Ashley Lightspeed Joins Lightsped Ventures to Help Startups

Last year, Lightspeed Ventures, one of the popular institutions in the venture capital markets, was in the spotlight. The institution successfully managed to raise more than one and half billion dollars so that they could invest in startups. Everyone was speaking about the fastest-growing venture capitalist company and the impact it is making in the lives of investors. Silicon Valley businesses are bound to benefit from the new move. After raising funds, Lightspeed Ventures increased its top leaders. One of the new faces in this organization is Ashley Brasier. According to close sources in the company, Ashley Lightspeed brings intelligence to the growing firm. See full article at

Ashley Lightspeed is the professional needed to make Lightspeed Ventures reach its goal in the market. The executive will be part of the consumer investigating team. In this role, she will work with all the startups to come up with an effective growth strategy. The board chose the professional to fill this role because of her accomplishments in the past. Ashley Brasier has a degree from Duke University, and she is an expert in management issues. Brasier served in many prestigious roles before she could resign and serve in Lightspeed Ventures. The few people who have worked with her say that she is the ideal candidate for the role given. Being a woman does not affect her performance in the male-dominated society. Ashley says that she grew up in an environment that natured her talents. Her father was close to her, and he guided her to make the best decisions in her career life. Brasier is excited about the new role in her career, and she is embarking on a journey to help millions of startups in the United States and other parts of the world. The visionary woman leader looks forward to empowering more women in business too.

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Bhanu Choudhrie and Solutions In Business

Bhanu Choudhrie would see that business is virtually important in life. As someone who has seen how business has empowered many different individuals over the course of their lives.

Bhanu Choudhrie has seen that there are many different things that this would account for in this life. Business is certainly one thing that many people are good at. At the same time, other people may not be so great at this segment.

But certain factors allude towards the possibility that Microsoft may just have an edge over Apple. By using its cards right, the firm could overtake its rival with some hard work, tenacity, and perseverance.

Bhanu Choudhrie Would See That Products Such as Xbox and Innovation in Computing Could Save Microsoft

While almost each of Microsoft’s products has an equivalent answer from Apple, there are a few sectors where it doesn’t have to directly face the specific company.

Bhanu Choudhrie would certainly realize that solutions such as Xbox, Azure, Dynamics, .NET Framework and SQL Server remain some of the signature solutions from the tech giant where it does not directly have to face Apple for the most part, even if it has to face competition in the face of other companies.

Then there are solutions such as the Surface tablets and the HoloLens mixed reality device, which could prove to be quite a powerhouse solution if the company knows how to market them.

With Satya Nadella resuming his proverbial seat in the Barron’s list of Best CEOs in the World, Microsoft’s reins seem to be in good hands.

As compared to where it stood last year, things are looking up for the tech giant in 2019. In April, it did the unthinkable by crossing past the $1 trillion threshold in market cap, becoming the third U.S. company to ever do so.

At the time of writing, the company operates at a market cap of $946.5 billion. That is right behind Apple, which holds a market cap of $961.3 billion.

See, this is why people have to be aware of what they are about in life and in business.

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Drilling holes with Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali has a B.S degree in Earth Sciences. He did his bachelors from Penn State University. After graduating and completing his bachelor’s degree he went to Florida Atlantic University to do his Masters in Geology. After completing his studies he worked geologist for a drilling company and also offered consultancy services to an environmental firm. Apart from being a successful geologist Matt Badiali has been working as an investor in an attempt to earn great profits.

Matt Badiali has a lot of experience in his field and has almost traveled all around the globe to work. He has been to many locations which include Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Haiti, Singapore, etc. He has talked to a lot of people and has earned a lot of experience visiting mines, oil wells. He has worked with a lot of CEOs and has talked to them in order to learn new skills and to develop existing ones. He believes that no one can truly know the true picture of anything unless he or she sees it for himself. The skills that he has learned and adopted over the years have helped him in his career. He can observe drilling crews and examine how skillful they are. He believes that how companies can drill holes says a lot about their potential. Read articles at by Matt Badiali

He has done a lot of research in order to find profitable investments in natural resources. Apart from being a geologist and an investor Matt Badiali has also worked as a teacher. He has taught geology at the Duke University and also at the University of North Carolina. He has done a lot of research and has presented his findings in conferences with many geologists. He has presented his findings to big companies which include Exxon Mobil and Anadarko. He also worked for investors and looked for rare opportunities for investments in natural resources. Since he was good at both geology and finance he was able to handle the job pretty easy as compared to other people who lack knowledge in either one of the two fields.

