Daniel Mark Harrison, The Man who Attracts Success Wherever he Goes

Whenever people talk about the successful Monkey Capital business, the name Daniel Mark Harrison always comes up. The man is clearly who most people look up to when it comes to matters bit coins and also success in life. The company is a hedge fund which specializes in the investment of Block chain systems and Space X supplies, and it owes its success to Daniel’s tireless efforts in ensuring that it stays at the top. He is a managing partner and together with the other members of the firm, they continue to take Monkey Capital to greater heights each single day. The business recently received a six-star rating from Chris Waltzek who is a prominent radio host. In a bid to make it even more successful, Monkey capital recently purchased a domain name for half a billion a move that Daniel said will help it create a wider market.

About Daniel Mark Harrison

For the 21st century man, Harrison is a good definition of Jack of all Trades. In addition to being the managing partner of Monkey Capital, he is an author, entrepreneur, business person, journalist, and has many more tags which would make this list endless. The man has hands on almost every sector but what stands out is his success in all his fields. He is highly educated and holds several certificates and degrees from famous institutions such as journalism and business masters degree from New York University, a BA in theology from Oxford and many others. All these give him the proficiency which has led to the success we see today. Daniel also owns a global investment company known as Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., of which he occupies the seat of the CEO and mainly deals with the management of his family’s assets. In addition to that, he is the chief editor and publisher of a news journal known as Marx Rand which has helped bring to light quite a number of matters which are of public interest such as how Toyota is involved in slave labor. Daniel has worked with many businesses, in fields from digital media to finance, and every time all he does is win.

Rick Shinto’s Leadership of InnovaCare Health

One of the core values of this institution is top notch medical care. InnovaCare Health insists on hiring competent professionals to promote the growth of the firm and ensure its stability. Rick Shinto reiterates that team work is an important value that contributes to the success of this company. Proper communication, clear goals, and good relationships between workers, are some of the ingredients that help the company achieve its success. Another quality that enables the company to be distinguished among health care providers is its high level of transparency. According to its mission statement, InnovaCare is determined to redefine health care management.

InnovaCare consists of two main affiliates situated in Puerto Rico: PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare Inc. Both PMC and MMM provide quality health care programs aimed at promoting emotional and physical wellbeing in patients. InnovaCare has a 90 percent rate of customer satisfaction, an indicator of the prosperity of the two affiliates. In 2011, PMC and MMC got a NCQA accreditation, a recognition that is granted when a project is up to, or exceeds, the standards of quality assurance. The main factors that contribute to receiving NCQA accreditation are customer protection and improved quality.

Rick Shinto’s Profile

Rick Shinto is the current CEO and President of InnovaCare, Inc. Shinto started his career working as a pulmonologist. Ever since that time, he has improved in skill and experience. He has authored numerous articles discuss healthcare issues and clinical medicine. Shinto received his Bachelors from the “University of California”, and also graduated from the “University of New York” with a medical degree. He finally went to the “University of Redlands” for his M.B.A. Read this article at Open Minds.

Rick’s Track Record at InnovaCare

According to Shinto, the company has the potential of expanding into other industries in future. After assuming office in 2012, Shinto did not take long before he was regarded as the inspiration that caused the entire staff at InnovaCare to dedicate their whole selves to attending to patients. Before being appointed at InnovaCare, Shinto was the CEO and president of Aveta Inc., a time when he earned the “Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award”.

Innovacare under Shinto’s tenure has made doctor visits affordable. Currently, Puerto Rican residents can enjoy quality health care at cheaper prices. More than 70% of the residents at Puerto Rico have opted to InnovaCare over the numerous insurance firms that offer health care programs.

Know more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/rick-shinto#/entity

Why Diversant Continues to Thrive

Diversant, an IT staffing company is going above and beyond with every aspect of their business, and it’s due in part to Principal John Goullet. While he isn’t the only leader on the board, it’s important that you see and understand the vision and the mission behind Diversant and what they do.

Currently, Diversant is the largest African-owned IT staffing company in the country. The CEO, Gene Waddy is one of the core individuals behind the company, offering change and welcome diversity in the IT world.  His commitment to the company is unparalleled and as a result the company is growing far beyond anything that they ever imagined. As Waddy and Goullet have continued to work together, they have built a solid reputation among Fortune 500 companies.

Both gentleman bring their expertise as well as their well-rounded education with them to compliment their endeavors at Diversant. The company has been fortunate enough to benefit from the entrepreneurial endeavors of both men, as they both have a lot of experience to contribute to the company.

John Goullet is an entrepreneur at heart, and led many IT companies into massive success prior to his journey into Diversant. As a result, Goullet has been able to help Diversant build a profitable company with his prior experience in IT staffing.

