McDonald’s Pilot Program to Test Meatless Option

McDonald’s is getting in the meatless burger game. The fast food giant started a pilot program to introduce the PLT (plant-based meat, lettuce and tomato) to limited locations around the United States and Canada. This comes on the heels of Burger King, which offers the Impossible Whopper throughout locations in the country. That faux meat is co-manufactured by the OSI Group.

The McDonalds PLT, which uses the Miracle Burger, is said to have fewer calories than its competitor burger and uses beet juice to provide a more realistic, bloody, burger. The OSI Group does not use this substance with it Impossible Burger. According to an article on the site of the Today Show, the McDonalds version has an ingredient list including the following: pea protein, rice protein, mung bean protein, canola oil, coconut oil, protein starch and a number of spices.

The McDonald’s effort is not the company’s first foray into the fake meat industry. They produced similar products in locations throughout Europe, including the Veggie Deluxe in the United Kingdom. According to the Today article, McDonald’s won’t confirm whether they will go nationwide with its PLT but articles in other publications, including Crain’s Chicago Business, say this pilot program is a predictor of sorts.

Burger King is the fast food pioneer in this new meatless burger era. They work with the OSI Group, which is based outside of Chicago. It also provides meat for McDonald’s on a large scale in addition to producing the Impossible Burger for Burger King. Impossible Foods, the company that introduced the meatless burger, did not have the capacity to satisfy demand for its product and partnered with the OSI Group. Burger King offered the Impossible Whopper nationwide starting in August. This was after a pilot program in the St. Louis area back in the spring that generated positive results. The fast food giant recently signed an agreement with the OSI Group to continue offering the meatless substitute.

The stock price of the maker of the Miracle Burger jumped significantly after McDonald’s announced it would use its product.

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OSI Food Solutions Is A Food Company That Truly Cares About The Planet Earth

OSI Food Solutions is a food company that has grown quite a bit over the years. The company started out as a small operation in Chicago but is now a global company with facilities in 17 different countries. The company has thousands of people on its payroll and is currently operating over 60 facilities. OSI has been dedicated to sustainability for decades but has really been making it more of a focal point in recent years. The company has had no problem bringing in new technologies to help it with its mission, and its willingness to do so has always been a key factor in its growth. Join Linkedin to see all updates at OSI Group.

OSI Food Solutions first began using cutting edge technology in a meaningful way during the 1960s. The company had been working with McDonald’s for years and was looking into new technologies that could help it to deliver more meat products to the fast food giant. Back then, OSI went under the name Otto & Sons and was being ran by the two sons of its founder Otto Kolschowsky. The company was one of the first to use cryogenic freezing technologies, which allowed it to store its food longer. This, in turn, allowed it to transport its products for longer distances.

OSI Food Solutions has recently built a research and development center in Chicago, which is helping it to look into new ways to reduce its impact on the environment. The company can use its findings to improve its entire food supply chain. OSI has recently taken its focus on sustainability one step further by hiring a chief sustainability officer named Nicole Johnson-Hoffman. She was already working with the company as its SVP before being hired for the position and will now be helping it to make changes that will improve its sustainability on multiple levels.

OSI Food Solutions has been honored many times for its sustainability efforts. McDonald’s singled out a number of the company’s subsidiaries in 2012 in its best of sustainable supply report. OSI Riverside was also recognized in 2016 for its effort to conserve resources with the California Green Business certification. Learn More:

McDonalds Partner, OSI Group , Set to Co-Produce the Impossible Burger for Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods will launch its new Impossible Burger this coming month and using OSI Group as its producer. OSI Group is also one of the McDonalds key suppliers of its beef. OSI Group has been a key supplier for McDonalds since 1955 when Ray Kroc chose OSI to be its main food supplier of been products. Impossible Foods has been producing its Impossible Burger in its main production warehouse in Oakland, but now has made a co-producer contract with OSI to also produce its burgers in its Chicago production plant.