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Expansion of by Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu is looking for possibilities to expand to other areas of the globe just like other company people in China. As a storefront involved in the production of magneto optical products, Liu began Jingdong in Beijing in June 1998. In its first few years, the firm has seen fast development, expanding to 12 chain stores throughout many Chinese continents by 2003, and earning a total revenue estimated at the US $9 million. Early on, Liu realized that there was a Chinese transportation company that could supply to any corner of the country, so residents in the most rural communities had to visit their closest city to buy equipment and other products, resulting in much-increased prices in rural areas than in big cities.

Richard Liu has developed three strategies to be used in Jd’s global spread. First, they will begin by adding to the Domestic market goods from the rest of the globe. The second measure will see the business progressing to South Asia and then progressing to Europe and America will be the third step. This company will continue to grow in the areas of electronic commerce, operations, and innovations, as per Mr. Liu. It will hold on all its operations in these areas when the JD ventures out to the globe. He set out to introduce a fresh world view to the sector when Richard Liu founded as an online business.

It was necessary to remove the bad reputation built by mercenary companies that shipped fake products. He has put in place measures to promote the selling of genuine goods at the best price. began selling technological and virtual goods in 2004 and had simply everything in inventory by the end of 2010. They now have a web presence of more than a billion brands, which is a better result than many million Walmart. Over the previous decade, has spent in simplifying its company expenses and effectiveness. They want to contrast their brands to the remainder of the globe. The business has more than five mill items in its inventory at any given time and has a 34-day turnover to finish the goods Liu’s aim for future is to have 10 mill goods under his unique inventory with a turnover of only 20 days.

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Ashley Lightspeed, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners Underscores Importance of Digital Media

The transformation of the digital media industry is primarily because of various venture capital firms. These firms provide funding for start-ups in the digital media industry. Through the years, the industry has raked in millions to various venture capital firms proving that it is an intelligent industry to invest in.

With the continued advances in technology, the number of start-ups in the digital media sector has increased. As a result, the market becomes even more competitive. Despite heavy competition, investors are still willing to invest in the digital media industry. See full article at

Ashley Brasier, one of the partners at Lightspeed Venture Partners, is one of the many investors who recognizes the promising potential for companies who are into digital media investing. In essence, digital media is any digital content transmitted using the Internet or computer networks. It includes a wide variety of communication media, audio, text, graphics, and video.

Digital media is the latest platform for introducing content to the audience. With the unbelievably increasing audience in various digital media platforms, the sector is slowly replacing old media practices and methods. Products related to this particular sector are endless.

The most widely known are related to TV, e-commerce, marketing, education, technology, and publishing. There are many popular US digital media companies with massive support and investment and massive consumer following. This includes Vice, Refinery29, BuzzFeed, Cheddar, and Mashable.

Ashley Lightspeed knows the digital media industry so well. Her experience in the tech world and her academic background make her well aware of the benefits of investing in companies in this industry. Brasier got her undergraduate at Duke University with a bachelor’s degree in Visual and Media Studies. She earned her Masters of Business Administration degree at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Ashley Lightspeed joined Lightspeed Venture Partners along with four other new partners in December 2018.

