5 things you need to know about the Brilliant Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is a female entrepreneur from Angola that has set the globe on its heels. She is a fierce female businesswoman with savvy instincts and unsurpassed grit and determination. While many in the business sphere may have knowledge of her various business accomplishments here are a few things about the Brilliant Isabel dos Santos that you need to know.

  1. Isabel is not just smart. She is very smart. She holds an electrical engineering degree with honors from Kings College in London. As a student there were times, she was the only female in her class.
  2. When it comes to success, Isabel dos Santos has Oprah Winfrey level of success. Literally. There are two black female billionaires in the world. Isabel is one and Oprah is the other. Both women work to empower and improve the lives of women in African countries with their power and fortunes.
  3. Powerful people are in her lineage. Isabel dos Santos is the oldest daughter of former Angola President Jose’ Eduardo dos Santos. It takes a steel spine to engage in politics. It is safe to assume that Isabel inherited her steel spine from her presidential father.
  4. She was a businesswoman at an early age. Isabel supported her cotton candy habit at the age of 6 by selling chicken eggs. Business is in her blood. She has transferred that early business knack into worldwide ventures and massive success in the business world. Today she still harkens back to her early roots as a simple farmer by operating a strawberry plantation in Huila which provides employment opportunities to local women.
  1. Isabel is a woman of lofty goals. She is working on campaigns to help eradicate Malaria from Angola. Isabel cites the eradication of Malaria as one of the causes nearest and dearest to her heart.

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Podes viajar e conhecer vários países, chegar aos 4 cantos do mundo até mesmo, mas nunca terás paisagem mais linda que a nossa Angola. Minha terra com beleza sem igual. Quedas de Kalandula sempre a surpreender-me desde a primeira vez… Parece quase irreal mas é um paraíso escondido aqui em Malanje. Simplesmente lindo ❤🇦🇴 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #natureza #Angola #proudlyAngolan #love You may travel and get to know several countries, even reach the 4 corners of the world, but you will never have a more beautiful landscape than our Angola. My motherland with its unique beauty. Kalandula Falls always surprising me since the first time … It seems almost unreal, but it is a hidden paradise here in Malanje. Simply gorgeous ❤🇦🇴

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Isabel dos Santos is one of the world’s most successful black businesswomen in the world. These 5 facts help to understand how this brilliant woman has managed to take the world by storm.

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