End Citizens United: A Proactive Organization Fighting For Change

End Citizens United is an organization that has been working to bring about change in the American society. People who are living in America are often subjected to some of the other kind of discrimination and injustice. Often, individuals who are legal citizens of the country do not have their needs met because they feel like they are not rich or even powerful. Those who do have a lot of money tend to get the political people on their side, thus enabling them to get whatever they want. This all came into effect when the Supreme Court of America ruled that organizations and companies would now have a say in matters of governance, and would be able to donate without any hindrances regardless of how much the amount was.

Naturally, this gave way to a lot of financial discrepancies in the system. People started using political parties for their benefit, and not for the right of all the population in the society. One of the main things that people started engaging in was money laundering according to crunchbase.com. People often would give money to these political parties either to turn it into white cash, or even to just keep it for a while and turn it over once a period has commenced. Since the money did not have to be accounted for, there was no way anyone could know how much money was flowing in the first place.

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People who had money started to think that their incomes could speak for themselves, and served as an alternative to having to voice their own opinions. People who had money would try their best to gain government grants and laws passed for the benefit of their organization, which also has way to corruption in the system.

People in the country want to live their life according to the rules of Democracy. In a nation like America, those who want to have their voices heard can and should be able to simply do so without having to jump over several hurdles along the way. End Citizens United is an organization that aims to help people who feel this way by giving them something to help them get their opinions across to the people in political positions in the system. They want their needs to be taken care of and have the right to demand this, which is why they have to fight a little harder often to get what they want, and what they should. The organization aims to establish transparency in the system of politics so that the people know what is going on. End Citizens United was formed by a group of grassroots entrepreneurs who knew exactly what needed to be done to make a difference in America.

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