Matt Badiali Shares How To Make Money From Marijuana Legalization

Real Wealth Strategist is a publication people use to find out what commodities to invest in. It was founded by Matt Badiali whose background is in geology and investing. He recently used Real Wealth Strategist to start sharing information with others about marijuana legalization and what that means to investors.

Real Wealth Strategist has a new issue each month which arrives in its subscriber’s email inboxes. It is available through Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt Badiali wrote an eBook about how to take advantage of the increasing legalization of marijuana around the world, particularly in Canada and the United States. He wrote that ordinary investors can make a lot of money from this trend and he shared how to do so. Other eBooks he has written include ones on commodities and mining companies.

In each issue of Real Wealth Strategist, Matt Badiali shares his insights into the latest trends and what specific stocks and ETFs to invest in. He covers every sort of commodity including lumber, gold, oil, natural gas, and copper. He targets commodities that have shown patterns of growth. When people subscribe to this publication they also receive a model portfolio, trade alerts, a weekly podcast, and a website only they can access. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali wrote in his eBook that investors who start buying marijuana company stocks will be ahead of the mainstream investor. This means that they can turn every $50 they invest into $2,100 or more. He sees the marijuana industry rapidly increasing in size by more than 4,000%. He has also written in Real Wealth Strategist about marijuana legalization and what impact that will have.

His research and writing team has also compiled a number of reports for their subscribers. One was called “Marijuana Millionaires” and showed how to increase your returns 10 times over. If an investor is in the right company’s stock in this burgeoning industry they can easily become a millionaire. He also released “The Mining Coup of the Millenium” which shared info on a Canadian mining firm that has a massive copper, silver, and gold deposit on property they own.


Zeco Auriemo Spearheads JHSF towards Successful Construction of Real Estate Projects

Zeco Auriemo is an executive businessman hailing from Brazil. He joined JHSF at a tender age while serving as a head cheerleader of the parking lot management department. He then took over the senior leadership positions within the company. Over the years, he started to spearhead the administrative segment. Zeco Auriemo took over the sales and marketing department too.

After assuming those leadership positions, he was tasked with the duty of overseeing general operations at the firm. As such, he took over the shopping malls projects including the construction of Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo, Bela Vista, Metro Tucuruvi, and Ponta Negra. In 2009, Zeco Auriemo was in charge of the firm’s initial shopping mall project. He signed a partnership agreement with high-profile brands including Jimmy Choo, Hermes, as well as Pucci. He also spearheaded the development of shopping malls such as Cidade Jardim and Bela Vista.

In the beginning, JHSF was known as JHS. It was formed in 1972 with the partnership of two experienced brothers who invested in their resources in the business. The business split its operations into two main segments. JHSF’s management delved into the development of commercial real estate properties with a focus on providing quality. Since then, it has developed over 3 million square meters of projects in the real estate sector. In 2017, the firm’s market value was approximately R $ 1.20 billion.

Zeco Auriemo attended the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado University. He studied engineering and business management prior to venturing into the real estate sector as a head cheerleader in charge of controlling general operations. Over the years, Zeco Auriemo took over the international landscape as a manager and CEO. He is currently celebrated for his input in the growing sector of Brazil’s real estate. With the support of Zeco Auriemo, JHSF has developed various projects not only in Uruguay but in the US too. The firm’s most predominant structures include an office in New York’s Fifth Avenue. Find out more about Zeco Auriemo:

Flavio Maluf Shares His Insights about Tax Incentives and How They Will Benefit Companies

Flavio Maluf is one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil. As a business owner, Maluf understands how difficult it is to run a business in Brazil because of the high tax rates that have been imposed by the government. Recently, the government has endorsed Fiscal Incentive Laws that in turn allow the companies to utilize part of the money they pay in taxes to projects such as sports as well as scientific and technological research. Instead of directing the money to the government in the form of taxes, Flavio Maluf states that the money will go into benefiting the society through the proposed incentives. Read more about Flavio at

Flavio Maluf has stated that directing the money to social and cultural projects will significantly benefit the companies since they will reinforce positive portfolio through giving back to the society. For instance, when a company sponsors a sports team, the company will benefit by advertising their brand. Companies should also note that there are regional tax incentives and the incentive policies are only restricted to companies in specific regions.

