HGGC Finalized Its Acquisition Of Monotype In A Recent Cash Transaction

A recent press release reported on the acquisition of Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. by HGGC, LLC. The announcement of the completion of the acquisition was made in late July. HGGC is an American middle market private equity investment firm. The organization acquired all outstanding shares of Monotype at the reported sum of $19.85 per share.

Outstanding Shares Sold for Cash

The transfer of shares was completed as a cash transaction that amounted to an approximate aggregate value of $825 million. The privately held company is renowned for its in-depth knowledge and expertise in the private equity sector. The firm is led by an insightful team of highly regarded and innovative executive leaders. In the announcement made by Monotype, the firm expects to achieve an improved client experience that will deliver an increased level of value to them. The Monotype leadership team sees the completed transaction as a notable milestone for the firm. Chief Executive Officer and company President Scott Landers commented that his firm will continue in its strategy of offering a personalized relationship with clients even in light of the increasing use of digital methods.

About HGGC and Monotype

Rich Lawson co-founded the firm, and he serves as its chief executive officer. The Organization was founded in 2007. The corporate transaction received the approval of the stockholders of Monotype on October 9th 2019. The common stocks of the firm have ceased trading as of the following day. The shares were traded on the NASDAQ. J.P. Morgan served as the financial advisor for Monotype. HGGC was served by the professional legal advisory services of Goodwin Procter LLP. Its exclusive financial advisor was Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Deutsche Bank provided for the debt financing needed to finalize the acquisition. The law firm of Kirkland & Ellis LLP was HGGC’s legal counsel.


The TigerSwan Team Performs Exceptionally

How does a company such as TigerSwan operate? The private security firm involves itself in many sensitive operations, which adds complexities to running a business. Don’t assume, however, that the company doesn’t adhere to traditional commercial practices. TigerSwan is a small business like many others. It competes with other companies and must do well in the market. And like other enterprises, TigerSwan must hire the best people for the job. Since the company deals with private security, numerous veterans hold positions of importance.

A military background provides a different perspective on how to complete tasks. No one suggests that people outside of the military don’t bring something unique to TigerSwan, but former Armed Forces personnel do seem suited for many responsibilities associated with private security.

James Reese reveals that veterans understand the “mission first “mentality necessary to carry a job to the conclusion. When serving in the armed forces, both officers and enlisted personnel understand that focusing on a mission increases the chances of carrying everything out successfully. Considering the sensitive nature of TigerSwan tasks, management and clients likely want their teams working on completing the mission safely and reliably.

James Reese knows how veterans think and approach their work because he is a veteran, too. Reese did more than serve during his tenure. He was an officer with the elite Delta Force commandos.

Today, James Reese runs a successful business that employs many skilled veterans. TigerSwan grew to a global enterprise with clients all over the world. The veterans on his staff played a large role in the success for sure.

The veterans, however, aren’t the only people who contribute to the success of TigerSwan. The company employs many civilians who don’t come from either a military or law enforcement background. James Reese notes the combination of former police and military and civilian personnel produces the workforce necessary to handle multiple tasks.

Persons outside the private security industry might not fathom the complexities associated with running such a venture. Putting a near-perfect team together helps the company function. So far, the 300 employes helped TigerSwan grow immensely.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Consults Clients on Life Insurance Policies

HCR WEALTH ADVISORSIndividuals who are planning their retirement will need to do more than just save up their money. They will need to protect their wealth as well as provide financial security for their families. One of the best ways to ensure financial security for a family is by having a life insurance policy. This is a type of insurance policy that allows you to pay monthly premiums and then receive coverage. With a quality life insurance policy, a person will be in position to make sure that their family avoids any financial difficulties upon death. HCR Wealth Advisors is a firm that can help people find the life insurance policy that is right for them.

