Starting the ViSalus 90-Day Challenge

What are the reasons that have made the ViSalus products so popular in such a short span of time? In just about a decade, these products have been able to transform the lives of more than 3 million people across the world.

They took the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge and successfully achieved their health goals. When you want right nutrition, complete guidance and effective social support for health and fitness, you can count on the Vi company and its community. Along the way, you can participate in the Vi challenge that can help you win lots of prizes.

Based in Los Angeles, CA and Italy, ViSalus offers a highly successful 90-day challenge to help you reduce weight and become fit. It is the original challenge that started the revolution in this field.

Throughout the last decade, ViSalus has offered highly effective plans and products to the people who want to achieve the best of their health. These programs are supported with high quality products that deliver the promised results. No wonder, it has become the number one global brand in challenge marketing platform.

It is time to set your health goal and achieve the result you always desired. You are just 90 days away from achieving these goals and results. Lose the unnecessary pounds and inches. You will become fit enough to buy most popular dresses that are available in standard sizes only. Read This Article for additional information.

Build lean muscles and start participating in fitness, sports and other activities that require heavy physical exertion and a fit body. All of these things and more are possible once you have completed the ViSalus challenge. Motivate and inspire yourself to achieve these goals that are realistic and achievable.

Head to the store section of ViSalus and select the kit that best meets your daily nutrition requirements. A wide range of meals, snacks, supplements and drinks are made under this brand.


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The Influential Footprint of ViSalus


There’s a company out there making headway in nutrition and personal health. That company’s name is ViSalus, and they’ve assisted over three million people lose weight and transform their bodies. ViSalus is located in Los Angeles, CA, and also has a location in Italy.

ViSalus operates internationally and has received numerous industry awards for their contributions to health and wellness. Serving over a half of a billion dollars in meal replacement shakes, and nearly two billion in cumulative sales, ViSalus is innovating the health and fitness industry by leaving a footprint on millions of lives around the world.


The Contributions of ViSalus

ViSalus is headquartered in the state of Michigan, with offices in Los Angeles, CA and many across Europe. The company is committed to the prosperity of people, their lives, and of course their health. Through this commitment, ViSalus has also donated over five million meals to children in need. See This Article for additional information.

They use its sales force of Independent Promoters to spread their innovative products in order to better the lives of people around the world. ViSalus was established in 2005, and since then, has made significant strides towards the welfare of others.


Their contributions include, but do not limit:

  • Contributions to over 3 million weight transformations
  • Serving over ½ billion nutritional shakes for meal replacements
  • ViSalus has accumulated around $2 billion in total sales
  • Providing over $100 million in prizes and awards
  • Servicing over 15 countries around the world with their products
  • Providing over 5 million meals donated to struggling families and children
  • ViSalus has received numerous awards for their contributions

To summarize the efforts of ViSalus altogether, ViSalus is innovating the health and fitness industry through its massive footprint and innovative products. The company values life, health, and prosperity. ViSalus has built an ever-growing network of Independent Promoters sharing the ViSalus brand with millions of people. The brand has engaged communities around the globe with donations and prizes . ViSalus has since upheld their values in Health, Prosperity, and Innovation since their start in 2005, and continues to grow as the years drive on.


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Rebuilding Health For The Greater Good

Many people today feel that the internet has polluted the space of health and wellness and there are not many companies that give back relative to performance. One must confront the health issues which they face and without a general guideline or mid to long term goals.


One company that has been at the forefront of radically motivating individuals to improve their lifestyles and health is ViSalus. Not only do they encourage individuals looking for results with a timeframe, but they also provide nutritional data, products and valuable data many miss out on even in a modern gym.


Many gyms and wellness centers in the states encourage a personal training regime that is far from helpful and that is partly due to the fact that they need clients to continue their subscriptions.


Unlike traditional methods, ViSalus provides customers with everything they need out of their two operating locations here in Los Angeles and Italy, a country that emphasizes a meticulous evolving approach to both style and nutrition. Read This Article for more information.


One of the biggest aspects of losing weight or improving overall wellness is lowering stress. When utilizing ViSalus services or products from anywhere in the globe, users feel the impact a company that provided over five million meals to hungry children alone has on their journey. By doing good ViSalus transforms lives around the world and if you are reading this no matter who you are they can help you too.


ViSalus uses a unique and collaborative approach, and their users help and motivate each other during the journey that can change not only their lives but also motivate loved ones to take a leap of faith in their own health and wellness journey.


Overall all the pieces fit well and without a vast set of resources, studied approach and result driven strategies over the long term at scale many people fail to keep themselves on track to accomplish the goals in which they set. Join the community on ViSalus today and join a community built around the values that transform individuals into better versions of themselves. View This Article for additional information.



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