Alec Sellem Discusses His Company


Alec Sellem is the founder and chief executive officer of his own company known as Sellem Industries. His company specializes in gold mining and refining. His company is based in England and does much of its work in foreign countries such as ones located in Africa. One of the keys to Sellem’s approach is to look at the big picture and think at the forefront.


This means that Alec looks to consider the long term effects and results of a given project. Over the course of his career, Alec has come to the conclusion that traditional mining and refining methods aren’t likely to lead to long term success.


Instead, it is necessary to improve the current methods and develop a more streamlined approach to mining. Sellem Industries now focuses on localizing the process of mining such as developing infrastructure within villages and also establishing relationships with local residents.


While studying in Switzerland, Alec Sellem spent a lot of time in Africa. While visiting Africa, he established a connection with the people and the local culture. As a result, Alec Sellem developed a passion for the African countries and wanted to operate a business there one day. After starting his business, Alec has used his people centric approach to help maximize his success in the mining industry. With his focus on serving the needs of the local people, Alec has been able to maintain a high level of success as an entrepreneur.


Today, Alec Sellem operates his business in Sierra Leone. His company builds infrastructure in the area for the local residents as well as a safe place to mine on a daily basis. With an established presence in the area, Sellem’s company mines for local gold. While working in the mines, Sellem, looks to continue building quality relationships with the local residents as well as help bolster the local economy. This has put Alec and his company in position to attain success on a long term basis.


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