Whenever you get a life insurance policy, you make a contract with a company that provides certain coverage. The policy offered by a life insurance company will provide the beneficiaries with a payment of a set amount upon your death. One of the best things about life insurance policies is that they are often exempt from income tax. All of the funds associated with the policy are paid directly to the beneficiaries. This helps them avoid the costs of probate. Some of the proceeds of a life insurance policy may be subject to an estate tax. It is best to consult with a financial advisor such as HCR Wealth Advisors to learn more about the estate tax requirements.

There are two types of life insurance policies. They are term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance provides you with coverage for a certain amount of time. This ranges between 10 and 20 years. Once the term is up, the coverage is terminated. Using a term life insurance policy is ideal if you are looking to replace lost income. The next type of policy is the permanent life insurance policy. This policy provides coverage your entire life until your death. It allows beneficiaries to receive funds to help with expenses upon death as well.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a leading financial services firm in Southern California. This firm offers a variety of services that help many clients plan their financial future. The firm can help clients plan their retirement, save up for college and also get feedback on how to reach their unique financial goals. HCR Wealth Advisors has a dedicated staff or professionals who are committed to helping clients find the best solutions for reaching their financial objectives.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.


OSI Food Solutions Is A Food Company That Truly Cares About The Planet Earth

OSI Food Solutions is a food company that has grown quite a bit over the years. The company started out as a small operation in Chicago but is now a global company with facilities in 17 different countries. The company has thousands of people on its payroll and is currently operating over 60 facilities. OSI has been dedicated to sustainability for decades but has really been making it more of a focal point in recent years. The company has had no problem bringing in new technologies to help it with its mission, and its willingness to do so has always been a key factor in its growth. Join Linkedin to see all updates at OSI Group.

OSI Food Solutions first began using cutting edge technology in a meaningful way during the 1960s. The company had been working with McDonald’s for years and was looking into new technologies that could help it to deliver more meat products to the fast food giant. Back then, OSI went under the name Otto & Sons and was being ran by the two sons of its founder Otto Kolschowsky. The company was one of the first to use cryogenic freezing technologies, which allowed it to store its food longer. This, in turn, allowed it to transport its products for longer distances.

OSI Food Solutions has recently built a research and development center in Chicago, which is helping it to look into new ways to reduce its impact on the environment. The company can use its findings to improve its entire food supply chain. OSI has recently taken its focus on sustainability one step further by hiring a chief sustainability officer named Nicole Johnson-Hoffman. She was already working with the company as its SVP before being hired for the position and will now be helping it to make changes that will improve its sustainability on multiple levels.

OSI Food Solutions has been honored many times for its sustainability efforts. McDonald’s singled out a number of the company’s subsidiaries in 2012 in its best of sustainable supply report. OSI Riverside was also recognized in 2016 for its effort to conserve resources with the California Green Business certification. Learn More: https://www.stepstone.de/cmp/de/OSI-Food-Solutions-Germany-GmbH-81796/bewertungen.html

Peter Briger Proves To Be Instrumental In Why SoftBank Bought Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group, LLC, is one of the biggest alternative asset management firms in the world. It has an interesting history as it set two firsts. Founded in 1998, it was the first company of its kind to go public when it held an IPO in 2007. It was also the first of its kind to go back to being privately held when SoftBank of Japan bought all of its outstanding shares last year.

Peter Briger has been along for most of Fortress Investment Group’s history. He joined in 2002 and oversees its credit division. This division manages Fortress Investment Group’s credit and real estate business. He is a graduate of Princeton University where he earned a bachelor of arts degree. He then attended the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a masters degree in business administration. He spent 15 years at Goldman Sachs before leaving for Fortress.

While at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger was assigned to managing investments in Asia, in particular debt and real estate. He was also on two of their committees which are the Japan Executive Committee and the Asian Management, Global Control and Compliance. It was his history of investing in Asia that made Fortress a particularly attractive investment for SoftBank. SoftBank is a Japanese company that, while it invests around the world, is especially interested to invest in the Asian economy.