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Paul Mampilly a Highly Successful Investor and Author

Paul Mampilly is an internationally recognized investment analyst and former Wall Street hedge fund manager. The investment guru currently serves at Banyan Hill Publishing where he authors a couple of investment newsletters. Mampilly who hails from India moved to the US as a young boy to pursue a better education. Mampilly in the US did not only get proper, but he became one of the most sought after portfolio managers at Wall Street. Mampilly is passionate about helping people. At the height of his career, he felt he had had enough with Wall Street and wanted to start a new journey of assisting ordinary people create wealth. To follow on his passion, Mampilly decided to quit Wall Street and joined Banyan, where he got the platform of helping many people acquire wealth. If you would like to view the full article, please click here.

Paul Mampilly from an interview said that his ultimate goal after retiring from Wall Street is helping more people to become financially independent and live better meaningful lives. Wall Street, according to Mampilly, was a nice place to work at and make money. However, after serving there for a couple of years, I felt that the work I was doing was not helping many people but a few individuals. The system at Wall Street is geared towards enriching the elite class says Mampilly. Paul Mampilly, after retiring from Wall Street, said that he started Profits Unlimited a newsletter that aims at explaining to ordinary Americans how to invest their hard-earned money. Besides providing readers with investment tips, Mampilly hopes to bring closer the world of investments to Individuals who in turn can be able to make informed investment decisions and gain wealth.

Paul Mampilly says that many people speak bad about the financial advice sector and think it is a get rich quick industry. Mampilly has a different perspective of the industry and says that for him, it is not all about making money but the peace of mind and a different lifestyle that people get to enjoy after attaining financial independence. Mampilly says ever since he started sharing investment advice on the Profits Unlimited he has seen people lives getting transformed. People, according to Mampilly, did not become overnight millionaires but are no longer slaves to their nonstop jobs. They now have more than enough time to spend with their loved ones.

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Matt Badiali Shares How To Make Money From Marijuana Legalization

Real Wealth Strategist is a publication people use to find out what commodities to invest in. It was founded by Matt Badiali whose background is in geology and investing. He recently used Real Wealth Strategist to start sharing information with others about marijuana legalization and what that means to investors.

Real Wealth Strategist has a new issue each month which arrives in its subscriber’s email inboxes. It is available through Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt Badiali wrote an eBook about how to take advantage of the increasing legalization of marijuana around the world, particularly in Canada and the United States. He wrote that ordinary investors can make a lot of money from this trend and he shared how to do so. Other eBooks he has written include ones on commodities and mining companies.

In each issue of Real Wealth Strategist, Matt Badiali shares his insights into the latest trends and what specific stocks and ETFs to invest in. He covers every sort of commodity including lumber, gold, oil, natural gas, and copper. He targets commodities that have shown patterns of growth. When people subscribe to this publication they also receive a model portfolio, trade alerts, a weekly podcast, and a website only they can access. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali wrote in his eBook that investors who start buying marijuana company stocks will be ahead of the mainstream investor. This means that they can turn every $50 they invest into $2,100 or more. He sees the marijuana industry rapidly increasing in size by more than 4,000%. He has also written in Real Wealth Strategist about marijuana legalization and what impact that will have.

His research and writing team has also compiled a number of reports for their subscribers. One was called “Marijuana Millionaires” and showed how to increase your returns 10 times over. If an investor is in the right company’s stock in this burgeoning industry they can easily become a millionaire. He also released “The Mining Coup of the Millenium” which shared info on a Canadian mining firm that has a massive copper, silver, and gold deposit on property they own.


Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of President dos Santos. José Eduardo dos Santos is the President of Angola, and his been the President since 1976. He gave birth to his daughter Isabel dos Santos who is the oldest daughter. Isabel went to school just like the sons do in African cultures in order for her to learn just as much as anyone else. Her father was very interested in her educational background because he believed that she was capable of many things. Isabel dos Santos was sent to a boarding school in England where she learned more about the requirements to become a professional women in the modern world.

Once she graduated from there she went to King’s College. She studied electrical engineering where she was the only girl in any of her engineering classes. Isabel dos Santos met Sindika Dokolo, who was the son of a millionaire from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. When they became married she switched her main focus to becoming an entrepreneur in Angola. She became involved in politics and business after she graduated from college. Her first role as part of her family was the project manager engineer for Urbana 2000.

