Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews Demonstrate A Cosmetic Surgeon Who Has Skill And Empathy:

Dr. Jennifer Walden has spent her career working toward helping her patients to achieve the best self-image possible for themselves. She accomplishes this through her work in the field of cosmetic surgery and she has the knowledge, experience, education, and caring attitude necessary to make a real difference. Based out of Austin, Texas, she holds her Board Certification through the preeminent American Board of Plastic Surgery. Her education culminated in the fellowship that she undertook at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. Since opening her practice, she has gained national acclaim and is often sought out for her opinions on the topic of cosmetic surgery. Beyond this, Dr. Jennifer Walden is known for her bedside manner and her ability to empathize with her patients in a meaningful manner. One of the results of the quality of care that is provided is the fact that there are positive Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews that are readily accessible across the internet.


Reading through Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews online is a great way to get a feel for the quality of service and patient care that she provides to patients. These reviews also reveal the wealth of services that she provides. Patients of Dr. Jennifer Walden comment on procedures ranging from laser hair removal and sculpture treatments to Botox and breast augmentation. These reviews also point out the fact that the services rendered were done so with the greatest of care and professionalism. It is typical for patients at Dr. Walden’s practice to comment about how they will be back in the future.

Perhaps as important as anything, Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews consistently comment on the fact that she wins over the confidence of her patients. This is due to her ability to empathize. This is a comment that is expressed by many of her female patients and may just have to do with the fact that Dr. Walden can relate to their concerns and needs as a woman. Reviewers also speak about the fact that Dr. Walden provides outstanding post-procedure care to make sure that her patients are doing well after their cosmetic surgery process is complete.

If You Look For Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews, The Results Will Speak Of A Cosmetic Surgeon Who Cares:

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a distinguished practitioner within the field of cosmetic surgery. Her professional affiliations include her Board Certification through America’s Board of Plastic Surgery. A consistent theme that readers note about Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews is the fact that they are so consistently positive regarding patient experience with the practice. She has assembled an impressive team that works alongside her in her Austin, Texas located practice. This team was carefully selected by Dr. Walden for their professionalism and they make a big contribution to the consistently good nature of Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews. Dr. Walden is also well known for her active work in the area of philanthropy.

There is a list of common things that readers will see coming up when the search out a list of Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews. Past patients will talk about the different procedures that are available through Dr. Walden and they will discuss the professionalism of the team. These reviewers also frequently talk about how they were made to feel like they were cared about. The aftercare offered by Dr. Walden and her staff is well documented in the typical reviews that are out there about the practice. This has all contributed nicely to the excellent reputation that Dr. Walden has established. This reputation has led her to feature on major networks such as Fox News and ABC. These appearances have helped to further her prestigious reputation within the cosmetic surgery field.

Once an individual turn to the reviews that are out there about Dr. Jennifer Walden, they will see that her reputation is well-earned and well-deserved. Her patients also rate her service and expertise to be at the highest of levels. Women have a particular appreciation for being able to turn to a female cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Walden is known for her ability to empathize with them and this goes a long way toward earning the trust of her patients. People who read the reviews about Dr. Walden will soon find out why her reputation has achieved the status that it currently enjoys. There is little wonder why she has become such a major figure in her field of expertise.

The Benefits of Vitamin D on the Skin According to Tim Ioannides

Vitamin D is a necessary for maintaining a person’s overall health, ensuring the durability of bones and teeth while supporting the immune system. However, most of all, this vitamin is integral to skin health, according to Dermatologist Tim Ioannides.

Vitamin D can come from the foods we eat (fish such as salmon, tuna and trout are rich sources, as are mushrooms, fortified dairy products and cereals) though it is also synthesized by the body when a person comes into contact with sunlight. Dr. Ioannides recommends at least ten to fifteen minutes in the sun. Despite the body’s ability to make this vitamin, half of all adults in the US are deficient. The reasons for this includes the lack of vitamin D in the foods we choose to eat. Also, people who are overweight require more of it but might not even be aware of it. Location could also be a culprit; there are areas around the globe where people can’t receive year-round exposure to the sun’s rays. People who live near the equator have less incidents of vitamin D deficiency. Age also plays a factor as older people usually have a harder time synthesizing the vitamin. Also, the guts of people with digestive conditions may fail to absorb enough of it.