While Fortress Investment Group is headquartered in New York, New York, Peter Briger works at its office in San Francisco, California. When he did work in New York City, Peter Briger was a big supporter of the Central Park Conservancy as he supplied this organization with a lot of money. In San Francisco, he has continued to support the community. This includes providing money to the not-for-profit Tipping Point, which helps low-income families. He also serves on the board of Caliber Schools, an organization that has charter schools in Northern California.

Learn more about Peter : https://entrepreneurs.princeton.edu/people/peter-briger-jr-%E2%80%9886

Unroll Me – Trouble Free App for Email Management

You have an email and you are expecting If you are troubled by tons of promotional, bonus and offer emails hitting your inbox each day, maybe it is time you take the help of the email management app such as Unroll Me. It is one of the most popular email management apps out there, which has helped hundreds and thousands of people across the globe to take back control of their email. Having to delete tons of emails each day at the start of the day and again before going to bed can be really time-consuming and frustrating at the same time. Moreover, there are many vendors out there who might be selling out your personal information to others, which would increase the burden of unwanted emails in your inbox with every passing day.

Unroll Me would help you get rid of the unwanted subscription services by letting you do bulk unsubscribe and at the same time would also help you categorize the subscriptions you want to keep. The subscription emails would be kept separately and presented to you in the form of a roll-up so that you never lose track of any important newsletter. The best part is that the subscription emails would not get mixed up with your inbox, and thus, you would be able to find those important emails at work within minutes without losing time. Using email management app such as Unroll Me increases your productivity and would also ensure that you do not have to lose another minute again in order to sweep unwanted emails from your inbox again. For a clutter-free inbox, Unroll Me is the perfect app that you should install and start using today without any security concerns as it uses the most updated and sophisticated security system. 

Unroll me is setting high standards in the industry as it offers the best service possible. They have a powerful system, yet the app is easy to use. The company understands what its customers want and try to add more features that would be useful to them. Those who have used their services once, swear by them.


James Reese Continues to Grow His TigerSwan

Former Special Operations Commander of the US Army turned CEO and currenlty TigerSwan’s founder and current chief executive by the name of James Reese truly leads an interesting life that has the capacity to educate, influence and inspire others because it is all about never giving up to successfully reach and achieve goals. A decorated combat leader in a special branch of the Army, it is not surprising how he excelled and continues to excell in his business ventures and his community after he left active duty and retired into civilian life.

Wired for excellence, James Reese says that the number one lesson he learned from the military is to be a good leader. In order to be one, a person has to be a good and active listener. On top of that, if one is assigned to be in charge, he must do it to the best of his abilities. It is not surprising that he is now a good mentor and leader to his over three hundred employees with his TigerSwan business in 50 countries all around the globe.

He takes his role in TigerSwan seriously because people depend on him, and he feels responsible for his people. They have families, kids to send to college, mortgages to pay, among many other things. Owning TigerSwan comes with back breaking responsibilities that he cannot afford to bungle, but in the same token, he feels that what he has been blessed with is truly rewarding. James Reese noted that it feels great to have the freedom of time and the ability to watch his business’ continued growth. On top of that, he appreciates his TigerSwan employees who have remained loyal to his company through the years as they continue to work together to carry out the company vision and achieve company goals.

Reese shared that he came up with the TigerSwan concept in his last tour of Iraq. When he got home, he couldn’t forget about the idea so he designed a plan with the help of a friend. He noted that back then, he had not outside capital and the only thing he had going for him was his disabled status. Thus, they were chosen as the service disabled veteran owned company (SDVOSB) to partner up with a major defense contractor to serve the Department of Defense.

A company that has the SDVOSB tag has a majority ownership by a disabled veteran. However, James Reese pointed out that this was not his reason for establishing TigerSwan. His primary motivation in starting the company was to have veterans working together to help do something nice and positive for the world so that it can be a better place for everyone to live in.

Reese noted that he felt lucky when his TigerSwan company was awarded their first contract, which almost seemed like it was by fluke and a whole lot of luck. But this gave him the working capital to continue to grow the business. From the profit earned in the very first contract, he reinvested it to the company, so they could acquire better business systems and hire more employee to help TigerSwan grow.