Flavio Maluf also highlights that the public administration is responsible for issuing tax incentives to specific companies depending on their field of operation. By doing so, the public administration ensures that some industries have experienced extensive growth. The incentives are issued in the form of tax exemption, reduction, and compensation. Some of the sectors that have significantly benefited from the tax incentives are such as infrastructure, aerospace, information technology, port, audiovisual structures, and export companies.

Fiscal Incentives can either be classified as municipal, state or federal and they vary from one state to another. For a company to benefit from the tax incentives, it must be taxed based on the company’s real profit margins. Flavio Maluf points out that companies that are taxed based on estimated profits do not qualify to benefit from the tax incentives.


Interview with Smita Shah

Aspiring young women everywhere, Smita Shah has been the CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc for two decades. At the time of graduating MIT with a masters in civil engineering, Smita Shah had no clue what she was getting herself into. She claims that when she started SPAAN Tech, Inc. she just assumed that if she failed at it, that’s what it was she failed. She had plans to continue on in engineering working for someone else and would have been fine with that. SPAAN Tech, Inc didn’t fail though and has been thriving for twenty years! Smita Shah was asked about what it was like growing up having traditional gender roles. She stated that she remembers going to the back of the class as a young child and making story problems into algebraic equations for fun. She says that she was definitely a nerd back then and knew she fit into the category. She also talks shortly about how she remembers in elementary school that she was one of the only girls called on to go into the hall to do math and science problems with boys. She continues to say that she has always had a passion for the sciences and math. When asked what her main idea for SPAAN Tech, Inc was, she replied by saying she wanted to get a group of talented, like-minded people together that wanted to make a difference in the world. Her company SPAAN Tech, Inc now builds communities for people. Together with her team, Smita Shah helps build roadways, bridges, fix traffic lights and other major things that go into creating communities. Smita Shah is an inspiration to young girls everywhere. She shows that with hard work and dedication anyone can achieve anything possible. Smita Shah is an industry expert and is an influential face in the engineering field. She is often featured as a keynote speaker locally, nationally and globally. She has won multiple business achievement awards and has served on the Board of Directors for leading businesses and organizations. She has also previously worked under the White House administrations. 

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery in the 21st century is a multibillion-dollar industry onto itself. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., is one of the individuals who have led the charge in recent years. This cosmetic surgeon has been in the game for over two decades, and he has built an impressive resume. Dr. Jejurikar spends his time conducting business at the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute along with a team of other top-rated cosmetic surgeons. His specialty is vast, but he provides services for the face, breast, body and eyes. His warmth and sensitivity for his patients has allowed him to be honored with “The Most Compassionate Doctor Award.”

This man has been committed to using some of the most cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to get the best possible results. Jejurikar’s passion for his craft allows him to complete his work with striking detail. This man also has a great patient rating thanks to his many clients. In most cases, Jejurikar’s patients has given him an excellent rating in thoroughness and the ability to answer questions. That can’t be said for most of the field, which is why Jejurikar stands out.

In addition to Dr. Jejurikar routinely provides medical-aesthetic services at Dallas Medical Center and Texas Presbyterian Hospital. Of course, Jejurikar has been thoroughly trained to perfection. This man has studied and is a graduate from one of the country’s top medical schools. His residency was completed while working at a number of Michigan-based medical centers. Thanks to possessing such an extensive educational background, this man is licensed to practice medicine in the states of Michigan, New York and Texas. In present time, Dr. Jejurikar is certainly putting his stamp on cosmetic surgery.

Grace Farms How Sharon Prince Is blending A Community Center With Nature


The essence of community space has been there and continues to be very vibrant in various urban areas and cities around the country. They are common places where people connect, learn, and integrate. Most of them are found in populated areas where people need somewhere to rest and move away from the workplace or vigorous activities at the city center. Grace Farms, an outdoor community center, seems to have gone a notch higher than a standard community center.