Impossible Burger

By making a deal OSI it allows Impossible Foods to keep up with the growing demand for its Impossible Burger, which has been growing since its debuts at Chef David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi in 2016, which started a great demand among Quick Service Restaurants around the country. OSI has installed machinery in its Chicago plant which is almost a cut and paste operation as Impossible Foods has in its Oakland plant. The Impossible Foods employees who will be producing the Impossible Burger will need to key into the in-house facility, which is separate from other parts of the OSI products to avoid any contaminants during production.

Growing Demands for Impossible Burger

A spokesman for OSI Foods says it will see a big rise in demand for its Impossible burger and OSI will be there to help Impossible Foods to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Impossible Foods said that it is continuing to see a big rise in the demand for its Impossible burger from other fast-food purveyors, pizza places, as well as other QSRs. Several QSRs have already produced versions of it own Impossible burger. White Castle has the Impossible Slider in its menu and Burger King will roll out its Impossible Whopper later this year.

Exceeding capacity

Impossible Foods has already exceeded its production capacity twice in May and June 2019 in preparation for the Impossible burger launch next month. Impossible Foods has an 86,000 square foot facility in Oakland, where it produces its Impossible burger, but will be moving part of the production of its main flagship burger into the Chicago OSI plant, where its plant has been almost perfectly duplicated by OSI in order to produce the Impossible Burger under its co-producer agreement with Impossible Foods.


OSI Group is One Success After Another

OSI is at it again!

OSI Group is your leading meat distribution company. It operates over 65 facilities in over 17 countries. Its retail restaurants that they service includes Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut. Today, OSI Group holds the #63 spot on the Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies List. It was through their intelligent business decisions that they were able to accomplish this feat. Within their progress of business, they were able to purchase Baho Food in the process.

OSI Group started in 1909 and didn’t look back. Expansion, expansion, expansion! Starting in Oak PArk, Illinois and transitioning to Maywood, its name began as Otto & Son. The reputation of the company was that of quality meats and the community were in positive expectations for the company’s services.

In 1955 is when the company begins servicing Mcdonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois. In 1960 a new system of food processing came into effect ( Cryogenic food processing) and Otto & Son (OSI) jump on board with the new process. They would open a plant in 1973 for the high productivity of such process and becoming one of the largest meat producers for Mcdonald’s.

It was 1975 when the company would change its name to OSI Industries. Only an expansion overload would result from OSI’s productivity from this point forward:

1990 -Partner with General Milling Corporation;

1995 – Entered the India MArket; 1996 – Acquired Moy Park;

2002 – OSI China was established in Beijing;

2004 – OSI acquired G W Padley Poultry and Dove Valley in 2004; 2006 – Acquired Amick Farms; 2009 – established Weihai Poultry Development Co. and list continues onward for throughout the years up until this point of 2019. Including its acquisition of the Ducth manufacturer, BAho foods in 2016, which has 5 subsidiaries that has processing plants throughout Germany and the Neverlands – Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri van Its decision making has allowed them the success of inclusion on the Forbes list and acquisitions of some of the most successful food business companies in the world. Who knows what’s next up for this brand…

OSI Group acquires Baho Food

Sheldon Lavin’s Role in Steering OSI Group to Dominate the Meat Processing Industry

OSI Group is one of the largest meat firms across the globe specializing in meat products like beef, pizzas, hot dogs, fish and many more. The company has over 60 facilities spread across 17 countries across the globe. OSI Group was founded in 1909 by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. The company started as a simple meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Mr. Otto worked tirelessly to grow and expand the meat market to nearby areas and beyond. OSI has truly come a long way from the meat market it once was to a global leader in the industry. This can be attributed to very many reasons, one of them is the fact that the firm has able leaders who give their all to ensure that the company remains the titan it is today.