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Richard Liu

Richard Liu is an excellent CEO to the JD.com company that has become one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. The company is run by the founder who believes that he has a long career ahead of him. How he runs the company isn’t just focused on profit but also all the workers in the company.

The workers can buy and earn stock in the company so that they can invest in the company that they work and have something for when they do retire from the company. Those that work at company are very happy and see it as a career instead of a job because there is always a place that you can move up. But the company relies a lot on technology as well and it has the largest fleet of drones for deliveries in China than any other company in the world.

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Maurício Mendonça Godoy In The Investing Department

Maurício Mendonça Godoy Preview

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is one of Brazil’s influential exclusive leaders. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Toyo Setal. Setal is a company dealing with oil and gas.

In 2015, many companies were eager to work with him, among those companies was Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda (EBR). Maurício Mendonça Godoy took over at the top executive position at EBR due to his previous impressive tasks. Since his join in the organization, Maurício Mendonça Godoy has worked hard to build the company’s positive reputation in construction and field work. His experience from the previous work has enabled EBR to succeed.

EBR the Best Supplier

EBR recently won the Petrobras award for the best supplier in engineering category. The event took place in 2018. The company selection was inclusive of the construction and assembly subcategory.

The affirmation was as a result of organization presentation in the implementation of the FPSO P-74 project that gave results 80 days before the deadline. The EBR commander Maurício Mendonça said that it was a privilege to be honored by vital clients like Petrobras. He also promised that they would continue working hard to serve their customers.

Benefits of AVEVA Plant

Maurício Mendonça Godoy, the CEO of Setal, said that they decided to finance AVEVA plant to meet the clients in market needs. AVEVA was launched within Setal during the AVATAR project.

AVEVA plant has made it easier the observation of online information and reduces human resources by 30%. The outcome by AVATAR demonstrated how AVEVA plant was in a position to offer system amalgamation and help Setal reach its full potential.

Setal has four main projects in Petrobras. The four refinery expansion is Replan, Repar, Revap, and Reduc.

What is AVEVA?

AVEVA is reliable globally in the distribution of information management and engineering designs to the prominent institutions in plant and marine organizations. The organization was founded in 1967.


Toyo Setal was initiated in 2012. It is an oil and gas industry. It was founded to offer administration services, engineering, and construction to oil and gas industries. The institution is legalized with SETAL branch, which is prominent globally for its exceptional service delivery.

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Serge Belamant, The Genius Behind Bitcoin

Anytime people talk about Bitcoins, the biggest possibility is that they do not know where the idea came from or who started the bitcoin technology. This is where Mr. Serge Belamant comes in. The top famous entrepreneur has opened up many block chains, which have gained popularity in the world at a very high rate. His career as a software developer has contributed so much in the development of the said block chains.

His idea was born when he was working in technological firm in South Africa. He created software that helped Serge Belamant in monitoring the work that was going on in the building of dams as well as monitoring the dams’ water levels. This made him start an idea where safe and unchangeable transactions of money via the internet were made throughout the world.

Over the years, many people have embraced Bitcoin and the idea is gaining popularity in the world. Every year, over a hundred million dollars are transacted via bitcoin globally. Unlike a few years ago were sending safe and untraceable money to another continent was impossible, it is now very possible for one to do so regardless of where they are. It is also convenient and swift to transact.

Serge Belamant was the first person to introduce smart cards. This has helped many people and especially travelers, to stop carrying hard money, which is unsafe and could limit them from the number of things to purchase. Serge’s joy comes in when he sees how people have embraced smart cards and knows that his invention was not in vain.

Though Serge Belamant did not complete his college education, this, however, did not hinder him from bringing change to the world. His talent and resilience is evidence with the many new things that he has introduced. Belamant’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as he has won several awards among them being Victor Ludorum award, which was awarded to him in 1971.Mr. Serge believes that those who dare to take calculated risks always get what the world has to offer. He goes on to urge people to embrace the new technology and make the most out of it.

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