Richard Liu-A True Inspiration for Passion


Many people acquire a skill that leads them into a specific profession. Though they may expand their skillset, typically this expansion would be surrounding the specific position they are currently in or hope to obtain within the future. And usually these skill are all part of the same field or industry.

However, there are those that can change directions within their career path not just through various positions, but within completely different fields of expertise. And those who can achieve this crossover with great success are an even rarer commodity. Richard Liu has been one of these exceptional individuals that has been able to change the course of his career and with substantial success in both fields.

Richard Liu began his medical career at the Harvard School of Dentistry. His mother was a dentist and his father was an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Upon graduation, Liu began working with the New Hampshire-based Evergreen Dental Care practice. During his tenure, he decided to give back to Harvard by becoming a part-time lecturer of restorative dentistry. Go Here for more information.

Although highly successful within his career of dentistry, Liu’s attention began to be diverted towards financial investing. Richard Liu had done some small time investing on his own, but wanted to find a way of making his passion a full time career. Once committed to this endeavor, Richard Liu enrolled in MIT to earn a master’s degree in business administration.

After graduation, he worked as a financial analyst for CRT Capital and FTV Capital before embarking on an entrepreneurial venture of his own. Liu launched Morningside Venture Capital, a highly successful private equity investment firm.

Through his diligence and determination in following his passions, Richard Liu has been able to hold successful careers within two entirely separate fields. His journey exemplifies what can be achieved when one works hard at his or her passion. Mr. Richard Liu is an inspiration to anyone looking to begin a new chapter in their professional career.


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Richard Shows the Right Way to Career Switch

When Richard Liu entered college, he prepared for a specific job within a specific field. He may have had an expectation to stay within that role, within that industry, for the remainder of his working years. But as he learned, like we’re all are, it’s becoming less realistic, and less fulfilling, to remain within the same career for too many years. Career switching is quickly becoming the norm, but it’s easy to get intimidated by the idea. Richard Liu left dentistry for finance and found a way to do it without compromising his vision for success.

Raised by a dentist mother in a family of doctors, it only made sense that Richard Liu would enter the same field. After college, he came back to his New Hampshire to work at Evergreen Dental Care. His professional life was divided between performing restorative dentistry and returning to the college he graduated from, Harvard Dental School, to lecture students of dentistry on their profession and what they should expect when entering the job market.

For five years Liu would focus hard on his career and role as a lecturer before paying more attention to his personal passion, finance and tech. Liu became a small-time investor in tech startups, but this wasn’t enough to satisfy him. He wanted a career in this field.

To pursue this second career, Liu went back to school. With an MBA from MIT, he was a perfect fit for CRT Capital and FTV Capital as an analyst. With new experiences building up his confidence, Liu set out to found his own company, Morningside Venture Capital.

Career switching is how many are responding to a constantly changing economy, and even professionally successful people like Richard Liu are following the trend. But Liu’s long road to investing shows that passion simply isn’t enough. In order to invest in tech companies meaningfully, Liu needed a new educational and professional background, only then could he, with a bit of bravery, move into a career that complimented his professional passion.

About Richard Liu:

Richard Liu is a restorative dentist and tech investor. As a co-founder of Morningside Venture Capital, Liu sought out to builg up companies in tech, media, and artificial intelligence. A desire to follow trends in a changing global economy has brought the investment group billions in assets.

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MB2 Dental Is Changing Dental Space

Dr. Akhil Reddy is located in Fort Worth In Texas. He is a dentist by profession. He has over nine years of experience in dentistry. He specializes in general dentistry.

Dr. Akhil Reddy along with 11 others is on the leadership board of MB2 Dental. This is a company that is focused on ensuring that the ethics of the dentistry practice are not compromised with in any way just because the dentist had to spend his time and effort in micromanaging his practice.

MB2 Dental aims to take care of such aspects of a dental practice. This way the dentist can focus on his core work of providing complete dental care to his patients.

There are many aspects of any dental business model. All of these are important. Hence any dentist will be able to work better if he is feeling assured that it is in capable hands.

According to White Pages, MB2 Dental employs a team of professionals who know their work well. They have already been screened before they work for any client. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

In fact, the reason behind the inception of MB2 Dental was that many dentists were not willing to start with their own practice as they knew that they had no time for the management and day-to-day operations of the business.

Either they could do administration or focus on dentistry. But both are important. One cannot be compromised for another.

Now MB2 Dental comes with the solution. The dentists can pick out any service or for the complete bouquet of services based on their specific needs. Hence they can just pick out HR. Now MB2 Dental will take care of staffing, training, retention, payroll management, compensation and so on. This can be a big relief for any dentist as they would be able to get quality staff to manage their business model.

Other services being provided by MB2 Dental include accounting and finance. Here, the dentists can get help in preparing tax statements, financial accounts, billing, and expense statement and so on. They can also get help related to statutory requirements that are so important.

It is quite obvious that MB2 Dental would have been a brainchild of a dentist. Only a dentist can understand the woes of a dentist so well. The services of MB2 Dental are being used in over 70 affiliated locations. These are spread across five states presently. The company is growing as their services keep on increasing!

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