Unroll Me – Trouble Free App for Email Management

You have an email and you are expecting If you are troubled by tons of promotional, bonus and offer emails hitting your inbox each day, maybe it is time you take the help of the email management app such as Unroll Me. It is one of the most popular email management apps out there, which has helped hundreds and thousands of people across the globe to take back control of their email. Having to delete tons of emails each day at the start of the day and again before going to bed can be really time-consuming and frustrating at the same time. Moreover, there are many vendors out there who might be selling out your personal information to others, which would increase the burden of unwanted emails in your inbox with every passing day.

Unroll Me would help you get rid of the unwanted subscription services by letting you do bulk unsubscribe and at the same time would also help you categorize the subscriptions you want to keep. The subscription emails would be kept separately and presented to you in the form of a roll-up so that you never lose track of any important newsletter. The best part is that the subscription emails would not get mixed up with your inbox, and thus, you would be able to find those important emails at work within minutes without losing time. Using email management app such as Unroll Me increases your productivity and would also ensure that you do not have to lose another minute again in order to sweep unwanted emails from your inbox again. For a clutter-free inbox, Unroll Me is the perfect app that you should install and start using today without any security concerns as it uses the most updated and sophisticated security system. 

Unroll me is setting high standards in the industry as it offers the best service possible. They have a powerful system, yet the app is easy to use. The company understands what its customers want and try to add more features that would be useful to them. Those who have used their services once, swear by them.


James Reese Continues to Grow His TigerSwan

Former Special Operations Commander of the US Army turned CEO and currenlty TigerSwan’s founder and current chief executive by the name of James Reese truly leads an interesting life that has the capacity to educate, influence and inspire others because it is all about never giving up to successfully reach and achieve goals. A decorated combat leader in a special branch of the Army, it is not surprising how he excelled and continues to excell in his business ventures and his community after he left active duty and retired into civilian life.

Wired for excellence, James Reese says that the number one lesson he learned from the military is to be a good leader. In order to be one, a person has to be a good and active listener. On top of that, if one is assigned to be in charge, he must do it to the best of his abilities. It is not surprising that he is now a good mentor and leader to his over three hundred employees with his TigerSwan business in 50 countries all around the globe.

He takes his role in TigerSwan seriously because people depend on him, and he feels responsible for his people. They have families, kids to send to college, mortgages to pay, among many other things. Owning TigerSwan comes with back breaking responsibilities that he cannot afford to bungle, but in the same token, he feels that what he has been blessed with is truly rewarding. James Reese noted that it feels great to have the freedom of time and the ability to watch his business’ continued growth. On top of that, he appreciates his TigerSwan employees who have remained loyal to his company through the years as they continue to work together to carry out the company vision and achieve company goals.

Reese shared that he came up with the TigerSwan concept in his last tour of Iraq. When he got home, he couldn’t forget about the idea so he designed a plan with the help of a friend. He noted that back then, he had not outside capital and the only thing he had going for him was his disabled status. Thus, they were chosen as the service disabled veteran owned company (SDVOSB) to partner up with a major defense contractor to serve the Department of Defense.

A company that has the SDVOSB tag has a majority ownership by a disabled veteran. However, James Reese pointed out that this was not his reason for establishing TigerSwan. His primary motivation in starting the company was to have veterans working together to help do something nice and positive for the world so that it can be a better place for everyone to live in.

Reese noted that he felt lucky when his TigerSwan company was awarded their first contract, which almost seemed like it was by fluke and a whole lot of luck. But this gave him the working capital to continue to grow the business. From the profit earned in the very first contract, he reinvested it to the company, so they could acquire better business systems and hire more employee to help TigerSwan grow.

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Richard Liu

Richard Liu is an excellent CEO to the JD.com company that has become one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. The company is run by the founder who believes that he has a long career ahead of him. How he runs the company isn’t just focused on profit but also all the workers in the company.

The workers can buy and earn stock in the company so that they can invest in the company that they work and have something for when they do retire from the company. Those that work at company are very happy and see it as a career instead of a job because there is always a place that you can move up. But the company relies a lot on technology as well and it has the largest fleet of drones for deliveries in China than any other company in the world.

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Maurício Mendonça Godoy In The Investing Department

Maurício Mendonça Godoy Preview

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is one of Brazil’s influential exclusive leaders. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Toyo Setal. Setal is a company dealing with oil and gas.

In 2015, many companies were eager to work with him, among those companies was Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda (EBR). Maurício Mendonça Godoy took over at the top executive position at EBR due to his previous impressive tasks. Since his join in the organization, Maurício Mendonça Godoy has worked hard to build the company’s positive reputation in construction and field work. His experience from the previous work has enabled EBR to succeed.

