Seymour Segnit Explains Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus More On Their Marketing Skills


Seymour Segnit is the Chief Executive Officer of MAGFAST, and he knows a thing or two about rolling out a successful product. He recently took part in an interview where he was asked what kind of advice he would offer to entrepreneurs who are hoping to be as successful as he has. He commented that they should focus most of their efforts on marketing because a company won’t go anywhere if it can’t sell its products or services.

Seymour Segnit has seen plenty of websites that look amazing but cautions that this is not the most important thing for entrepreneurs to focus on. If a company can’t attract customers to their website, it is doomed to fail. Segnit recently admitted that all of the companies he has worked with that failed have done so because they couldn’t draw in the customers they needed to succeed. Get More Information Here.

It doesn’t matter how good a product or service is if nobody knows it exists. He believes that business leaders should focus the majority of their time on their marketing efforts, and if they can’t, they should pay a marketer to do so. Refer to This Article for related information.

Seymour Segnit has learned that marketing has more to do with speaking to people’s emotions rather than their brains. Instead of positioning themselves to appear right about what they are doing, companies should appeal to their customers deepest desires. To put it simply, Seymour Segnit advises entrepreneurs to make their customers feel good about making a purchase rather than explaining to them why it makes sense to do so from a logical standpoint.

Seymour Segnit has been able to breathe life into many of his ideas because of his passion. When he works on a project, he doesn’t hold back, and he always believes in what he is doing. Instead of worrying about the outcome of a project, Seymour Segnit focuses on doing all of the little things that will make it come to fruition.