How does one know if they’re lacking in Vitamin D? Signs of deficiency include feeling sluggish, getting sick more often than usual, hair loss, and symptoms of depression. The only way to determine whether or not a person needs vitamin D is through a simple blood test. Dr. Ioannides usually prescribes 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 to patients who suffer from eczema or psoriasis and in two to three months time, he would see a dramatic change for the better which is why he recommends ample amounts of the vitamin for skin care.

Dr. Tim Ioannides has been practicing dermatology for over fifteen years at Treasure Coast Dermatology, which he founded. He is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum: The Connection of Obesity and Joint Replacement Surgeries

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an orthopedic surgeon who works at the Bronxcare Health System. Recently, he shared a study that he described as alarming – the study detail how the number of people who require joint replacement surgery is increasing through the years, and the average age of people who require the surgery is becoming younger. Before, people who are ages 68 and above are the ones who require this surgery, but in a recent trend, the average age for those who go to the hospital to get a joint replacement surgery went down to 65 years old. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum said that this is because of the unhealthy lifestyle practiced by many Americans.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum explained that when someone is living an unhealthy lifestyle, their risk with obesity and its related diseases increase. Those who are gaining a lot of weight are giving more pressure to their knees and the joints that support it. As a result, they will be developing weaker joints, and it would have to be replaced as soon as the damages appear to prevent any further problems with the knees. People who have been going back and forth to the hospital for their surgery are labeled as obese, and Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum said that it can only be prevented if the public is informed about the dangers of eating too many calories and becoming morbidly obese.

Currently, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is practicing his profession at the Bronxcare Health System, and he advised the public to contact their doctors immediately if they wanted to have their conditions resolved. He said that the problem with the joints should be addressed immediately because it can result in more serious conditions that could disable the patient. He also recommended eating a balanced diet and performing different exercises that would keep the body in shape.

Read more about Dr. Ira here https://www.doximity.com/pub/ira-kirschenbaum-md

Overview of Tim Ioannides in the Dermatology Sector

Tim Ioannides is a medical dermatologist, an entrepreneur and founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology based in Vera Beach, Florida, United States. He graduated with a degree in medicine from the University of Miami and earned his internship from the University of Florida under the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Tim Ioannides later joined the Department of Dermatology in Miami University and Jackson Memorial Hospital where he attained his surgery and dermatology qualifications.

He began his career at a private medical facility working for another physician in providing cosmetic dermatological services and later ventured into treating skin cancers and tumors as well as other skin problems. Over the years, Tim Ioannides established Treasure Coast Dermatology which provides dermatological diagnosis, surgeries and treatment. Besides, he is a certified board member of various organizations across the country which includes the American Board of Dermatology.

Tim Ioannides typical day varies as each day comprises of different activities during the day but with a dedication to treat patients in the afternoons. The endless trends witnessed in the medical industry have enabled him to generate daily ideas which have contributed to multiple achievements in the business. Also, Tim Ioannides avoids the use of electronic medical recording which, according to him, denies patients the focus they require during treatment. The technique enables him to concentrate well with the patient as it improves the engagement process which is crucial in the industry.

As a professional dermatologist and surgical doctor, Tim Ioannides encourages young entrepreneurs in the field of medicine to adopt the use of letters and files to communicate with patients. The notion maintains an ongoing relationship contributing to the needed humanity in the sector. Despite failing several times in the business, he was motivated by JD Spence, a successful attorney in Florida who kept him going over time. Tim also encourages respect and treating each employee equally to improve collaboration hence achieving the specified objectives.

About Tim Ioannides: www.md.com/doctor/tim-ioannides-md

Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes an Impact with Laser Hair Removal in NYC

Over the past few years, laser hair removal has become one of the most common cosmetic procedures on the planet, to the point that many people don’t see it as much of a cosmetic procedure. In New York City, one of the leading experts in this kind of treatment has been Dr. Jennifer Walden, who founded the Skintology MedSpa several years ago. During this time, both Walden and the rest of the staff have become experts in a variety of popular and not-so-popular cosmetic treatments, with laser hair removal being one of the most notable.