Her involvement in Urbana 2000, helped modernize a trucking business by implementing the use of walkie talkies in daily operations. She then created a business called Miami Beach Club. which was one of the first businesses to set up shop on Luanda Beach. Isabel would continue her career by accumulating wealth to engage in a number of investment opportunities around the world. Her role helped stimulate the domestic Angolese economy. She gained control of SGPS after a merger, where she announced her intent to merge all three companies into one corporation. Isabel has multiple different opportunities that allowed her become a well-known women in the business world.





Wes Edens Expands Investment Portfolio With Joint Ownership Of Aston Villa Football Club

West Edens is a notable figure in the sports world who hails as the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. With years of success in the National Basketball Association, Edens has set his eyes on the Premier League following the purchase of the majority of stakes for Aston Villa Football Club.

Aston Villa was just recently promoted to the English Premier League from the English Championship League. The club is set to take on top-level English clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea with hopes of qualifying to the Champions League.

The English clubs in the Premier League earn millions of dollars annually from matches, merchandise, partnerships, endorsements, and player deals. Wes Edens ownership of the club is set to be a lucrative deal with substantial returns on investment for the savvy investor.

Apart from Wes Edens, Egyptian entrepreneur Nassef Sawiris has also sought interest in the club forming a partnership with the principal at Fortress Investment Group. This would not mark the first partnership together for the business moguls with ownership of NSWE.

The firm reigns as a financial fore which foresaw the investment into the club. The partnership will see the change in the clubs management with team owner, Xia, becoming co-chairman together with the majority shareholders of the club.

It all started when Wes Edens graduated in 1984 from Oregon State University. He was assimilated into the entrepreneurial world with stints in the American investment market. Currently, he serves the position as principal at the Fortress Investment Group.

The Fortress Investment Group is a global force with innovative investment management across the world. A host of the firm’s investments have been towards technology and modern advancement inclusive of investments in the latest trail lines and various transportation avenues.

The Group has formed over two decades ago and has built a formidable portfolio inclusive of subsidiaries such as Brookdale Senior Living, Nationstar Mortgage, New Media Investment Group, and RailAmerica.

Wes Edens was announced as the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year in 2014 by the Institutional Investor tighter with the Management Firm of the Year by HFMWeek. Currently, he serves as a member of the board at the firm while helping in guiding the firm’s direction in the future.

Paul Mampilly: A Market For the Everyday American

Paul Mampilly began his career almost two decades ago as a research assistant to Deutsche Bank. Slowly but surely Mr.Mampilly would continue climbing the ladder within various organizations such as Banker Trust and ING, o name a few. By 2006 Mr.Mampilly had no doubt become one of the most revered and prominent figures on Wall Street with various organizations seeking his expertise. In fact, Paul Mampilly would go onto become a key hedge fund manager to a firm called the “Best in the World.” Although Mr.Mampilly experience within Wall Street was prominently a successful one, the overbearing responsibility of maintaining billion-dollar investments for other people made him decided it was time to step down.

Today, Mr.Mampilly can be found running his own business where he provides everyday Americans the ability to obtain insider information only available once to those within wall street. Paul Mampilly states that Wall Street isn’t necessarily for the average person; in fact, much of it caters to only the elite. Therefore, the creation of his newsletter “Profits Unlimited” provides people with the necessary direction to make educated investments. Read articles at

When asked about the reasons most financial experts don’t seem to work for people, Mr.Mampilly replied with a short list of the problems hovering around this particular issue. One is that financial advisors often don’t really delve deep into questioning an investment. Paul Mampilly explains that before he every provides advice to anyone, he will think about all the reasons why he can be wrong and vise versa. The fact is that most advisors who find quick success think that their instincts of the market will always be right, and that is simply not true.

In addition to the underwhelming advice on the market right now, another area that Mr.Mampilly often had moral issues with were the fees associated with transactions. Mr.Mampilly states that fees would always be collected no matter the quality of advice given to investors. Although he understood some of the reasons behind these policies, the practice never really settle right with him. Read More: