The Career Growth Of Robert Ivy

Many of us want to belong to an organization that can help us to manifest in our career and have a successful life. When joining any organization, you should be sure about your move by talking to the experienced members. For instance, we have the American Institutes of Architects.

The association runs under the leadership of Robert Ivy as the executive vice president and chief executive officer. The association promotes networking of the members to increase their chances of job opportunities. “It is quite clear that the number of architects is small as compared to other professionals, but we make a meaningful voice to air our concerns, said Robert Ivy.

Recently, Robert Ivy received the Noel Pork Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. The individual got the award to represent the whole AIA as an association for a good job. The association works tirelessly to bring to live a secure, valuable, and sustainable neighborhood and communities using its 2000 international and local chapters. The primary work of the institution is to educate about public policies, support economic robust, and promote public safety. The AIA owns resources and tools to help strengthen the business lives of its members. The AIA uses the power of the public to hold the political leaders responsible for solving the oppressing issues and finding solutions to problems facing the institutions and the nation as a whole.

When you have the membership to an organization, it gives you credibility. When you belong to a group, it shows you are committed to your area of career and ready to get updates to the trend and development. The associations have codes of conduct that members should follow. The group expects that you should follow those practices and help responsible for your actions. Before becoming the CEO of AIA in 2011, Robert Ivy served as Editor-in-chief of McGraw Hills Architectural Record. Ivy is the only Mississippian and single architect to get the Noel Polk Award. The individual deserved the position due to his unwavering determination to educate about the architecture to the public. Ivy appreciates the AIA family and management team for the support to get such a unique achievement.