Throughout this time, Dr. Jennifer Walden has said that the treatment can be used by both men and women, as both genders can see the benefits of the procedure. This is because laser hair removal gets rid of the need for the likes of shaving, waxing, or using hair removal creams. While she’s noted that men and women typically use laser hair removal in different ways, Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted that there are certain ways that both genders can see significant benefits. Throughout her experience, she’s also noted that there are certain areas that are more popular with each gender. For example, Walden has noted that men typically get the treatments on their back or chest.

Women, on the other hand, typically receive laser hair removal treatments on the likes of their legs, underarms, upper lip, or chin. However, Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted that the Skintology MedSpa has catered to their customers’ needs on a case by case basis. As such, she’s also noted that men and women can get a variety of different treatment options, and aren’t just limited to the above. Because of that, the Skintology MedSpa has helped patients deal with unwanted hair in almost any area of their body.

However, it should also be noted that patients may not see results overnight. Instead, Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted that it could take several treatments across several weeks. Having said that, this is normally determined by how much hair there is in an area, as well as how thick this hair is.


The Formidable Deirdre Baggot

The first thing that strikes you, and there are many to choose from, is the sheer level of education that Deirdre Baggot has achieved. She obtained a Doctor of Philosophy Degree at the University of Colorado along with a Business Administration Master’s Degree at Loyola University School of Business in Chicago. In addition to those impressive degrees Deirdre Baggot also completed her Nursing Bachelor of Science Degree.

Deirdre has put this stellar education to good use. Deidre Baggot is a strong advocate of bundled payments for healthcare services rather than the traditional fee-for-service payments. A bundled pay system can alleviate stress for patients who should be able to focus all of their attention to regaining their health and not be stressed about their payment system. The commonly used fee-for-services system meant that patients, who were already under immense stress, were also faced with a barrage of bills for various services. Many of the patients are also low income and that, coupled with the toll an illness can take, was causing unnecessary hardships at the exact time that patients could not cope with them. View Slideshare.com to learn more.

It was not just the patients that could benefit from the bundled payment system, as medical offices were also spending a great deal of time dealing with the various requests and forms that accompanied the fee-for-service plan. Between the savings of time for medical offices and patients the benefits were clear to Deirdre, and she has spent the last few months working on reforming the system and regularly blogs to explain the intricacies of the process.

The bundled payment system is not the only thing in the Healthcare field that Deirdre is working on. She was also one of the first proponents of a ‘checklist’. By implementing a system that would avoid ordering excessive tests for her patients she could streamline their care and avoid wasted time and money on tests that would not help. This system is now called ‘care protocol’, which has allowed both doctors and patients to focus their care with greater precision. Deirdre’s work is rooted in her passion to help patients and her work will surely do so.

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Dr. Saad Saad in medical practice

Saad Saad is a now a retired pediatric surgeon but one with a reputation that transcends beyond his retirement. He has practiced medicine for 47 years, a period in which he has conducted thousands of pediatric surgeries on young adults and children. He has mainly been operating in New Jersey.








Saad Saad was born in Palestine, but due to warfare and political upheavals, his parents migrated to Kuwait where he grew up. He was born into a family of eight children who are today equally successfully in various premier careers.




Saad went to Cairo University where he graduated with a medical degree. He passed as one of the top students because he was determined to become a medical doctor his poor background notwithstanding. He attended an internship in London before moving to the United States to start his career officially.




In the United States, the first thing he did was to seek accreditation as a board-certified pediatric surgeon. He committed his efforts to the cause, and in a short time, he received the certification which allowed him to offer all pediatric surgery services in the United States and beyond.




Dr. Saad in the Middle East




Saad Saad had an advantage of being a board-certified surgeon and fluent in English and Arabic. In the 1980s, the Saudi Royal Family hired him as a pediatric surgeon. He was involved in the work of treating patients from the royal families around the Middle East. He, however, had an opportunity to treat children from deprived backgrounds brought to him due to the complexity of their medical conditions.




Saad Saad advice




Since Dr. Saad Saad was brought up from a humble background, he always harbored the urge to help others who had an experience like the one he went through. He always chipped in to help the poor people whenever he got an opportunity.




