Felipe Montoro Jens-The Infrastrucural Genius Of Finance

 Felipe Montoro Jens is without a doubt one of the most highly successful financial and infrastructural geniuses in business. He hails from the nation of Brazil, which lets us know, he is surrounded by natural resources and industrial projects. He is the one to connect with, when planning industrial projects in Brazil. His expertise is well known on a global scale!

It is noteworthy to mention, his education has served him well. Mr. Jens has multiple education degrees. He has attended Oregon University, UC at Santa Barbara, and holds a Master’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Moreover, he holds an undergrad and post grad degree in Business Administration from the American Garvin School. To find more details on Montoro’s professional career, you can visit his LinkedIn handle.

Now, Felipe Montoro Jens starts his day with conferences on institutional investments, and infrastructural projects. He is concerned with imports, and making connections with his career contacts. He holds many chairmanships and is the Executive Officer/Director of many companies. He feels spending time on social media is not the way to go! He is precise in his dealings, and believes less is more. He is definitely not a time waster! Jens career as an Executive Officer/Director includes such companies as Concessionaria Sur Tramo 2 and 3, Con Intercessiana Sur Tramo, and Energia S.A. He is also Chairman of Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliarios, Empresa de Generación Huallaga SA, San Antonio Energia S.A., Concesionaria Travase Olmos and H2olmos, just to name a few of the institutions and companies he serves! That is quite a resume of his leadership!

A wonderful character trait that Mr. Jens possesses is his willingness to go over his data and presentations-fastidiously! He reviews, reviews, and reviews. This dedication to be on the spot,in his business dealings makes him well respected. He believes he can improve in whatever he is working on, which shows extreme diligence. Felipe Montoro Jens believes in never giving up. He seeks to find a healthy balance between his personal life and work. By the way, his favorite book is Sidarta, which emphasizes finding a balance from things already free in nature. Lastly, he feels focusing on the main goal is imperative; it will allow everything else to fall into place. Hats off to this amazing entrepreneur, executive officer, director, chairman, and hardworking businessman! Yes, he wears many hats! Learn More: http://www.empresassa.com.br/p/single-dino.html?title=conheca-com–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro&partnerid=69&releaseId=195210

Using Technology to Enhance Investing with Michael Nierenberg

Technology is a fast growing sector of business. There are advancements and changes being done every day. One business owner who understands the depth of technology implementation is Michael Nierenberg. The serial-investor and Chief Executive Officer recently talked about the advantages of technology; in the investment world. As the leader of New Residential, he reaps the benefits of using cutting-edge technology.

Being at the head of a mortgage investment company requires staying a few steps ahead. Michael Nierenberg utilizes Modern technology to help crystallize digital strategies for investors. This is important because it provides the client with a good first impression. His ability to impress mortgage customers and bankers is one of the reasons he is so successful. There are various forms of technology improvement approaches in the mortgage market. Using the proper technology can save your investors time while expediting returns on their investments. Michael Nierenberg also realizes that a successful investment firm requires more than technology.


Vijay Eswaran Inspires Many Individuals To Greatness

Educating the next generation of businessmen is an integral component

of Vijay Eswaran’s mission and philosophy. Currently a renowned

entrepreneur, spokesman, and author, this prominent figure seeks to

motivate novice professionals through his speaking engagements and in

his influential books. Essentially, his present position as the

director of e-commerce company, QNet, encouraged him to promote more

powerful individuals in the direct selling industry. As a

well-experienced business owner, he has cultivated many meaningful

partnerships with his employees and loyal listeners. Most importantly,

Eswaran truly understands the value of hard work and self-discipline

and strongly believes that imparting this knowledge to inexperienced

professionals will result in more powerful leaders in the business



Eswaran’s primary objective is to share his leadership experiences

with discouraged individuals as the practical advice will encourage

more prominent figures in the world. Nearly every professional will

seek additional guidance and encouragement during their career

pursuits; therefore, he strives to adhere to this need by developing

many motivational resources. Moreover, his “Thought of the Day,” is an

interactive series in which individuals may participate in an intense

discussion with Eswaran. Essentially, this program encourages

recipients to reflect on their daily activities in order to improve

their overall quality of life. Members may begin by sending a thought

to the inner circle and, upon completion, the recipient may forward

the thoughts to others who are engaging in the program. Because each

thought has the potential to provoke many different interpretations

and responses, the discussion between Vijay and the participant is

usually an extremely lively experience. Most importantly, the

participant will engage in a learning process which in which the ideas

and insight will help improve his/her everyday life.


