OSI Group Comes to Terms with the Competition

Meat is one of the most easily obtainable dishes humans can find. It is hard to find a store that isn’t selling the product or a restaurant that exclusively does not serve meat. The human race has enjoyed the taste of meat since the days of caveman and hunters. Animals were abundant across the land, which made it easy to get food. In the 21st century, meat is still enjoyed by millions. However there as been a social conversation over the health value of meat and how its mass produced. OSI Group and Impossible Foods represent similar demographics, but different views on the industry. Gazette Day discusses each of their positions.

OSI Group comes from a background in business establishment. It was founded on a vision of sustainability and holding an audience. The scope of business grew as the production required more meat to be produced in a timely manner. Daily operations were fairly consistent until Ray Kroc took the food industry by storm. In the blink of an eye, the once lone business was a national meat producing powerhouse. Under the vision of new leadership, they sought to increase distribution routes in Europe and beyond. This company is at the apex of the world for reason.

In the shadows of the industry is Impossible Foods. A business that wants to challenge traditional ways of producing food, and present a dish that is healthier and safer for the environment. Patrick Brown explored how technology could be used to cultivate planets in a precise manner. He faced challenges from internal and external sources, but the result of his efforts were shown to the public in 2016. The Impossible Burger was a success that his production facilities could not keep up with demand. OSI Group began to realize that traditional meat had some competition.

OSI Group and Impossible Foods had no choice but to come to terms with each other. While each company had a steak in the market, there was little doubt that consumers loved having options. OSI Group agreed on a partnership that provided positive outcomes for each party involved.

Impossible Foods turns to Aurora company to expand production

Starting the ViSalus 90-Day Challenge

What are the reasons that have made the ViSalus products so popular in such a short span of time? In just about a decade, these products have been able to transform the lives of more than 3 million people across the world.

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The Influential Footprint of ViSalus


There’s a company out there making headway in nutrition and personal health. That company’s name is ViSalus, and they’ve assisted over three million people lose weight and transform their bodies. ViSalus is located in Los Angeles, CA, and also has a location in Italy.

ViSalus operates internationally and has received numerous industry awards for their contributions to health and wellness. Serving over a half of a billion dollars in meal replacement shakes, and nearly two billion in cumulative sales, ViSalus is innovating the health and fitness industry by leaving a footprint on millions of lives around the world.


The Contributions of ViSalus

ViSalus is headquartered in the state of Michigan, with offices in Los Angeles, CA and many across Europe. The company is committed to the prosperity of people, their lives, and of course their health. Through this commitment, ViSalus has also donated over five million meals to children in need. See This Article for additional information.

They use its sales force of Independent Promoters to spread their innovative products in order to better the lives of people around the world. ViSalus was established in 2005, and since then, has made significant strides towards the welfare of others.


Their contributions include, but do not limit:

  • Contributions to over 3 million weight transformations
  • Serving over ½ billion nutritional shakes for meal replacements
  • ViSalus has accumulated around $2 billion in total sales
  • Providing over $100 million in prizes and awards
  • Servicing over 15 countries around the world with their products
  • Providing over 5 million meals donated to struggling families and children
  • ViSalus has received numerous awards for their contributions

To summarize the efforts of ViSalus altogether, ViSalus is innovating the health and fitness industry through its massive footprint and innovative products. The company values life, health, and prosperity. ViSalus has built an ever-growing network of Independent Promoters sharing the ViSalus brand with millions of people. The brand has engaged communities around the globe with donations and prizes . ViSalus has since upheld their values in Health, Prosperity, and Innovation since their start in 2005, and continues to grow as the years drive on.


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McDonalds Partner, OSI Group , Set to Co-Produce the Impossible Burger for Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods will launch its new Impossible Burger this coming month and using OSI Group as its producer. OSI Group is also one of the McDonalds key suppliers of its beef. OSI Group has been a key supplier for McDonalds since 1955 when Ray Kroc chose OSI to be its main food supplier of been products. Impossible Foods has been producing its Impossible Burger in its main production warehouse in Oakland, but now has made a co-producer contract with OSI to also produce its burgers in its Chicago production plant.

Impossible Burger

By making a deal OSI it allows Impossible Foods to keep up with the growing demand for its Impossible Burger, which has been growing since its debuts at Chef David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi in 2016, which started a great demand among Quick Service Restaurants around the country. OSI has installed machinery in its Chicago plant which is almost a cut and paste operation as Impossible Foods has in its Oakland plant. The Impossible Foods employees who will be producing the Impossible Burger will need to key into the in-house facility, which is separate from other parts of the OSI products to avoid any contaminants during production.

Growing Demands for Impossible Burger

A spokesman for OSI Foods says it will see a big rise in demand for its Impossible burger and OSI will be there to help Impossible Foods to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Impossible Foods said that it is continuing to see a big rise in the demand for its Impossible burger from other fast-food purveyors, pizza places, as well as other QSRs. Several QSRs have already produced versions of it own Impossible burger. White Castle has the Impossible Slider in its menu and Burger King will roll out its Impossible Whopper later this year.

Exceeding capacity

Impossible Foods has already exceeded its production capacity twice in May and June 2019 in preparation for the Impossible burger launch next month. Impossible Foods has an 86,000 square foot facility in Oakland, where it produces its Impossible burger, but will be moving part of the production of its main flagship burger into the Chicago OSI plant, where its plant has been almost perfectly duplicated by OSI in order to produce the Impossible Burger under its co-producer agreement with Impossible Foods.


Rebuilding Health For The Greater Good

Many people today feel that the internet has polluted the space of health and wellness and there are not many companies that give back relative to performance. One must confront the health issues which they face and without a general guideline or mid to long term goals.


One company that has been at the forefront of radically motivating individuals to improve their lifestyles and health is ViSalus. Not only do they encourage individuals looking for results with a timeframe, but they also provide nutritional data, products and valuable data many miss out on even in a modern gym.


Many gyms and wellness centers in the states encourage a personal training regime that is far from helpful and that is partly due to the fact that they need clients to continue their subscriptions.


Unlike traditional methods, ViSalus provides customers with everything they need out of their two operating locations here in Los Angeles and Italy, a country that emphasizes a meticulous evolving approach to both style and nutrition. Read This Article for more information.


One of the biggest aspects of losing weight or improving overall wellness is lowering stress. When utilizing ViSalus services or products from anywhere in the globe, users feel the impact a company that provided over five million meals to hungry children alone has on their journey. By doing good ViSalus transforms lives around the world and if you are reading this no matter who you are they can help you too.


ViSalus uses a unique and collaborative approach, and their users help and motivate each other during the journey that can change not only their lives but also motivate loved ones to take a leap of faith in their own health and wellness journey.


Overall all the pieces fit well and without a vast set of resources, studied approach and result driven strategies over the long term at scale many people fail to keep themselves on track to accomplish the goals in which they set. Join the community on ViSalus today and join a community built around the values that transform individuals into better versions of themselves. View This Article for additional information.



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