Goullet’s main goal was to work with Fortune 500 companies to help them build IT staffing, while cutting back on internal IT staffing. The benefits of outsourcing are numerous, including freeing up company profits to invest back into building the business and creating new products. Having grown Info Technologies to over $30 million dollars, Goullet has much to contribute to building up Diversant.

The Midas Legacy Helps People Achieve Lifetime Goals

The Midas Legacy is a company who helps people to accomplish their lifetime goals. Pursuing a goal in today’s fast paced world can seem nearly impossible with work, finances, time, family, and other issues rising up. The Midas Legacy helps people to stay on track with their goals and to pursue them to the end.

How Does The Midas Legacy Help People?

The Midas Legacy is a success shortcuts advisory company with their physical headquarters located in Winter Garden, Florida. They offer research services to help people become more successful in their pursuits. They’ve helped many people to unlock their potential and realize they can accomplish so much more given the chance and right motivation.

They’ve given advice to many individuals including the following:

• Advising investors on how to manage their money better
• Helping aspiring entrepreneurs who want to improve their current living situation
• Individuals who want to be happier, find inner peace, and become better as people
• People interested in using nature to heal themselves
• People who want to reach retirement faster

Move Forward with the Life You Want

The Midas Legacy focuses on different elements of success to guide people towards the life they want. The way they do this is providing their members with the resources they need to have a beneficial impact on their life.

Their mission is helping their member to achieve the lifetime goals they’ve set and not giving up. The mission to success starts on day one, and they provide new members with a free copy of The Midas Code.

The Midas Legacy works with product contributors and experts who bring their experience to the table. The company has access to many successful individuals including multimillionaire entrepreneurs, successful stock market investors, and even bestselling authors. Each of these excellent individuals is focused on helping The Midas Legacy members achieve their dreams and goals.

One of the drawbacks to pursuing a lifetime goal is not having the experience or expertise to pursue them in the first place. People can often lose confidence when they first start out because they’re worried about failure. The Midas Legacy helps their members every step of the way with the experience and expertise of successful individuals to back them up.


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Michael Zomber Knows His Weapons and History


Over the course of his life and career, Michael Zomber has come a long way and established himself in many different areas. For one things, he is a weapons history, collecting many antiques and rare weapons or armors. He is also a writer and filmmaker. Through all the years of studying weapons, Michael Zomber has acquired a vast amount of knowledge on all different types of weaponry fro different eras, making an authority on many different historical time periods.

Michael Zomber has an extensive amount of knowledge relating to the American Civil War as well as the samurai time period and weaponry, which he has shared on multiple occasions to different media platforms. He can describes and explain how the weapons were effectively used in battles and which battles they are actually known for from history. This allows him to express how unique and significant they actually are in regards to history. This in depth look is seen a lot in his books, with many of them revolving around historic time periods and involving battle of some sort.

A number of the stories that Michael Zomber has written have been specifically about these unique periods of time in history. Several of the screenplays Michael has written were made in to films later on, portraying things like the Japanese samurai era and the Civil War, to give a good depiction of what happened in these historic times. Michael has also written deep and informative novels that contain loads of information detailed the lives and kinds of things people in these days did every day. Through Michael’s many passions, especially for ancient history and antique weaponry, he has been able to achieve success as well as drive his passions and teach others about them as well.


Organo Gold: Creating A Healthier And Happy World


Organo Gold was created with the purpose of bringing forth a healthier and happier world. For one thing, there is an ingredient in the coffee that is sold by the company. This ingredient is ganoderma. Ganoderma is an herb that has been used in Asian countries to treat conditions. It has also been found to be healthy for people that consume it. Therefore, it has been placed in coffee drinks and distributed in various parts of the world. As a result, people have learned about the health benefits that come from ganoderma, while drinking the favorite beverage.

The idea for using ganoderma to bring forth greater health came from Bernardo Chua. Bernardo was raised in the Philippines and has seen the benefits of ganoderma. He has been so passionate about the health benefits of the herb that he has decided that he wants to bring it out to different countries. Therefore, he has founded Organo Gold with a couple of other entrepreneurs so that he can bring forth greater exposure to the healthy herb. People who drink coffee from the company automatically know the difference between Organo Gold and other coffee. While other coffee companies can give a boost in energy, Organo Gold provides people with long lasting effects which include overall improvement in health.

He has also expanded his coffee to other territories in his quest for bringing forth a healthier world. He has also been thoughtful about where he expands his company’s operations. For one thing, he has expanded his company to Turkey which has been a significant expansion. For one thing, the first coffee house was in Turkey. Turkish people have also experienced a renewed interest in health and fitness. Organo Gold coffee is something that Bernardo Chua has seen the effects that ganoderma could have on the human body.