Organo Gold: Bringing Nutrition To Your Favorite Beverages

Long before the Starbucks drive-thru became a daily part of our routines, coffeehouse culture existed. Many of us think of coffee shops springing up across the Northwest and trickling down past San Francisco’s Bay Area in California. However, coffeehouse culture existed long before that, think beatniks and poetry readings. But coffee isn’t always an experience or lifestyle; sometimes it’s just a beloved part of our day or a warm beverage to warm us up.

Organo Gold is adding another piece to that tapestry of coffee culture by combining your favorite beverages with nutrition. Organo Gold has a product line of coffees, teas, and even hot cocoas, all of which are infused with Ganoderma, a mushroom that is widely used in Eastern Medicine. Organo Gold touts the immunity boosting and weight loss applications of the plant and offers a full product line. Leaving some to wonder, if you can add benefits like these to something that you consume daily, why not make the switch? Organo Gold can be found in coffee shops and through independent distributors.

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