Alex Pall Talks Chainsmokers Fame and Future

In just a few short years, the Chainsmokers have gone from being obscure musical artists to becoming a household name but just how did the DJ and production duo get their start? Mathias Rosenzweig recently sat down with Alex Pall to discuss their success, their views on the music industry and where they plan to go with their career in the future. The duo initially met when Pall was DJ-ing in and around New York. His manager was the one who introduced them and they immediately began working together after Pall quit his job and Taggart moved down from Maine. Taggart was in college when he first met Alex and they immediately knew they would work well together. They realized how serious each other is about making music and, before long, they were creating brand new beats and selling out countless music arenas together.

Unlike other DJs, however, they are notorious for having Pall sing on their songs, but they feel it’s completely justified. In the interview, Alex talks about how important it is for him to sing on their songs, especially when the songs pertain to them. He also praised Halsey and her individualistic musical style and identity. They want to work with artists like her who are unique and not afraid to be themselves. He also discussed their ever-expanding fanbase and how it went from being just young adults to people of all ages. Despite this, they don’t take their fame for granted.

Finally, he discussed their live concerts and how their live performances have evolved over the years as the music industry has changed and grown. Unlike some other musicians and bands, the Chainsmokers are notorious for singing live in lieu of lip syncing and this is something in which they take great pride. Also, unlike some other musicians, they don’t plan on taking any hiatuses anytime soon. He believes if they take a break and come back a few years later, things just won’t be the same as before. So we wish the Chainsmokers the best of luck on their future endeavors and on their career.

Dr. Mark McKenna reveals some of his secrets to entrepreneurial success

One of the most popular online magazines recently published an interview on doctor turned entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna in an attempt to shed more light on the decision to venture into business after having had a very successful career in the medical aesthetics industry. Dr. Mark McKenna revealed in the interview that the idea of starting OVME struck him because he had worked in the medical aesthetics industry for over 10 years and thus he was able to identify opportunities that he could tap into to build the great business that he did. Due to Dr. Mark McKenna’s concerted effort and an unwavering will to succeed, he managed to help OVME grow to become one of the biggest medical aesthetics provided in the United States before selling it.

Considering the fact that Dr. Mark McKenna is one successful serial entrepreneur opening one successful business after another, the interviewer sought to know the process through which Dr. Mark comes up with his business ideas. Dr. Mark McKenna gladly replied explaining that it involves two stages. The first one is a daily meditation routine. Secondly, Dr. Mark said that it is about setting measurable and time-bound goals and objectives so that he can be able to easily evaluate his progress as time goes by. On a lighter note, Dr. Mark McKenna also said that the most exciting development happening in the United States right now is the steady drop in the numbers of people who are actively involved in smoking.

When the interviewer sought out to know whether Dr. Mark had any regrets of the past whatsoever that if given an opportunity to go back he would do differently, Dr. Mark opened up and said that he would have really loved to spend much of his time especially in his younger years doing stuff that he really loved. Dr. Mark also had a word of advice to both established and budding entrepreneurs saying that reading books has really had a major positive impact on his entrepreneurial journey and even went further to recommend Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich as a must-read for entrepreneurs.


Tobias Jaeger Uses Technological Platforms To Flourish In Business

Often, humans become absorbed into their world of career thereby forgetting the importance of viewing situations in different angles. It is important to consider seeing situations in different, multiple angles. This statement reflects the values of Tobias Jaeger, an entrepreneur who started running companies at a relatively young age. According to him, the opinion of strangers matters. Through these ideas, great decisions can be made to construct viable businesses.




Tobias Jaeger started running firms when he was a scholar at the prestigious Maastricht University. Located in Netherlands, this university played a pivotal role in sharpening his entrepreneurial skills. In 2007, he established his first firm, Business Associates Europe. He was still in the campus. Under his guidance, Business Associates University developed a revolutionary and innovative type of model that delivered strategic consulting services. These services were given to corporations. This was done by converging expert consultants with academic scholars who were focused on providing in-depth findings to leading companies in Netherlands.




Right after graduating college, he delved into the industry of e-gaming. To create a strong partnership, he was joined by a leading poker player in establishing StrategosPoker. Lovers of online gambling would agree that this online platform offers lessons on poker playing. From how to bet and win high ranking games, to how to land competitive levels, this platform was a blessing to many new players. Being visionary, he ventured more into business in Europe. This was made possible when he became the head cheerleader of an additional company that offered courses on personality empowerment. These courses have been helpful in building the characters of entrepreneurs.





In Europe as well as the Middle East, these courses have had a great impact on entrepreneurs. In other words, he has always wanted to help people to achieve the best in business. According to him, transforming people’s lives by using his talent and techniques is a significant step towards expanding markets. Tobias Jaeger has extensively invested in methods that have been utilized to design prosperous strategies towards personal as well as professional performance.




If there is one strategy this man applies in dealing with people, it is teamwork. He believes that a team can easily venture into a successful business and prosper. In professionalism, he believes that applying skillful strategies to make critical decisions is the key determining factor for success. For the youth who are torn between the right careers to settle for at a young age, this man is a good example of someone who from a young age started running businesses. He is a perfect role model.


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