Barbara Stokes And Her Team Continue To Make Major Strides In Providing Assistance To Important Humanitarian Causes:

Green Structure Homes of Alabama is a company that makes manufactured homes and other structures by utilizing cutting edge design and engineering techniques. The company is headed up by its CEO Barbara Stokes and is deeply involved in philanthropic and humanitarian work. Providing critical assistance in the area of disaster relief is an area that Barbara STokes and the team at Green Structure Homes of Alabama have become well-known and highly respected for. The company makes its headquarters in the municipality of Huntsville, Alabama and was co-founded by Barbara alongside her husband Scott. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Barbara Stokes and her dedicated team at Green Structure Homes have made major contributions to FEMA as well as operations from the private sector in order to provide housing relief. The company is renowned for its unique manufacturing methods and for providing structures that are pre-assembled as well as engaging in on-site assembly when the situation requires this. Barbara Stokes herself has degrees in both physics and biomedical engineering but has also put a great deal of effort into becoming knowledgeable about fields that are directly related to the work that is done by Green Structure Homes. With her extensive knowledge, she works side by side with the members of her team in order to turn conceptual ideas into reality.

Providing support to philanthropic organizations has always been high on the list of priorities for Barbara Stokes and her team. The company recently provided a great deal of support to Habitat For Humanity in the form of $50,000 worth of fascia and drywall. Barbara and Scott Stokes, along with the entire Green Structure Homes team were proud to be able to provide these critical disaster relief materials. The materials went to Habitat For Humanity by way of FEMA. These building materials will be instrumental in making a huge difference for the housing projects that the organization is working on is Madison County, Alabama. This kind of generosity is a regular occurrence for Barbara Stokes and her team and helps to add to the sterling reputation that the company has for providing critical assistance to the organizations that make big differences in the lives of those affected by disaster. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.