Clément Perrette: UPROAR Sets It’s Sights on Bringing Science & Beauty to Save Ocean Creatures


Whales and dolphins are amongst some of the most intelligent animals on Earth. Throughout the decades, we have witnessed how truly incredible these creatures are. Although most large animals tend to have smaller brains, whales and dolphins have, in fact, some of the most complex brains discovered. Evidence of this is shown continuously when they are subjected to a few mental tests by scientists.

The data shows that time and time again, these animals not only recognize themselves using the mirror test but are often have the characteristics of being vain and extremely curious. Despite their incredible intelligence, many nations around the world either legally or illegally still hunt these beautiful animals. Unfortunately, Japan, one of the largest offenders of this recently exited IWC in order to resume their hunting.

Many proponents of banning these cruel practices such as Clément Perrette believe that instead of showing the public the horrible ways these animals are killed they would highlight the intelligence of these creatures, from the way they travel in packs to their family lives.

Clément Perrette believes this is a much more effective way to bring the point across to the rest of the world. Project UPROAR will feature five episodes of 5 minutes each that will ultimately convert into a full-length documentary. The documentary will show a variety of these creatures personality, from emotions to language and even human interaction.

Former Fixed Income Fund manager Clément Perrette is very much a part of this movement. Clement Perrette is a nationally well-known businessman and philanthropist. He has already spent 25 years dedicated to work in the capital markets.

Perrette brings a plethora of experience working with conservational projects. In 2018, Perrette and his partners introduced a book called Call of the Blue: Oceans Souls that raised awareness for the preservation of our ocean creatures. Now, Clément Perrette, along with the UPROAR team is dedicated to bringing the efforts of both science and beauty to raise public awareness and hopefully one day end these cruel and horrific practices.

One of Clement’s famous endeavors is “Ocean Souls”, a film regarding saving ocean life. It is about dolphins and whales being second in intelligence after humans.


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