One of the people who play an active role in steering the company to great heights is Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin s the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. His appointment to lead the meat processing giant did not come out of the blues as many may think. Sheldon Lavin has been an active player in facilitating the growth and expansion of OSI since 1970. In 1970 Sheldon Lavin was working as an investment manager and banking executive. It so happens that during this time, OSI, at that time it was known as Otto &Sons, was seeking funds so that they could finance their aggressive plans to take over the industry.

Sheldon Lavin played a critical role in ensuring that the company got the necessary financial backing from the bank. After the deal was stuck, Sheldon Lavin was made to join OSI a financial consultant. After a few years of doing business, Mr. Sheldon was able to rise to the position of Chief Executive Officer after showcasing the ability to lead and take the company to greater heights. True to this Sheldon Lavin has never disappointed. He has truly proven that he is able and his rise to become the CEO and Chairman of the firm was not a mistake. Through putting in place strategic techniques and incorporating cutting-edge technology, Sheldon Lavin has been able to make a name not only for himself but for the entire team from OSI. Following  his massive success, it is evident that OSI Group will continue to dominate the industry as it is in capable hands.

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Sustainability Push for OSI Group McDonalds

OSI Group is ranked number 63 on the Forbes list for wealthiest private companies. They are a private holding company of all of their global and national corporations, making them the largest holding company for foods in the world as the main supplier for McDonald’s. As part of McDonald’s “Scale for Good” initiative in increasing forest conservation, gas emissions, water quality, and more, OSI Group McDonalds is also striving to do the very same within their own organization. OSI Group McDonalds has hired Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, the VP of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, as their new CSO or Chief Sustainability Officer. As part of this new push, she is helping OSI Group McDonalds to create a new set of operations for some of the 20,000 workers. These include better living conditions for chickens, better Animal Welfare training for officers, more recycling of wastewater, more planting of trees and forest conservation, and even other initiatives in order to keep the planet healthier and their business more sustainable. As a result of all the sustainability efforts, OSI is winning great sustainability awards across the world. In the UK, for example, they are winning (sometimes consecutively) the British Safety Council’s “Globe of Honour” award. In California, at the OSI Riverside plant, they have won the California Green Business Certificate. To know more click here.

The CEO of OSI Group McDonalds is also doing his part locally to care for the community of Chicago: a community hard hit by gang violence. He donates regularly to the Rush University Medical Center, the Boys and Girls Club of America in Chicago, the United Negro College fund, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and is on the board of trustees for the Ronald McDonald House. He joined OSI Group McDonalds in 1975 to help spread their organization globally, changed the name from Otto and Sons to reflect a more professional demeanor. The company remains a family-oriented business, as each of the 20,000 global employees across 17 nations calls each other family.

OSI Industries’ International Expansion

OSI Industries, one of the world’s leading food processors, is back in the news again and for good reasons. This global-food processor has partnered with Turi Foods to create a world-class food-solutions group. Turi Foods is an Australian-based company that just so happens to be one of the largest poultry producers, and it supplies quick-serve restaurants, supermarkets, butcher shops and chicken retailors. Both companies share many of the exact same values, and both of the companies have built rock-solid reputations with their clients. The name of this new and improved company will be known as Turosi Pty. “We now have tremendous potential to serve our customers in innovative ways,” said David McDonald, president of OSI.


OSI Group has went on an acquisition blitz over the past few years by acquiring stake in many of its competitors’ businesses. These businesses just so happen to be Flagship Europe and BAHO Food. Both of these food processors are located in Europe, and they have a considerable amount of subsidiary companies under their roofs. BAHO Food is a private-Dutch company that specializes in the production of convenience foods, snacks and deli meats. “We’ve broadened our range to meet the demands of our customers,” said David McDonald. Flagship Europe, a UK-based food processor, produces a wide range of sauces, dips, dressings and marinades. This new merger will definitely allow OSI Industries to expand into uncharted territories that were once off-limits.

