Academy of Art University Students Create the ‘Future of Fashion’

The Academy of Art University challenged students to create what they believe people will wear in the future. They’re space age fashion trends and futuristic ideas were portrayed in creative outfits for men and women. Many of these designs were shown at New York Fashion Week this year and were greatly acclaimed as innovative and forward-thinking.

The Academy of Art University has traditionally send students to multiple international fashion events. These opportunities for students to get recognized happen twice a year, and this year the New York Fashion Week was proud to host select candidates. Not only were students given the chance for their designs to appear on the runway, but they also received personalized feedback from industry leaders and fashion gurus.

Saya Shen and Hilum Zhao were among the students who crafted their ideas about the future of fashion. Both of these artists included elements of their Chinese heritage as well as emotional contexts of transition and change into the design. The artist would use multiple kinds of textures, fabrics and techniques to highlight shapes and styles that were novel and built on current themes in fashion. Not only was it interesting to weave together creative concepts of these artists throughout the show, but it was clear that an emotional narrative as well as personal experiences could be seen in each of the designs.

The Academy of Art University helps students get hands-on experience in the industry throughout their academic careers. Not only do students get to engage with professionals and some of the most prestigious events in fashion, but they are given the opportunity to actually create outfits that mirror Trends and themes from a creative space. The Academy of Art University has more than 24 different programs and originally focused on advertising media. There are considered to be one of the largest design universities in the United States and have over 12,000 students.

Their faculty are hand selected and are among some of the most notable scholars and fashion designers in the world. The school has been around for more than 75 years and continues to bring excellent talent to the forefront of design and creative Industries.

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ClassDojo App Mindfulness Mediation for Schools

On May 10th, 2019 the mindfulness meditation app, ClassDojo sponsored ‘The Worlds Most Mindful Moment,” a fifteen minute guided meditation that took place in the classroom. ClassDojo has been used in class rooms across the world, reaching over 180 countries. Mindfulness meditation is correlated with a reduction in anxiety and has shown a positive effect on students optimism and relationship skills.

According to recent studies kids and teenagers are more stressed than ever. Finding suggest that they are often stressed out than their parents. It seems that the carefree days of childhood are coming to an end. People look around for what’s to blame for this sudden rise in suicidal thoughts in teenagers and social anxiety in young children. Technology is quick to get the blame. ClassDojo aims to make our modern access to technology an ally in this fight, rather than an enemy.

The ClassDojo app has been developed specifically for use in the class room with young children ranging for kindergarten to the eight grade. There goal is to provide students with the skills necessary to develop emotional intelligence and self control. Mindfulness meditation isn’t any thing new, as it has become a sensation with modern adults who often use it to take control of their own stress. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce behavior issues in young children, and seems to improve their educational experience. Student who practice mindfulness are more likely to avoid burnout and bouts of severe anxiety. ClassDojo is working to raise awareness and to help decrease the stresses of growing up in our modern world.