The substantial contribution of Peter Briger at the Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger acts as a Principle at the Fortress Investment Group. He obtained his first degree at Princeton and held a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. After his education, he worked with several organizations such as Wauwaa as a significant investor and Goldman Sachs as a partner before joining Fortress Investment group. At Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger worked as member committees such as the Asian Management, Japan Executive and Global Control and Compliance. He is a member of the board of committee of the Princeton University Investment Firm and has position rank in the Forbes’ 400 lists of world enterprise professionals.

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Fortress Investment Group is a company, based in New York, that mainly deals with the management of investments around the world. It is currently holding over $43 billion worth of assets on behalf of over several investors. It uses the unique, colossal risk-oriented returns to operate on the full range of its investments. Three Principals head it; Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger. They primarily focus on assets investments, operations control, partnerships, capital market, and administration of the specialized knowledge of particular organizations and institutions. Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone first founded the firm. They merged their financial expertise and experience in each of their fields of operation to bring out the leading investment firm that became the current Fortress.

Peter Briger earned his valuable experience from his 15 years working with Goldsman Sachs. He joined Fortress in 2002 as a partner, with his central role at the company is to mainly focus on the success of the company on its real estate and credits investments. He also brought in his expertise, connections understanding, and experience of the Asian financial system. On the position of principal and in association with the other principals, he has overseen tremendous changes in the firm. Among the acquisitions made by the company in their leadership includes the Ski Resort in North America, the Intrawest in Canada, Penn National Gaming and RailAmerica. Peter Bridger takes part in charitable activities and holds positions in their committees. He is a strong supporter of the Central Park Conservancy and Tipping Point.


Ashley Lightspeed Joins Lightsped Ventures to Help Startups

Last year, Lightspeed Ventures, one of the popular institutions in the venture capital markets, was in the spotlight. The institution successfully managed to raise more than one and half billion dollars so that they could invest in startups. Everyone was speaking about the fastest-growing venture capitalist company and the impact it is making in the lives of investors. Silicon Valley businesses are bound to benefit from the new move. After raising funds, Lightspeed Ventures increased its top leaders. One of the new faces in this organization is Ashley Brasier. According to close sources in the company, Ashley Lightspeed brings intelligence to the growing firm. See full article at

Ashley Lightspeed is the professional needed to make Lightspeed Ventures reach its goal in the market. The executive will be part of the consumer investigating team. In this role, she will work with all the startups to come up with an effective growth strategy. The board chose the professional to fill this role because of her accomplishments in the past. Ashley Brasier has a degree from Duke University, and she is an expert in management issues. Brasier served in many prestigious roles before she could resign and serve in Lightspeed Ventures. The few people who have worked with her say that she is the ideal candidate for the role given. Being a woman does not affect her performance in the male-dominated society. Ashley says that she grew up in an environment that natured her talents. Her father was close to her, and he guided her to make the best decisions in her career life. Brasier is excited about the new role in her career, and she is embarking on a journey to help millions of startups in the United States and other parts of the world. The visionary woman leader looks forward to empowering more women in business too.

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Introducing The Top Place To Work In Direct Sales

The direct sales industry is and has always been a pretty competitive place. Is it any wonder then that they have a competition to see which place is the best to work as an employee? The qualifications are pretty simple, and the survey is run by the trusted industry newspaper known as Direct Sales News. 

The newspaper sends out a quick survey to the employees of various direct sales industry jobs. The purpose of the survey is to determine employee satisfaction and the different kind of perks and offerings that may be available to them. 

Any business that wants to compete for the title of being a top workplace in direct sales may do so, but a minimum number of respondents is required before the surveys are considered. The competition has to be on level ground for all participants after all. After any company has submitted the necessary number of responses, the surveys are reviewed and tallied up. The companies with the highest employee satisfaction are declared the winners. 

The employees at some of the top finishers are asked about their experiences working with their employers. Jeunesse Global employees frequently cite the perks that they are given for working there such as an excellent benefits package that includes unlimited PTO time and the ability to check out some of the free onsite yoga classes to help exercise their body and mind. Those are things that you simply don’t see at a lot of employers, but Jeunesse Global felt that it was important to include these things because they want their employees to feel valued, and this was the best way to do it. 

This is the third year that Jeunesse Global has been able to grace itself with an award from this industry newspaper regarding how well they treat their employees. It is an exciting indicator to the outside world that they have kept up their commitment to their employees and to the mission that they so obviously believe in. That is really the only takeaway that one could get from this, and it is a highly positive one for Jeunesse Global. 

Unroll Me – Trouble Free App for Email Management

You have an email and you are expecting If you are troubled by tons of promotional, bonus and offer emails hitting your inbox each day, maybe it is time you take the help of the email management app such as Unroll Me. It is one of the most popular email management apps out there, which has helped hundreds and thousands of people across the globe to take back control of their email. Having to delete tons of emails each day at the start of the day and again before going to bed can be really time-consuming and frustrating at the same time. Moreover, there are many vendors out there who might be selling out your personal information to others, which would increase the burden of unwanted emails in your inbox with every passing day.