Thanks to acquiring one of Tyson Foods‘ Chicago-based plants, OSI Industries now has an additional 200,000-square-feet of space. This particular plant was purchased back in 2016 for an estimated $7.4 million. It’s business moves like this that has helped to excel OSI Industries. Bigger and better things are in store for this phenomenal food processor, and only time will tell how much farther OSI will excel.

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OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions, formerly known as OSI Industries is a food processing company that offers selections that include both raw and processed chicken, beef and pork products, entrees, breakfast items, lunch items, and a wide array of side dishes, snacks, and desserts among other things.

The company is based out of Aurora, Illinois. OSI Food Solutions, with its wide array of custom food items employs more than 20,000 workers and is found in roughly 17 countries worldwide in 65 facilities. OSI Food Solutions is well known for their prompt delivery, value of food products, and of course the quality of the food products they manufacture. That is why OSI Food Solutions is one of America’s top 100 food companies today.

OSI Food Solutions saw great achievements in 2016, winning the Globe of Honour award given by the British Safety Council. This award is noteable for a company’s efforts on environmental and safety risks. And also in that year, OSI Food Solutions acquired Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer and producer of several foods and food services. And, to add even more success, OSI Food Solutions went above and beyond in buying the Tyson Food plant in Chicago.

Along with all of OSI’s achievements, by mid 2017, OSI Food Solutions was doubling it’s chicken capacity in Spain. This was due in part after a much larger scale production unit was added to an already existing one being used. With this increase in production, OSI Food Solutions can now expand its supply of quality products to even more areas around the world for others to enjoy.

OSI’s high end manufacturing processes and high quality end products, along with affordability, and timeliness of delivery and consistent value, has surely made the way for them to become one of the top 100 companies in America.

Healthy Dining with OSI Group

In 2017, OSI Food Solutions Spain graced news headlines following its expansion. The firm added its production capacity by about £17 million. The transaction was completed this year. Since then, the company has increased its sales and production capacity. Even better, chicken production rose by from the usual 12,000 to 24,000 tons.

Healthy Lives With OSI Food Solutions

If you ever think of healthy dining, OSI Food Solutions is the real provider of some of the worlds’ healthiest meals. OSI Food Solutions generates from OSI Group, the American-based company that provides meat-based food products. Since its foundation, OSI Group has served over 20,000 clients across different continents. How does the company manage this? Well, OSI Group believes that successful strategies are attributed to the huge capacity production of the firm.

Background Data

OSI Food Solutions brings its clients various premier foods at affordable prices. The company focuses on expanding its operations to different continents. This is done through the huge supply of meat-based products to clients. OSI Food Solutions does not boast of its advanced infrastructure that encompasses huge, financial resources. As a privately held company, OSI Group has managed to develop, produce as well as distribute custom food solutions to its clients.

OSI Group’s Solutions

At the core of OSI Group, is unmatched, entrepreneurial passion. In addition to that is the agility that injects curiosity as well as good ethics to enhance customer services. OSI Food Solutions brings you innovative and fresh ideas for better health in the next generation.

Facilities and Customer Service

OSI Food Solutions has more than 60 facilities for food production. In addition to 20,000 workers across 17 countries, the company is set to transform every country’s economy through its production. OSI believes that the future of most businesses is appended to fast customer care response and consistency. That is why the company struggles to acquire additional facilities to its portfolio.


One facility that has contributed to OSI’s success is the Baho Foods. OSI Solutions acquired Baho Foods to increase its online presence and serve more clients. Baho Food is a private firm, based in the Netherlands. It also processes meat products and additional food items in the retail market. Aside from that, Baho Foods has affiliates in Germany.

OSI Food Solutions and Career

At OSI Food Solutions, there is a strong belief that workers contribute to the success of the company. That is why the company provides employment opportunities to different people across different continents. The management strives to develop as well as create a comfortable environment for its people. Coupled with ethics and appropriate cultural-orientation, OSI Food Solutions is strategically placed to offer solutions.