Pattiz has new podcast

Jay Mohr is on it. So is Adam Carolla and Penn Jillette. Oh, and then there’s Snooki, from “Jersey Shore” fame. Yes, we’re talking about the PodcastOne Network. The hugely successful podcasting network is about to add one more show to its slew of successful hits.


The show, called, “Beyond Darkness,” will hit iTunes, stitcher, the PodcastOne app, and any other place where listeners can download podcasts, on Monday. It’s quickly going to carve a niche in the paranormal industry. That’s an arena that includes UFO sightings, angels and demons, ghosts and ghouls, time travel, along with so much more.


The show will be hosted by Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader. Dennis is a veteran of the radio industry and has a deep understanding of paranormal activity. His co-host, Schrader, has authored books on the subject and has served as the host of many radio shows. They both expect to seamlessly transition from radio to podcasting, as the two genres share much in common.


One of the main boosters of, “Beyond Darkness,” has been Chris Jericho, the famed WWE wrestler. Jericho has parlayed his success in the wrestling ring to host a widely successful podcast, which finds its home on the PodcastOne Network.


Jericho recently said that he’s exhilarated to listen to the paranormal show’s first podcast, but is simultaneously fearful it might make his skin crawl and his hair stand up. After all, the show is sure to include a plethora of ghost stories.


The PodcastOne network was launched in 2012 by Norman Pattiz, a decades-long veteran of the radio industry who sought his chance to make a name for himself in the online-based, nascent podcasting industry. Pattiz began the network with Chris Jericho, but they never planned to restrict the entire network to just wrestling.


Today, PodcastOne dominates the industry. It’s officially the country’s top advertisement-based podcast network, raking in millions of dollars a year. Besides the podcasters mentioned above, Dr. Drew hosts his podcast on the PodcastOne network, as well.


Pattiz has a major profile in his industry. Last year, he was featured in a special issue of Forbes. Aside from his radio and podcasting accomplishments, he’s performed government service. President Bill Clinton appointed Pattiz to the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. He then had the distinction of serving the board under President George W. Bush, as well.

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