Oncotarget makes massive progress in medical research

Imagine a world without medicine. Just a few years ago, one could hardly get medicine to cure the simplest medical problems. Getting malaria treatments was almost impossible. It wasn’t until the late 1960s that Ibuprofen was developed. However, with the increased research in the medical field, almost every medical problem can be solved with a pill. There are abundant accomplishments that have been made in the treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer.

Medical research refers to deep and constant study to support the already established knowledge in the medical field. Medical research is often divided into clinical trials and all other studies that focus on developing new treatments.

Medical research has significantly helped to save lives over the years and also lengthen them. Several advances have been made in the field of medicine including the development of antibiotics, vaccines, medications for diabetes and cancer, amongst other chronic diseases. Various institutions are advocating for improved medical research. One such body is Oncortaget, which is a weekly peer-reviewed journal. The main aim of Oncortarget is to provide people with the necessary information about the latest breakthroughs in oncology and other chronic diseases.

Oncortaget was established in 2010 to offer open access to researchers and scientists working to unearth new developments in the medical arena. The peer-reviewed medical journal is published on a weekly basis by Impact Journals. The journal is indexed and abstracted by Biosis Previews, Science Citation index expanded, and Scopus

Oncortarget is already on Youtube, and it is edited by two expert editors; Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. The duo is editors in chief, and they have conducted extensive research on cancer, age-related conditions as well as other chronic conditions.

Oncotarget specializes in oncology, but they have diversified into other fields such as cardiology, aging, immunology, endocrinology, metabolism, immunology, pharmacology, and neuropathy. Increasing the number of topics published in the journal has increased the publication’s impact and audience. The journal is available in a printed or an online version upon request. Oncotarget aims at helping people from far and wide to share the amazing discoveries with each other.