Talkspace Reasons Digital Therapy is Increasing in Popularity

There are many myths associated with depression and other mental illness. Most people have no idea how to recognize the symptoms in them or their loved ones. Most people are of the view that they can just snap out of it or they are just lazy to feel that way. It leads to further problems and often become irreversible since they did not get therapy on time. One of the most effective methods to fight mental illness is therapy. But, people are often ashamed to seek an appointment with a therapist because other people will come to know about it. The social stigma associated with therapy is still quite strong in many different cultures. Talkspace is doing its part to increase the number of people seeking therapy so that mental illness is no longer seen as a stigma.

The problem for people not seeking therapy is the awareness of mental illness, and it is the reason why Talkspace is taking steps to show people that depression can happen to anyone. Online therapy allows these people to get therapy privately and that too any time they want. Most of the time, the traditional therapists are not accessible. One has to take appointment days and weeks in advance to see them for about an hour. But, online therapy, on the other hand, is always available on your smartphone. People can speak to their therapists any time they want and when they might be feeling down. With continuous therapy at low cost, people can take advantage and live a normal life.

Michael Phelps is one of the celebrities who has suffered from depression, and it was not easy for him to speak about it. But, after realizing that there are so many people who fail to get therapy for depression, he chose Talkspace to help reach out to more people. He believes that text-therapy is quite beneficial and it can be a savior for those suffering from depression but are afraid to get traditional help. He has appeared in a TV campaign started by Talkspace back in May to encourage people to use their services.