As a long-standing community advocate, Eswaran also strives to

encourage individuals with his best-selling motivational publications.

In his most popular book, “In the Sphere of Silence,” he shares the

secret to a successful life by using his personal and professional

experiences as a guide to profound victory. Although this prominent

entrepreneur is revered as one of the richest men in the entire world,

Eswaran teaches his readers that sustained triumph is from within and

is cultivated through a relationship with God and our divine selves.

Essentially, this book includes a one-hour reflection which stresses

the importance of daily meditation in order to examine interesting

thoughts and beliefs within ourselves. Most prominently, this travel

sized book is a practical guide to encourages individuals to maintain

a more intimate relationship with God and with their selves.


Eswaran has inspired many businessmen to improve the

personal and professional aspects of their lives and, as a result, he

is recognized as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the

entire world.

Kevin Plank and Plank Industries

Kevin Plank, an American businessman, is best known for creating Under Armour. Under Armour manufactures and sells sports clothing and sports footwear. Plank’s father was a Maryland based land developer, and his mother, a former mayor, worked under the Reagan Administration as a member of the United States Department of State. Plank attended the University of Maryland and graduated with a degree in business administration.

Kevin Plank began using his entrepreneurial skills in college. His first business venture, a Valentine’s Day rose delivery service, earned him more than $3000. Plank used this money to seed what would become Under Armour.

Plank formed the idea for Under Armour from his own experiences as an athlete. He was frustrated with the way cotton shirts felt when sweaty and wanted to develop a shirt that would wick sweat off of the body. Plank initially sold his original Under Armour shirt from his car, before landing a bulk order from the Georgia Tech’s sports teams. Under Armour’s true big break, however, came with the printing of an advertisement in ESPN’s magazine. This advertisement alone led to $1 million in direct sales over the following year.

Kevin Plank has gone on to create Plank Industries with money made from Under Armour. Plank Industries is an investment firm that has a diverse series of holdings in areas such as hospitality, real estate, food and beverage, and venture capital. Sagamore Development, the real estate arm of Plank Industries has developed many different commercial properties in the Baltimore area, including a historic building in Fells Point known as Recreation Pier. Plank Industries presence in the food and beverage world began in 2013 with the creation of a whiskey distillery called Sagamore Spirit.

Thankful for his tremendous success, Kevin Plank is always looking for philanthropy opportunities. In 2016, he donated $1 million to college-bound youth in Baltimore. He is active in both the Baltimore and Washington D.C. communities and strives to better the lives and educational opportunities of local youth.

Serge Belamant Contributions To Data Accuracy Through Blockchain

Transparency and data accuracy are some of the factors that pushed Serge Belamant to create the first-ever information system — currently known as the blockchain. His invention is currently revolutionizing industries such as health care and the financial markets. Although Belamant’s name is less known in the world of alternative money systems, he is the reason why people have options such as cryptocurrencies. He, however, points out that blockchain was for transparency and data accuracy.

Since then, he has worked with tens of companies, but his projects when he was working under Net1 UEPS Technologies are synonymous with him as a creator. Serge Belamant points out that all the projects under this company gave him global recognition, especially in the world of technology. In a 2014 interview, Belamant pointed out that creating projects under this entity was a product of the following factors.

First, he points out that the projects were successful due to his extensive understanding of the global tech industry. Serge Belamant believes that for a project to have a global impact, the creator must understand what the market needs. One of the best ways to know what a complex market such as the tech industry wants is through — research. Although Belamant works with research entities in his projects, reading different pieces — both online and offline — is his primary source of information.

The second reason why Serge Belamant revolutionized this market is his approach to innovation. Tech journals have nicknamed him as the father of innovation in the world of tech solutions. Belamant, however, points out that his process of creating is simple, and it is more of a reflection of his character. Although he confesses that he is over-controlling during his creation process, he is a perfectionist. This quality ensures that every project under his name is ready and highly polished for market consumption.

Finally, the Witwatersrand University graduate understands the value of feedback. Belamant understands that a project can receive good reception in the intended market, or the clients can point out issues within the project. Regardless of the feedback, Serge Belamant believes that every creator should know what the client think about a project and if possible, polish up on the weakness.

