wide range of other skin care products. While they are best known for their skin care products, they also sell other products. They sell fashion accessories, such as handbags, perfume, and even jewelry. They even offer products for babies! All of their products have been reviewed very well by customers, and some great testimonials are visible on their website.

Information About The Products Offered By Makari:

Makari offers quite a number of skin lightening creams and lotions. While these skin creams are best known for their superior ability to lighten skin, they also help to reduce scars caused by acne and lessen the effects of aging. This really sets them apart from many other skin lightening creams and lotions.

Unlike other skin lightening creams, Makari’s products are designed with your health in mind. They do not have any hydroquinone and all ingredients are natural and safe. Their lightening skin creams have been clinically proven to work as advertised, which is something that the creams of many manufacturers cannot say.

The Convenience And Affordability Offered By Makari:

Additionally, Makari offers excellent deals to customers. For first time buyers, they offer a free sample of their products, and it is shipped to you in a timely fashion.

Additionally, getting their products is very convenient, as you can purchase them directly from the website. Their products are available in the US, but they are also available in other areas of the world. They also take a variety of different payment methods.

If you have any questions about products offered by Makari, it is very easy to contact the company. While they provide both a phone number and email address, they also offer an online chat feature. To learn more about Makari, visit their website.