EBR the Best Supplier

EBR recently won the Petrobras award for the best supplier in engineering category. The event took place in 2018. The company selection was inclusive of the construction and assembly subcategory.

The affirmation was as a result of organization presentation in the implementation of the FPSO P-74 project that gave results 80 days before the deadline. The EBR commander Maurício Mendonça said that it was a privilege to be honored by vital clients like Petrobras. He also promised that they would continue working hard to serve their customers.

Benefits of AVEVA Plant

Maurício Mendonça Godoy, the CEO of Setal, said that they decided to finance AVEVA plant to meet the clients in market needs. AVEVA was launched within Setal during the AVATAR project.

AVEVA plant has made it easier the observation of online information and reduces human resources by 30%. The outcome by AVATAR demonstrated how AVEVA plant was in a position to offer system amalgamation and help Setal reach its full potential.

Setal has four main projects in Petrobras. The four refinery expansion is Replan, Repar, Revap, and Reduc.

What is AVEVA?

AVEVA is reliable globally in the distribution of information management and engineering designs to the prominent institutions in plant and marine organizations. The organization was founded in 1967.


Toyo Setal was initiated in 2012. It is an oil and gas industry. It was founded to offer administration services, engineering, and construction to oil and gas industries. The institution is legalized with SETAL branch, which is prominent globally for its exceptional service delivery.

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Serge Belamant, The Genius Behind Bitcoin

Anytime people talk about Bitcoins, the biggest possibility is that they do not know where the idea came from or who started the bitcoin technology. This is where Mr. Serge Belamant comes in. The top famous entrepreneur has opened up many block chains, which have gained popularity in the world at a very high rate. His career as a software developer has contributed so much in the development of the said block chains.

His idea was born when he was working in technological firm in South Africa. He created software that helped Serge Belamant in monitoring the work that was going on in the building of dams as well as monitoring the dams’ water levels. This made him start an idea where safe and unchangeable transactions of money via the internet were made throughout the world.

Over the years, many people have embraced Bitcoin and the idea is gaining popularity in the world. Every year, over a hundred million dollars are transacted via bitcoin globally. Unlike a few years ago were sending safe and untraceable money to another continent was impossible, it is now very possible for one to do so regardless of where they are. It is also convenient and swift to transact.

Serge Belamant was the first person to introduce smart cards. This has helped many people and especially travelers, to stop carrying hard money, which is unsafe and could limit them from the number of things to purchase. Serge’s joy comes in when he sees how people have embraced smart cards and knows that his invention was not in vain.

Though Serge Belamant did not complete his college education, this, however, did not hinder him from bringing change to the world. His talent and resilience is evidence with the many new things that he has introduced. Belamant’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as he has won several awards among them being Victor Ludorum award, which was awarded to him in 1971.Mr. Serge believes that those who dare to take calculated risks always get what the world has to offer. He goes on to urge people to embrace the new technology and make the most out of it.

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 Hyland’s Teething Tablets And Homeopathic Remedies

When a person’s baby is in severe pain, they do not feel good and parents hate to see their babies suffer. When your baby is dealing with oral pain, it is a tremendous relief to know that there is safer and natural way that you can use to help your baby feel much better. Today, many parents have become worried with the different products they employ to raise their kids, specifically toddlers and babies. Many parents today want a choice that does not have dangerous ingredients or harmful possible side effects. It is homeopathy, that many parents in many different places of the world have found great success with as it has been used around the world for over 200 years. Hyland’s teething tablets offer people a more safer and gentle formula that can assist in nurturing your baby.

Babys today could experience pain for several different reasons. Some of the most common, oral pain symptoms are things which include irritability, mild rashes, sweating and tenderness, and excessive drooling. Hyland’s teething tablets will certainly give help to those to need it. It’s Hyland’s Teething tablets which will give your baby that much needed relief. Hyland’s teething tablets are a great product to buy to help your child get through the pain of gum irritability and is a natural product. Hylands teething tablets do not take the place of other medications but they do help in assisting with general relief and is a great idea for your baby. Homeopathy is defined as being a natural healing system in which it works in tandem with your human body to relieve irritable symptoms while also helping to achieve a healthy balance in your body. There are a significate fewer number of side effects that come with taking homeopathic medicine as compared to modern day medicines.

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How Sheldon Lavin rose to be the CEO of OSI Group

In the most prominent food company OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin offers his services as the CEO of the company. He has been a part of OSI Group for the past four decades. In the four decades, he has played different roles in the company, and he has ensured that they are useful in making him an essential person in the business sector. Sheldon Lavin has been of help to the company in gaining the recognition as one being the best in what they do in the world. The result that the company has received under the leadership of Sheldon is something that has never been seen.