Unroll Me would help you get rid of the unwanted subscription services by letting you do bulk unsubscribe and at the same time would also help you categorize the subscriptions you want to keep. The subscription emails would be kept separately and presented to you in the form of a roll-up so that you never lose track of any important newsletter. The best part is that the subscription emails would not get mixed up with your inbox, and thus, you would be able to find those important emails at work within minutes without losing time. Using email management app such as Unroll Me increases your productivity and would also ensure that you do not have to lose another minute again in order to sweep unwanted emails from your inbox again. For a clutter-free inbox, Unroll Me is the perfect app that you should install and start using today without any security concerns as it uses the most updated and sophisticated security system. 

Unroll me is setting high standards in the industry as it offers the best service possible. They have a powerful system, yet the app is easy to use. The company understands what its customers want and try to add more features that would be useful to them. Those who have used their services once, swear by them.

James Reese Continues to Grow His TigerSwan

Former Special Operations Commander of the US Army turned CEO and currenlty TigerSwan’s founder and current chief executive by the name of James Reese truly leads an interesting life that has the capacity to educate, influence and inspire others because it is all about never giving up to successfully reach and achieve goals. A decorated combat leader in a special branch of the Army, it is not surprising how he excelled and continues to excell in his business ventures and his community after he left active duty and retired into civilian life.

Wired for excellence, James Reese says that the number one lesson he learned from the military is to be a good leader. In order to be one, a person has to be a good and active listener. On top of that, if one is assigned to be in charge, he must do it to the best of his abilities. It is not surprising that he is now a good mentor and leader to his over three hundred employees with his TigerSwan business in 50 countries all around the globe.

He takes his role in TigerSwan seriously because people depend on him, and he feels responsible for his people. They have families, kids to send to college, mortgages to pay, among many other things. Owning TigerSwan comes with back breaking responsibilities that he cannot afford to bungle, but in the same token, he feels that what he has been blessed with is truly rewarding. James Reese noted that it feels great to have the freedom of time and the ability to watch his business’ continued growth. On top of that, he appreciates his TigerSwan employees who have remained loyal to his company through the years as they continue to work together to carry out the company vision and achieve company goals.

Reese shared that he came up with the TigerSwan concept in his last tour of Iraq. When he got home, he couldn’t forget about the idea so he designed a plan with the help of a friend. He noted that back then, he had not outside capital and the only thing he had going for him was his disabled status. Thus, they were chosen as the service disabled veteran owned company (SDVOSB) to partner up with a major defense contractor to serve the Department of Defense.

A company that has the SDVOSB tag has a majority ownership by a disabled veteran. However, James Reese pointed out that this was not his reason for establishing TigerSwan. His primary motivation in starting the company was to have veterans working together to help do something nice and positive for the world so that it can be a better place for everyone to live in.

Reese noted that he felt lucky when his TigerSwan company was awarded their first contract, which almost seemed like it was by fluke and a whole lot of luck. But this gave him the working capital to continue to grow the business. From the profit earned in the very first contract, he reinvested it to the company, so they could acquire better business systems and hire more employee to help TigerSwan grow.

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How Does Sheldon Lavin Make Decisions?

Many business leaders all over the world have tried to get inside the head of Sheldon Lavin. He is known around the world for being the most successful CEO of the meat processing company called the OSI Group. Lavin is also known for having a brilliant business mind. However, Lavin is reluctant to talk about his various business strategies with outsiders. He does not want his competitors to know very much about the inner workings of his company. This is very understandable. However, Lavin has given a few things away over the years when he has been interviewed.

Sheldon Lavin once discussed his decision making process. Sheldon Lavin says that there are a number of things he does prior to making any decisions that he believes will have a massive impact either positively of negatively on his company. He will first make a list of the pros and cons of the decision. This will allow him to find out if there is a benefit to going forward with his unique plan. He will then create a cost analysis. How much money does the OSI Group stand to gain if the decision is a success? How much could they lose if it is a failure? All of this info will be factored into Sheldon’s final decision.

Sheldon Lavin will then call a meeting of his trusted associates. He will explain his idea to his subordinates to get their feedback. He values the opinions of all his fellow employees. He feels that he can get valuable advice from these people. In many cases, they have stopped him from making big mistakes. He asks every person in the meeting to give their opinion about the decision that Sheldon has to make. He will then take notes on the remarks they make and use them to help him decide what he will do. Sheldon Lavin says that info is usually enough to help him make big decisions that impact the welfare of the OSI Group. However, he must sometimes rely on his gut instinct. This has helped him throughout his long career. He rarely makes the wrong choice. Brings Prada Onto Their Platform As Part of Anniversary Event

Chinese e-commerce giant is no stranger to high fashion. It has been partnering with fashion brands for years to give them access to Chinese markets. Their platform is peppered with virtual shops peddling the latest designs from top-tier designers. Now, they are partnering with a name synonymous with fashion, Prada. The Italian fashion designer opened a flagship store on Jingdong June 17. The event was part of’s very successful anniversary sales festival. The event was part of the Dragon Boat festival and featured many new releases on Jingdong’s site. The digital store will feature Prada’s fall/winter collection. The agreement also establishes two virtual flagship stores for Miu Miu and Car Shoe. Both brands operate under Prada’s flag and saw their stores open on June 17 as well.

