Kisling Nestico & Redick: A Law Firm Dedicated to Helping People

The Ohio law firm of Kisling, Nestico & Redick provides experienced representation to clients who have suffered vehicular, work injuries and serious personal injuries. The firm’s dedication to adequately representing those injured by motor vehicles began partly from the personal experience of the firm’s founder, Rob Nestico. At age 15, Nestico suffered severe injuries from an automobile accident caused by a negligent driver. While he was hospitalized, the insurance company took advantage of his immigrant parents’ inability to communicate in English. Today, Nestico employs people who once worked for insurance companies, thus enabling the firm to know what tactics these companies may use to avoid payments.

Located in Ohio, Kisling, Nestico & Redick now does more than help their clients; it seeks to help communities. Because the aftermath of tragic accidents can be devastating and permanently alter the lives of families, the law firm has created specific initiatives. One of these is KNR Cares About Kids that educates young people about the dangers of not wearing helmets while riding a bicycle and informs teens of the dangers of texting while driving.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick also gives back to communities, fighting hunger and deprivation on a local level. The firm purchases bags of food for school children, and it raises money for the food pantry upon which many parents and children depend. Kisling, Nestico & Redick takes the disadvantaged youth on trips for school supplies. It also arranges for needy children to go on shopping trips for new clothes and shoes. Then they will not be embarrassed by having to attend school with used and worn clothing.

On these trips, a representative of the law firm accompanies the children and personally buys the items, ensuring that everything goes directly to those in need. With such direct charitable interventions, the firm exemplifies true charity and good business citizenship. In another example of safety concern and altruism, Kisling, Nestico & Redick donated children’s bicycle helmets at a YMCA Child Development Center. Further, to save teens from injury, Kisling, Nestico & Redick offers its Stop Distracted Driving Scholarship to a high school student who originates the best proposal for reducing inattentive driving in teens.

Solid Legal Advice From Jeremy Goldstein Is A Winning Combination Of His Knowledge Of The Law And His Relationships With His Clients

Jeremy L. Goldstein, Esq. has dedicated most of his legal career to corporate cases, mergers, and acquisitions. Prior to opening his own boutique law firm, he worked at a prestigious law organization in New York City that mainly focuses on mergers and acquisitions. Jeremy has established many long term relationships over the years with his clients. He has a large network of connections comprised of some of the most distinguished executives in the country. Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate of Cornell University where he earned a B.A. with the honor of distinction. He later achieved his M.A. degree at the University of Chicago. Jeremy then attended New York University School of Law at which he earned his Juris Doctor.


Over the past decade, Jeremy has been legal counsel for many of the most noteworthy corporate transformations, including the South African Breweries PLC buyout by Miller Brewing Co. His other cases include the merger of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and the Bank One Corporation as well as the SBC Communications, Inc. acquisition of ATT Corp. He belongs to the American Bar Association and is Chair of its merger and acquisitions subcommittee. Jeremy has been recognized as the country’s top employee compensation attorney in the Chambers USA Guide and Legal 500. He is a founder and partner at the law firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates located in New York, New York.


Jeremy Goldstein is in the position where he can selectively choose the cases he undertakes. His involvement in high-profile cases attract a great deal of publicity. He primarily will take on only the cases for the clients that he chooses to represent. Experience has taught Jeremy Goldstein that it is far more beneficial to his clients that he has more time to devote to their needs. He emphasizes the importance of relationship building with the clients he serves and his colleagues. Jeremy Goldstein believes that he can provide the best advice and service to clients that he has come to know well on a personal level. Most lawyers do not extend themselves to their clients socially as Jeremy has genuinely committed himself to do.


It is a business practice that has brought Jeremy many referrals to his firm and numerous new friendships into his life. Jeremy Goldstein is also a sought-after public speaker and a dedicated philanthropist.


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Tj Maloney: Chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire Management Inc.

Tj Maloney joined Lincolnshire Management Inc. in 1993 and sits on the company’s Investment Committee. He’s heavily involved with nearly all of the company’s portfolio businesses and plays an active role in exiting those companies when the time comes. Prior to Lincolnshire, Tj Maloney worked in merger, acquisition, and securities law in New York.

Tj Maloney used to sit on the Boston College Wall Street Council. He’s a brilliant lecturer who’s spoken at many universities along the eastern coast, including the Columbia University MBA Program. Fordham Law School awarded him the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award for outstanding corporate leadership.

The company he currently leads, Lincolnshire Management, was founded in 1986. Today, it’s a private equity firm that specializes in investing and acquiring niche companies in manufacturing, distribution, and services. Many of the companies it purchases are growing middle-market businesses with huge potential.

Within the 20 months, Lincolnshire exited three major portfolio companies, earning the company national attention. They sold Holley Performance to Sentinel Capital Partners; Amports inc. to InstarAGF Asset Management; and Fabbri Group to Argos Soditic. The firm still holds companies like Allison Marine, Dalbo Holdings, Inc., Desch Plantpak, and True Temper Sports.

In recent news, Lincolnshire welcomed four new team members to aid the firm’s mission to grow and improve their portfolio. Matthew Nacier, a former employee, rejoins the company as a Senior Associate. He joins along with Nicolas Vega Llona, a newcomer who’s also been named a Senior Associate.

Two more new faces include Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen who both join Lincolnshire as Analysts. All new members have worked in the industry for decades and hold many business and finance-related degrees between them. Tj Maloney promises that these new additions can only mean more success for Lincolnshire Management.

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Jeremy Goldstein, Esq. Has A Uniquely Personal Approach As Legal Counsel In Sticky Corporate Issues

Jeremy L. Goldstein is a successful lawyer in New York City. He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a boutique law firm specializing in employee compensation. His client list is comprised of major corporations that are in transformation primarily as the aftermath of a merger or acquisition (M&A). Jeremy is frequently faced with sensitive issues, and he is hired to bring forth a resolution for the involved parties.


