How Iskandar Safa Led Privinvest to Success In the Shipbuilding World


Shipbuilding may be one of the most competitive businesses in the world. That’s because there are only a handful of companies able to efficiently deliver large yachts, naval vessels and supply ships. However, one shipbuilder, Privinvest, has been able to survive and thrive for the past three decades. That success is due to the passion and vision of Privinvest CEO Iskandar Safa.

Born in Lebanon, Mr. Iskandar Safa has a major passion for large ships. This passion led Mr. Safa to pursue and receive an engineering degree from the American University of Lebanon in Beirut. After receiving his engineering degree, Mr. Safa was ready to start his own shipbuilding business. With that vision in mind, the Privinvest CEO set out to acquire his first shipbuilding company.

As a new CEO, Iskandar Safa didn’t have many choices when it came to acquire a shipbuilder. Therefore, Mr. Safa has to roll the dice with a struggling French shipbuilder Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie. At the time, the world was in a recession. However, Mr. Safa persisted and was able to turn around the shipbuilder in just two short years.

Today Privinvest is known as one of the top shipbuilders in the world with shipyards in Europe and the Middle East. Among the projects completed by Privinvest is “Sailing Yacht A.” This superyacht, known as one of the largest in the world, measures an incredible 143 meters in length with 12,600 in gross tonnage displacement. In fact, Privinvest has been responsible for building 2 of the 10 largest sailing ships in the world. Read This Article to learn more.

In the past 30 years, Privinvest has been able to grow while the rest of the industry has been shrinking. That is because of Safa’s commitment to efficient shipbuilding. Heading into the company’s fourth decade, Privinvest seeks to continue its growth in the hyper competitive shipbuilding industry. Find More Information Here.


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Getting To Know Executive And Philanthropist, Iskandar Safa


Naval shipbuilding was an undeniable passion for both Iskandar Safa and his brother Akram. Prior to embarking on a trip to Saudi Arabia, Iskandar Safa focused on his business in the United States. In 1992, the Safa brothers purchased a fledging French shipyard based in France, through Privinvest, a pioneer in the navy industry, and helped it regain its footing in the competitive marine industry.

Not only is Privinvest involved with military vessels, marine renewable energies, and commercial vessels, but is also one of the primary players in the superyacht industry, through its subsidiaries. Iskandar Safa had a strong desire to carry Privinvest to the next level, and because of this, a new media branch of the corporation was formed in 2015.

In addition to his career in the shipbuilding industry, Iskandar Safa is also known for his philanthropic achievements. Following the horrific fire that devastated the historic Notre-Dame Cathedral in France, Safa donated large amounts of marble from his southern France quarry.

One of the most interesting facts surrounding Safa’s quarry is that its marble was used to create the stunning monuments located inside the Vatican. It was later discovered that some of the marble from his quarry was used to adorn a chateau in Versaille, belonging to Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. Find More Information Here.

In addition, the marble from Safa’s quarry was also used in Roman times for opulent home decor and for tiling home baths. Born in Beirut, Lebanon Iskandar Safa also built churches in the south of France, the Dominican Republic, and in Lebanon.

His strong faith and unwavering support of France was the impetus for his generous marble donation. The French quarry also offers talented sculptors a modern studio to work in, where they create unique monuments by hand. See This Article for more information.


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Iskandar Safa – CEO Of Privinvest


Iskandar Safa is the CEO of Privinvest, a leading shipbuilder that serves the national defense industry in Europe and the Middle East. Iskandar Safa is an example of what concentrated hard work can obtain in the world.

Iskandar Safa was born in 1955, in Beirut, Lebanon as the CEO of Privinvest Group. His degree was in Civil Engineering, American University of Beirut, 1978. He graduated from INSEAD at Fontainebleu, France with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, 1982. He then was working on several business ventures, having spent several years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in order to manage construction operations.

Iskandar Safa has led the company through his awareness and implementation of innovation in surveillance and security technology for use on the ships as well as along the coastlines. Safa has also made it a point to pay strict attention to Privinvest’s research and development labs using renewable energies for the company’s sustainability and environmental impact.

Privinvest is a specialist in making innovative ship designs. They build naval vessels, as well as commercial ships, and mega yachts. They have 2000 vessels, they provide services for more than 40 navies and even their private customers, who are NATO countries and their allies. As one of the leading privately-owned shipbuilding groups in Europe, Privinvest started in the early 1990s when Iskandar Safa purchased Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN) which is a shipyard based out of Cherbourg, France. Iskandar Safa turned around this company that had been facing a downturn when he bought it, transforming this into a business with 400 employees.

Privinvest is a purveyor of high-speed aircraft, which set a new benchmark on the market that is designed to support sustainable industries while working on marine renewable energies. Iskandar Safa does not seek the limelight but rather to deliver solutions, as he is trying to build sustainable jobs while designing vessels. Iskandar Safa is in the business of constructing naval vessels, superyachts, commercial vessels, and integrated surveillance and protection systems. Find Related Information Here.

Privinvest has shipbuilding facilities in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. Privinvest is also involved in environmental issues, having worked in Marine Renewable Energies, also known as the hydrokinetic and turbine industry. Iskandar Safa has delivered more than 2,000 vessels and its products to over 40 navies, NATO and non-NATO nations. See Related Link for additional information.


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