Under the guidance and thoughts of Sharon Prince, Grace Farms has incorporated the modern aspect of community centers with natural surroundings to provide a standout community center that does not only give people a place to meditate but a center where they can quickly interact with nature. Located in more than 80 acres, Grace Farms is a demonstration of how community centers should resemble so that they can appeal to the next generation and provide similar benefits offered by traditional community centers.

So, what makes Grace Farms a great community center over the other standard community centers scattered all over the country? The fact that Grace Farms is blended with nature positions it way above other community centers around the country. Sharon Prince wants people to spend some precious time in a natural environment. Connecting with nature is therapeutic and every person should spend some time meditating in areas with fresh air and clean supply of water.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

Sharon received the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award and the“Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award”.

According to Sharon Prince, Grace Farms is an environmental conservation strategy that tries to show people that they have a role to play in environmental conservation. The community center has been located in an area where land reclamation activities have been done. Biological land preservation and development are highly incorporated at Grace Farms. In this facility, visitors can learn something new and vital that will enable them to integrate measures towards land sustainability. Click Here to learn more.

In an article with Gazetteday entitled “Vast Natural Offerings At Grace Farms”, Prince shared that the foundation aspired to preserve this site as a gift of open space, a peaceful respite for the community to enjoy and to encourage people to draw inspiration from nature, pursue justice, encounter the arts, explore faith, and above all, collaborate for the common good.


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Paul Mampilly: A Market For the Everyday American

Paul Mampilly began his career almost two decades ago as a research assistant to Deutsche Bank. Slowly but surely Mr.Mampilly would continue climbing the ladder within various organizations such as Banker Trust and ING, o name a few. By 2006 Mr.Mampilly had no doubt become one of the most revered and prominent figures on Wall Street with various organizations seeking his expertise. In fact, Paul Mampilly would go onto become a key hedge fund manager to a firm called the “Best in the World.” Although Mr.Mampilly experience within Wall Street was prominently a successful one, the overbearing responsibility of maintaining billion-dollar investments for other people made him decided it was time to step down.

Today, Mr.Mampilly can be found running his own business where he provides everyday Americans the ability to obtain insider information only available once to those within wall street. Paul Mampilly states that Wall Street isn’t necessarily for the average person; in fact, much of it caters to only the elite. Therefore, the creation of his newsletter “Profits Unlimited” provides people with the necessary direction to make educated investments. Read articles at

When asked about the reasons most financial experts don’t seem to work for people, Mr.Mampilly replied with a short list of the problems hovering around this particular issue. One is that financial advisors often don’t really delve deep into questioning an investment. Paul Mampilly explains that before he every provides advice to anyone, he will think about all the reasons why he can be wrong and vise versa. The fact is that most advisors who find quick success think that their instincts of the market will always be right, and that is simply not true.

In addition to the underwhelming advice on the market right now, another area that Mr.Mampilly often had moral issues with were the fees associated with transactions. Mr.Mampilly states that fees would always be collected no matter the quality of advice given to investors. Although he understood some of the reasons behind these policies, the practice never really settle right with him. Read More:

Angolan President action against Isabel dos Santos’ Company

It seems like the conflict between Isabel dos Santos and the President of Angola is unlikely to end anytime soon considering their new contention in regard to the Marginal da Corimba project whereby her company’s contract has been nullified. On the 15th of May, President Joao Lourenco withdrew the contract the government had entered with Urbimveste to be part of the companies that are carrying out the Marginal da Corimba project. This was the President’s decision and he alleged that that the company has been overcharging the government for the time it has been part of Marginal da Corimba.

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A post shared by Isabel Dos Santos ( on

Isabel dos Santos has not taken this matter lightly because as a businesswoman, such allegations can ruin her name and that of her company. She expressed her disappoint for the unfounded accusations by the President through her Instagram platform. In her post, she emphasized on the value of a good name and a good reputation and that she had the right to both. She said that the allegations were untrue and threatened to give her business a bad name. As a person who owns many businesses, she said she makes sure that all her employees are carrying out their responsibilities appropriately and the operations are going on as they should be.

