Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management and Highland Capital Funds Offering a Diverse Range of ETFs and Alternative Investment Strategies

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based fund manager primarily focused on global alternative investments. It was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. HCM was an early leader in leveraged loans. Since its beginning, the firm has expanded into other asset classes through its value-based methods and its market expertise. As of 2018, Highland reported $13.9 billion in managed assets.

Highland Capital Management serves retail and institutional clients through a diverse range of investment strategies, including high yield credit, real estate, public equities, special situations, private equity, structured credit and region-specific verticals.

Highland Capital makes the advantages provided by institutional-level investment managers and strategies available to investors in a mutual-fund style. Alternative investments may be credit oriented or technically driven strategies, private equity, futures or real estate.

A large percentage of HCM’s business has been bankruptcies and reorganizations, including reorganization at Delphi Corporation and the 2001 Bridge Information Systems bankruptcy. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, L.P. is a Highland Capital Management affiliate offering ETFs and a range of open-end mutual funds comprising various investment strategies and asset classes.

Their ETFs track the Market iBoxx Liquid Leveraged Loan Index and are licensed by Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors.

HCM Fund Advisors also introduced three NYSE-traded ETFs: the Highland HFR Equity Hedge ETF, the Highland HFR Event Driven ETF and the Highland HFR Global ETF.

Highland was the first investment management firm to develop portfolio-tracking software. It eventually became standard for many loan managers, and Highland sold it to JPMorgan Chase in 2003.

Highland contributed to the founding of the George W. Bush Presidential Center and made a 2018 $10 million endowment backing its public programs. Get Additional Information Here.

Apart from its Dallas offices, now in the Crescent Complex, Highland Capital Management maintains locations in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Seoul and Singapore.


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