His personality plays a large part in his interactions as a lawyer. This is especially apparent in an industry in which many other attorneys tend to conduct business in more of a dry and formal demeanor. While that works for these other legal professionals, Jeremy Goldstein has a different approach as a successful attorney. He seeks to establish his business relationships on a social level as well. He befriends many of the CEOs and other executives with whom he deals. It is a practice that he is adept at and enjoys.


Jeremy has been the legal advisory for numerous organizations involved in M&A transactions, including Westlake and Axiall, Oracle and BEA Systems, Inc., Goodrich and United Technologies, and Duke Energy and Progress Energy. The distinguished list of organizations also includes Sanofi-Aventis and Genzyme, Goldman Sachs et al. and Kinder Morgan, Inc., Merck and Schering Plough Corporation, Dow Chemical Company and Rohm and Haas Company, Bank of America Corporation and MBNA Corporation, Verizon Wireless and ALLTEL Corporation, and Goldman Sachs and TPG/ALLTEL Corporation.


Jeremy Goldstein focuses on compensation issues for executive level employees. His skillful art of dealing with the crucial points of executive compensation packages is considered outstanding. In his years of experience, there is rarely an issue that can arise that Jeremy has not encountered before. This benefit alone has proven to be invaluable to his clients. Jeremy works with an organization’s hiring committee to help them achieve a beneficial and satisfactory resolution to what is often times a challenging task.


Jeremy Goldstein is active in numerous charitable activities. The Fountain House is one of the worthy causes to which Jeremy is devoted. The organization helps men and women deal with the difficulties associated with mental illness. Jeremy Goldstein serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the New York City-based charity. The work of The Fountain House staff is far-reaching, and their support and guidance has changed many lives across the country.


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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Focuses On Fighting Unethical Insurance Firms

Annually, many accidents take place. Many people are affected by these accidents since some individuals also lose their loved ones. Many individuals can testify about how Kisling, Nestico & Redick positively influences the legal outcome of the court proceedings. For starters, the victim may have complied with the traffic laws. Nevertheless, some of the reckless drivers put people in harm’s way since they could not obey some of the traffic signs.

The attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick deal with cases involving traffic accidents regularly. Kisling, Nestico & Redick has also managed to be a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Super Lawyers. The positive track record at Kisling, Nestico & Redick has come about as a result of the lawsuits that they have managed to win over the years.

As for the attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick, they possess the skills needed to formulate some suitable strategies that allow them to win some of the cases in a courtroom. The firm has been offering quality services since it was founded in 2005. The KNR team is dedicated to handling cases in the following categories: truck collisions, product deficits, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and compensation claims by workers. The Kisling, Nestico & Redick lawyers are also dedicated to ensuring that people get the justice they deserve. Since 2005, the KNR law firm has also grown extensively. According to Kisling, Nestico & Redick it is good to collect a witness statement immediately after an accident has taken place. Also, the victims should be taken to the hospital immediately to make sure that they have been treated for any injuries that they may have incurred internally and externally.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Are Attorneys Helping the Community

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a law office located in Ohio employing over 20 attorneys. They have helped over 10,000 clients in their 11 offices throughout the state. They have over 400 years of combined legal experience. The law office of Kisling, Nestico & Redick are trial lawyers specializing in personal injury law. All clients receive one attorney and two paralegals who will handle their case. This will guarantee someone will always be available to answer questions who are familiar with their case.

In an effort to help keep the community safe, Kisling, Nestico & Redick have offered a $5,000 scholarship to a college student who can come up with a plan to stop distracted driving. This plan is open to a variety of ideas. Students can make a video or submit a strategy to convince young adults to stop driving while distracted. Creativity is encouraged. To qualify for the scholarship an applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, have a GPA of at least a 3.0, be enrolled in an accredited university, college, or graduate program, and be of high character.

The law office of Kisling, Nestico & Redick has helped raise money for the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank. They sent 40 employees to the 16th Annual Polar Lakes Polar Bear Jump and raised $30,000 for the food bank. The icy plunge they took will provide over 120,000 meals for the community. Teams from Kisling, Nestico & Redick recently dropped off 60 backpacks filled with food to Greenbriar Middle School. The backpacks will make sure that students who rely on free school lunches won’t go hungry during spring break. Each month the attorneys choose a different cause or charity to support.

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Ricardo Tosto: Choosing a Renowned Business Lawyer

Business legal matters require the attention of a competent lawyer. If you are dealing with a business dispute, no matter how simple or complex, it is advisable to enlist the services of an experienced and reputable lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is always ready to provide top notch advise and representation to his clients in the simplest and most complex law situations. He has great expertise in all aspects of corporate and business law and aims to get the best results for his clients.

Before you hire a lawyer, make sure he or she can be easily reached. Inquire from your attorney that if he or she is not available, whether you can leave messages with the secretary or in a voice message box. Sometimes direct contact is impossible, but messages can deliver information on a temporary basis.

Routine communication is essential when dealing with a legal matter. If you are not hearing from your attorney on a monthly basis, at least, while the lawyer or attorney is managing an active case for you, ask for monthly updates in writing or by telephone. You can even offer to call in for them if that will make the lawyer or attorney’s job easier. The important thing is that you stay connected so the two of you can do a better job of working for a positive outcome to your legal case.

Whether representing corporations, multinational companies, entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, institutions,the government sector or high-profile individuals, Ricardo Tosto delivers top notch solutions for his business and corporate clients.

When his client and their company is sued, Ricardo Tosto has the business litigation expertise to fully protect their rights in court. His goal is to provide the guidance his clients need to move toward a satisfactory resolution in their case.

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