This marks the second time that the Angolan President has made decisions that affect Isabel dos Santos. The first time was introducing measures that affected her father’s family. Her father is Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the former President of Angola. The president justified his latest action that Urbinveste was overbilling the project’s values. The company gave their statement denying it had ever engaged in duping the government during the time it was part of the project.

Isabel dos Santos is a billionaire who has amassed her wealth through businesses and investments in various sectors within Angola and even abroad. She is well experienced on matters of entrepreneurship and economic development from running successful businesses and working in large companies. She is using her influence to promote economic development in undeveloped countries such as Angola. She has also talked about economic empowerment in several economic forums she has been part of.

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Igor Cornelsen on How to Succeed as a Business Professional

Igor Cornelsen hails from Brazil’s Curitiba. He is currently a retired investment banker. However, over the years, he carved a reputation for himself as one of the most envied service providers in the sector of finance. As such, Igor Cornelsen has managed a significant percentage of assets in the market. He is well aware of the stock market and its shifts, commodity, as well as foreign exchange. In his youthful years, he served as an investment consultant for high-profile companies. He, therefore, amassed experience in finance. Of late, he’s been spending most of his days playing gold. On the side, he is a respected strategy innovator focused on investing in damaged stocks as well as companies.

Being an investor with extensive experience, Igor Cornelsen often shares his expertise with various individuals on social media. He urges the people of Brazil to understand their economy and different shifts of the market. He also adds that it’s vital to have a connection with the natives and read extensively into the red tape besides having a vast knowledge regarding foreign currency.

Igor Cornelsen also adds that it’s vital for entrepreneurs of Brazil to network in order to ease their way into business. As such, one should also pay attention to the current news with a focus on what’s happening in the market. Igor implores youthful business professionals to focus on foreign transaction currencies with significant concentration of exchange rates. Also, he implores them to observe regulations imposed when it comes to conducting business.

Lastly, he understands that the private sector lends funds to borrowers that have an incredible credit score because it streamlines their costs for banks. Regardless of all impending complications, it’s vital for one to focus on creating a good credit score. It’s also crucial to understand the key elements affecting the economy of the country.

The Successful Career of Marc Beer in the Medicine Industry

Marc studied at Miami University. He has a lot of work responsibilities but always manages to balance his work and personal life. He appreciates sharing his experiences with his co-workers. His specialty in the medical world has resulted in him to become a motivational speaker for others in the field. He states that some experiences he has learned have been through making mistakes. This way, he is able to adjust his strategies.


Marc Beer has worked for different prominent companies in the field of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Recently, he has handled the responsibility of being the chairman of the board for LumeNXT. He notes that he is very honored to be working with a team of professionals in the field. He appreciates the company’s efforts in providing more surgical services. His 25 years of experience in this field has made him the most suitable candidate for the position.


The co-founder of LumeNXT notes that Marc Beer has shown excellence and efficiency in his work. His previous activities in other organizations have been successful. His experience in entrepreneurship will play an important role in the growth and profitability of the company. When he started his company, Revonia, his main goal was to offer services to women. They did this using digital devices.


In 2000, Marc Beer served as the CEO of a company which was efficient in providing, collection and development of blood stem cells services at ViaCell. The company began as a small organization. When Marc Beer started working for them, the company witnessed growth. Their employees grew to a population of 300 people. The seven years of operations saw it become a commercial organization and eventually went public. Finally, in 2007, PerkinElmer acquired the company. The acquisition was a development strategy which was fostered by Marc Beer.


At Minerva Neurosciences Company, he was responsible for being the chairman. The company aimed to treat central nervous diseases through the development of a portfolio. The company is currently carrying out studies and tests in order to fight against conditions such as major depressive disorders, mood disorders, and insomnia. Learn more:


Marc Beer had the privilege of serving many leadership roles. He was able to be involved in the commercial launching of rare diseases, initial public offerings, acquisitions, and global growth of the projects. He was also able to be the chairman of Good Start Genetics board. In the marketing and sales department, he worked for Genzyme and Abbott Laboratories.


Miami University Business Advisory Council is another institution he is a member of. Having been an entrepreneur and founder of several projects, he states that finding capital to invest in your projects is a key factor. He has given advice and tips on financing healthcare ventures.