Saad Saad also stuck with the code of ethics that guide medical professionals. He served all his patients with diligence and commitment. At no time did he look at a patient based on color or origin. Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md

Dr.Saad Saad

Dr. Saad is an experienced physician and a specialist in pediatric surgery. Throughout his career of more than 40 years as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad has been involved in thousands of operations on children and young adults. As a skilled doctor, Dr. Saad is behind two patented inventions in medicine that have gone a long way in assisting some of the surgical procedures in pediatric surgery. Also, Dr. Saad is a philanthropic individual who has worked beyond his region in the United States where he has been involved in free medical missions to Jerusalem.


About Dr. Saad’s Invention of the Advanced Catheter


Dr. Saad’s first invention which is registered under Patent number 5,727,553 consists of an improved catheter that uses an electromagnetic device. A medical catheter is a tube that can be used in many ways to either drain fluids or gasses from a patient’s body during surgical treatments. Further, Dr. Saad’s invention of a catheter that has an Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device has shortened the traditional method of locating the surgical instrument left inside the body. This is mainly because before the inventions surgeons would have to perform an X-ray to find its position.


Moreover, the advanced catheter created by Dr. Saad saves the patients from having to undergo X-ray thus preventing exposure of the radiations that can cause illnesses. Again, while the other option is the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), it may be an impractical resolution to use the machines as they are bulky and are also not portable. For this reason, Dr. Saad opted to create an easier alternative to avoid the lengthy procedures of the many scans. The surgical instrument works by allowing the magnetic materials on the catheter tip to send signals when passed over the patient’s body where it lights up when directly on top.



About Dr. Saad’s Improved Endoscope


Dr. Saad’s other medical invention that has its patent number as 5,725,478 is the improved endoscope. The endoscopes are medical apparatus with optical devices that can be used in the windpipe of patients to see the throat, colon, stomach or bladder to make a diagnosis. While this is important as it prevents the patient from undergoing a body scan or surgery, the body’s fluids create fogs that obstruct the lenses of the endoscopes thus decreasing visibility. Dr. Saad’s invention of the newly improved endoscope, therefore, solves the problem by having a suction-irrigation that clears the view without taking it out. What’s more, he has used the advanced endoscope in many of his patients where the procedures have been successful. Learn more: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8



About Dr. Saad Saad


Dr. Saad Saad is a medical doctor from Eatontown, New Jersey whose area of specialization is in pediatric surgery and general surgery. The doctor who has more than 40 years of experience in the medical practice is affiliated with various hospitals where he provides his services. The hospitals include Ocean Medical Center, Clara Maass Medical Center, and Jersey Shore University Medical center among others. He is also an award-winning medic where he has received two awards that include Patients’ Choice Award 2014 and Compassionate Doctor Recognition in 2014.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is The Super Doctor That Can Do It All

Jennifer Lee Walden that really a woman can do it all. She is a mother, a top plastic surgeon, a commentator on news channel, a consultant an author and to top it all a researcher. Born and brought up some 46 years ago in a family with medical background it is understandable where she got her enthusiasm and drive to become a medical doctor. Her father was a dentist and the mother a surgical nurse, this led her to join the University of Texas where she graduated with a degree in biology and later went to do her medical degree in the same institution where despite early challenges she graduated as salutatorian of her class.

Her practice started in Manhattan Eye, ear and throat hospital. Jennifer Walden was also in New York where she participated in clinical trials for silicone breast implants. However, Jenifer Walden moved back to her home state when she got her twin sons. In Austin Texas, she started the Jeniffer L. Walden MD and the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center PLLC. She also has satellite offices for the same.

Jennifer Walden’s life is one of achievement and accomplishments. She is considered as one of the first doctors anywhere in the world to do a high number of Labiaplasties and Vaginoplasties. This achievement has seen her being chosen as a member of the Modern Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Practice Editorial board of directors. Believe or not the doctor has also won an election. Jennifer was elected to serve on the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors.

The plastic Surgeon also finds time on the side to be a commentator for a various news channel. The news channels that have benefited from her expertise include; ABC news, Fox news, E! And Dr. 90210. To put the cherry on top, she is a co-author of the textbook Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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