Learn more about Serge Belamant: https://gb.wallmine.com/people/16738/serge-belamant

Steve Lesnard Is An Expert In Digital Marketing

Steve Lesnard has had a successful career in the world of marketing, including some years as General Manager and Global Vice President of Nike. He is a graduate of Babson College and holds masters degrees in Business and Entrepreneurship and in business administration. Steve Lesnard grew up on the island of Corsica, and he has always been interested in different countries and cultures. His curiosity and understanding of how people from different cultures face and solve problems has given him an edge in forming marketing strategies.

Steve Lesnard believes that the successful marketing of products must concentrate on what the consumer needs and wants. A company needs to focus on how their products will add value to consumers’ lives and wake up the customers’ awareness of how the product appeals to them. In order to offer this to customers, the company needs to understand what kind of customers are being targeted and why the product will be of benefit to them. Using all the marketing tools in the modern digital world gives so many opportunities to connect with consumers emotionally as well as rationally. Apple has been especially successful at connecting with customers through simple messages such as their “10k songs in your pocket” for the iPod and now its emphasis on safety and health benefits for its watches, both making customers realize how they wanted and needed products that could be with them when they are out and about.

Once the product and potential customers have been sorted out, Steve Lesnard has two key principles for successful marketing. Firstly it is paramount to keep the message simple and memorable. This sounds easy, but it isn’t. This is why talented and creative marketers are so sought after. The second principle involves bringing the product to life through visuals that show how the product works and how people look when using it. Showing famous people using the product also makes it appealing.

Paul Mampilly a Highly Successful Investor and Author

Paul Mampilly is an internationally recognized investment analyst and former Wall Street hedge fund manager. The investment guru currently serves at Banyan Hill Publishing where he authors a couple of investment newsletters. Mampilly who hails from India moved to the US as a young boy to pursue a better education. Mampilly in the US did not only get proper, but he became one of the most sought after portfolio managers at Wall Street. Mampilly is passionate about helping people. At the height of his career, he felt he had had enough with Wall Street and wanted to start a new journey of assisting ordinary people create wealth. To follow on his passion, Mampilly decided to quit Wall Street and joined Banyan, where he got the platform of helping many people acquire wealth. If you would like to view the full article, please click here.

Paul Mampilly from an interview said that his ultimate goal after retiring from Wall Street is helping more people to become financially independent and live better meaningful lives. Wall Street, according to Mampilly, was a nice place to work at and make money. However, after serving there for a couple of years, I felt that the work I was doing was not helping many people but a few individuals. The system at Wall Street is geared towards enriching the elite class says Mampilly. Paul Mampilly, after retiring from Wall Street, said that he started Profits Unlimited a newsletter that aims at explaining to ordinary Americans how to invest their hard-earned money. Besides providing readers with investment tips, Mampilly hopes to bring closer the world of investments to Individuals who in turn can be able to make informed investment decisions and gain wealth.

Paul Mampilly says that many people speak bad about the financial advice sector and think it is a get rich quick industry. Mampilly has a different perspective of the industry and says that for him, it is not all about making money but the peace of mind and a different lifestyle that people get to enjoy after attaining financial independence. Mampilly says ever since he started sharing investment advice on the Profits Unlimited he has seen people lives getting transformed. People, according to Mampilly, did not become overnight millionaires but are no longer slaves to their nonstop jobs. They now have more than enough time to spend with their loved ones.

Read More: http://inspirery.com/paul-mampilly/

Clément Perrette: UPROAR Sets It’s Sights on Bringing Science & Beauty to Save Ocean Creatures


Whales and dolphins are amongst some of the most intelligent animals on Earth. Throughout the decades, we have witnessed how truly incredible these creatures are. Although most large animals tend to have smaller brains, whales and dolphins have, in fact, some of the most complex brains discovered. Evidence of this is shown continuously when they are subjected to a few mental tests by scientists.

The data shows that time and time again, these animals not only recognize themselves using the mirror test but are often have the characteristics of being vain and extremely curious. Despite their incredible intelligence, many nations around the world either legally or illegally still hunt these beautiful animals. Unfortunately, Japan, one of the largest offenders of this recently exited IWC in order to resume their hunting.

Many proponents of banning these cruel practices such as Clément Perrette believe that instead of showing the public the horrible ways these animals are killed they would highlight the intelligence of these creatures, from the way they travel in packs to their family lives.