The agreement follows Prada’s recent online success in 2018 is what has spurned its increased virtual footprint. The company experienced double digit growth. Prada’s plan is to create online stores for all of its sub-brands by 2020. plays a key role in this goal as its platform is a perfect place to sprout those new stores. Jingdong began life as a physical storefront selling electronic components. The company was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong. In 2004 Jingdong went online eventually becoming Today, is a powerhouse e-commerce company operating throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia. This year JD used the Dragon Boat festival to market a huge release of wares.

The event marked’s anniversary and saw 90% of the key brands JD offers on its site launching new products. The products ranged from fashion to consumable food. complimented the product release with a sales event period that hosted various offers and promotions. Prada’s inclusion marked their strong desire to expand into China. “Prada is known globally for high fashion, luxury, and taste,” President of’s International Business Kevin Jiang stated, “We are honored to introduce them onto our platform.” is well known for its partnerships. The online retailer has introduced numerous products into Chinese markets. This expansion is one of its best accolades and stacks right up there with their use of advancing technology.

Ashley Lightspeed Discusses Social Value

Ashley Lightspeed and other folks know that it is best to flow like water in social situations and in life. Ashley Lightspeed has learned that if one is able to stay confident, cool, calm and collected, they will be able to get far and have more exposure to the upside. The upside is where everyone wants to be, Ashley Lightspeed and other venture capitalists know that this is the truth. Business is all about minimizing the downside and maximizing the upside, understanding the risks and still venturing forward even if there is a little risk that is present within the world today.

The idea is that one should have a good disposition and always be in the space to meet great people and be one that is remarkable.

No one wants to work or hang out with boring people. They want to hang out, work with, and do deals with people that are interesting and that are amiable to their interests and what they are about.

As such, it would behoove people to learn more about how wealthy people get to where they are and how being social is a big part of that picture.

This is seen with social media stars who are able to make an empire out of their social abilities. This is seen with people like Kim Kardashian, her sisters, that whole family and others within the different industries. They monetize from their connections. See More on Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

When Meeting People

Remember, as long as you keep everything positive, and speak a hint of fresh air, you would be able to strike out conversations quite easily.

Make sure that in the name of confidence, you are not building a wall around yourself only to be unapproachable. Instead, build a foundation with your confident personality so that your prospective contact feels comfortable in reaching out to you.

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Richard Liu

Richard Liu is an excellent CEO to the company that has become one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. The company is run by the founder who believes that he has a long career ahead of him. How he runs the company isn’t just focused on profit but also all the workers in the company.

The workers can buy and earn stock in the company so that they can invest in the company that they work and have something for when they do retire from the company. Those that work at company are very happy and see it as a career instead of a job because there is always a place that you can move up. But the company relies a lot on technology as well and it has the largest fleet of drones for deliveries in China than any other company in the world.

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Paul Saunders Impressive Ideas on Running James River Capital Corp

Investing in a new startup or company in a competitive corporate world is an exciting experience, however establishing a business in not walk to the park. You need enough funding to ensure your effort does not turn into world goose hunt. Perhaps your business needs a website, funds to cover administrative tasks, and rent.  Learn more:


With a drafted business plan, you can look for sufficient funds to cover the costs and turn your idea into a reality. It is vital to take considerable time to prepare a realistic budget before approaching your potential lenders.


The head and the founder of James River Capital Corp, Paul Saunders, shares insightful pieces of advice on the ideal ways to obtain funds and get your business off the ground.


Start With Bootstrapping


Bootstrapping is the best method to finance your startup through scrapping self-possessed personal savings, credit cards, and including other home equity that you own. Besides, you can approach family members and friends for more funds. Ideally, the majority of the entrepreneurs usually finance their startup through bootstrapping and ends up turning their business into a profitable entity. 




Consider looking for investors who are interested in funding your idea through crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Through this fantastic support groups, you are required to set the campaign and the amount of cash you need to raise. Also, create the benefits that a potential donor enjoys for pledging certain contribution. To successful get enough funds, you will need to go the extra mile by marketing your idea on social media. 


Bank Loan 


Banks offer different types of loans; therefore, with your business plan, you can apply for a business loan. Despite having a lower interest rate, banks have a stringent measure before your loan is approved based on your credit history and score.


Local Loan


A local loan is one of the unnoticed funding opportunities; the funds are available at the business centers, most importantly at universities. The business center helps entrepreneurs to interact with potential investors.


Trading Equity


Trading equity is the ideal way to acquire funds; the entrepreneur sells the share of the business in a stock exchange market. Interestingly, there are no debts attached to your business; however, the entrepreneur gives some percentage of ownership to other investors. 


Paul Saunders’s Professional Skill


Paul Saunders is the founding chairman and CEO of James Rivers Capital. He studied an undergraduate degree in BA from the University of Virginia. Later, Paul joined the University of Chicago as an MBA student and graduated at the top of his class. He has successfully excelled over the years in his banking career. Prior to investing in his company, he served as the president of the KP Futures Management Corp.

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