Even though Sheldon Lavin was not among the founding partners since he joined the company much later, and as soon as he entered, he started dominating the industry. In 1975 that’s when he joined OSI Group. The first time he joined the company was because he was requested on being an equal managing partner in the quest of managing the company forward. Even before he had joined the company, he had offered his services to the company in the form of capitalization when the company was expanding locally and internationally. The founders of the company realized that Sheldon would be of great help to the company if he became a partner. That reason why they approached Sheldon Lavin with the offer, and after a short while he took over the role of CEO and chairman.

After he attained the role of being the company’s leader, he had to make some changes. He realized that the company has many opportunities for achieving its goals, but it was not making use of them. The reason why he made through changes. The time he joined OSI Group, it only offered its services to one client. The products that McDonald’s requested from them was huge, and they didn’t see the need to expand any further. Though the idea of having one client was not something that Sheldon liked. He said that if anything happened to the clients, then they would be forced to close. The reason why he started to look for other clients. Click here to learn more

Organo Gold: Bringing Nutrition To Your Favorite Beverages

Long before the Starbucks drive-thru became a daily part of our routines, coffeehouse culture existed. Many of us think of coffee shops springing up across the Northwest and trickling down past San Francisco’s Bay Area in California. However, coffeehouse culture existed long before that, think beatniks and poetry readings. But coffee isn’t always an experience or lifestyle; sometimes it’s just a beloved part of our day or a warm beverage to warm us up.

Organo Gold is adding another piece to that tapestry of coffee culture by combining your favorite beverages with nutrition. Organo Gold has a product line of coffees, teas, and even hot cocoas, all of which are infused with Ganoderma, a mushroom that is widely used in Eastern Medicine. Organo Gold touts the immunity boosting and weight loss applications of the plant and offers a full product line. Leaving some to wonder, if you can add benefits like these to something that you consume daily, why not make the switch? Organo Gold can be found in coffee shops and through independent distributors.

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HGGC Continues Its Impressive Run With Another Outstanding Strategic Investment Into The Tech Sector

It has just been announced this past April that HGGC, a big player in the private equity sector, has engaged in an investment of a strategic nature with the remote management and data storage firm American Megatrends International. The firm is a global leader in its field and provides companies with a unique range of solutions for the operating systems Android and Linux. The company was initially founded back in 1985 and has it’s home offices based out of the Georgia municipality of Norcross. American Megatrends currently has operations in eight of the world’s countries and has developed a stellar reputation as the preeminent provider of firmware solutions globally. The impressive capabilities that American Megatrends has developed over its history have allowed the company to build up a series of valuable relationships with other leading firms in the tech and computing sectors.

Adding HGGC as a strategic investor is a major win for the team at American Megatrends and a major win for the team at HGGC. American Megatrends President Subramonian Shankar has noted how happy his entire team is to have this important investment coming in from a firm as respected in the private equity sector as HGGC. Over the course of its history, HGGC has developed an impressive reputation for being able to help companies in the tech sector to grow. The shared vision between these two companies will also go a long way toward cultivating success in the endeavour.

The distinguished history of HGGC goes back to 2007 when the firm was initially established in the San Francisco Bay region. The company has established an impressive record for helping companies to grow their businesses and is notable for taking an active interest in assisting with the management of its portfolio firms. The last couple of years have seen an impressive amount of activity out of the firm and this has led to a further bolstering of an already impressive executive leadership team. This has been accomplished by in house promotions of deserving individuals as well as the bringing in of a number of new members to the team with impressive backgrounds in the world of private equity.


Stream Cares is a New Part of Stream Energy

Stream Cares is the new name behind energy company, Stream Energy’s desire to do more charity work. Having witnessed the effects of Hurricane Harvey and the tornadoes that affected North Texas in the last few years, Stream Cares is solely focused on helping people in Texas. Stream Cares will be able to raise money and awareness for a variety of issues in Texas. Stream Energy sells energy to residential and corporate customers across America, but as a Texas based organization, it will be focusing most of its efforts in the Dallas and broader Texas areas.

Stream Energy has already worked with the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. It is now tackling one of the most important issues in Dallas. The homeless problem is one of the biggest concerns in Dallas. It is the children that are often the biggest victims. They are vulnerable to a host of issues that come with being homeless. Hope Supply Co, is a Dallas charity that has been helping those children, and now Stream Cares is adding its resources to the cause. Stream Cares will be donating money to the problem, but it is just as important for the company to show that it is willing to donate its time. Many companies simply write a check to help with charity work, and while that is very important, Stream Cares wants to show that its employees want to help in a more personal way.

It therefore made sense for those employees to take a group of children to a local water park. It was an opportunity to spend quality time with children who had never had a day out like it. Stream Energy employees will be donating even more of their time in the coming months as the company continues to raise both time and money to help.