Clément Perrette believes this is a much more effective way to bring the point across to the rest of the world. Project UPROAR will feature five episodes of 5 minutes each that will ultimately convert into a full-length documentary. The documentary will show a variety of these creatures personality, from emotions to language and even human interaction.

Former Fixed Income Fund manager Clément Perrette is very much a part of this movement. Clement Perrette is a nationally well-known businessman and philanthropist. He has already spent 25 years dedicated to work in the capital markets.

Perrette brings a plethora of experience working with conservational projects. In 2018, Perrette and his partners introduced a book called Call of the Blue: Oceans Souls that raised awareness for the preservation of our ocean creatures. Now, Clément Perrette, along with the UPROAR team is dedicated to bringing the efforts of both science and beauty to raise public awareness and hopefully one day end these cruel and horrific practices.

One of Clement’s famous endeavors is “Ocean Souls”, a film regarding saving ocean life. It is about dolphins and whales being second in intelligence after humans.


Read This Article to learn more.

Zeco Auriemo Spearheads JHSF towards Successful Construction of Real Estate Projects

Zeco Auriemo is an executive businessman hailing from Brazil. He joined JHSF at a tender age while serving as a head cheerleader of the parking lot management department. He then took over the senior leadership positions within the company. Over the years, he started to spearhead the administrative segment. Zeco Auriemo took over the sales and marketing department too.

After assuming those leadership positions, he was tasked with the duty of overseeing general operations at the firm. As such, he took over the shopping malls projects including the construction of Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo, Bela Vista, Metro Tucuruvi, and Ponta Negra. In 2009, Zeco Auriemo was in charge of the firm’s initial shopping mall project. He signed a partnership agreement with high-profile brands including Jimmy Choo, Hermes, as well as Pucci. He also spearheaded the development of shopping malls such as Cidade Jardim and Bela Vista.

In the beginning, JHSF was known as JHS. It was formed in 1972 with the partnership of two experienced brothers who invested in their resources in the business. The business split its operations into two main segments. JHSF’s management delved into the development of commercial real estate properties with a focus on providing quality. Since then, it has developed over 3 million square meters of projects in the real estate sector. In 2017, the firm’s market value was approximately R $ 1.20 billion.

Zeco Auriemo attended the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado University. He studied engineering and business management prior to venturing into the real estate sector as a head cheerleader in charge of controlling general operations. Over the years, Zeco Auriemo took over the international landscape as a manager and CEO. He is currently celebrated for his input in the growing sector of Brazil’s real estate. With the support of Zeco Auriemo, JHSF has developed various projects not only in Uruguay but in the US too. The firm’s most predominant structures include an office in New York’s Fifth Avenue. Find out more about Zeco Auriemo: http://www.aloalobahia.com/notas/mariana-e-zeco-auriemo-recebem-para-jantar-em-torno-de-edoardo-caovilla

Flavio Maluf Shares His Insights about Tax Incentives and How They Will Benefit Companies

Flavio Maluf is one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil. As a business owner, Maluf understands how difficult it is to run a business in Brazil because of the high tax rates that have been imposed by the government. Recently, the government has endorsed Fiscal Incentive Laws that in turn allow the companies to utilize part of the money they pay in taxes to projects such as sports as well as scientific and technological research. Instead of directing the money to the government in the form of taxes, Flavio Maluf states that the money will go into benefiting the society through the proposed incentives. Read more about Flavio at negociosemfoco.com

Flavio Maluf has stated that directing the money to social and cultural projects will significantly benefit the companies since they will reinforce positive portfolio through giving back to the society. For instance, when a company sponsors a sports team, the company will benefit by advertising their brand. Companies should also note that there are regional tax incentives and the incentive policies are only restricted to companies in specific regions.

Flavio Maluf also highlights that the public administration is responsible for issuing tax incentives to specific companies depending on their field of operation. By doing so, the public administration ensures that some industries have experienced extensive growth. The incentives are issued in the form of tax exemption, reduction, and compensation. Some of the sectors that have significantly benefited from the tax incentives are such as infrastructure, aerospace, information technology, port, audiovisual structures, and export companies.

Fiscal Incentives can either be classified as municipal, state or federal and they vary from one state to another. For a company to benefit from the tax incentives, it must be taxed based on the company’s real profit margins. Flavio Maluf points out that companies that are taxed based on estimated profits do not qualify to benefit from the tax incentives.

Connect: www.linkedin.com/in/flaviomaluf