Sergey Petrossov Learned from his Childhood

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is one of the most exciting up and coming entrepreneurs. While his name might be new to the general public, he is already well-known around the world and throughout the travel industry. As the founder of JetSmarter, his company has changed the way that many people approach jet travel. Now, his company has grown to more than $1 billion in just a few short years. In addition to that, he has the support of some of the biggest names across the world, including the Saudi royal family. Sergey Petrossov is a shining example of how someone can start a company from nothing and quickly grow it into one of the largest companies on the planet. He has done so by applying some of the lessons he learned during his childhood.

Sergey Petrossov moved to Florida at a young age with the rest of his family. His family had the dream of a better life in the United States; however, while he was in Florida, his family did not have much money. There were a lot of struggles for him and his family; however, it was these struggles that have defined who he is today. He had a drive and a passion to be successful which he carries with him today. No matter how hard things might seem, he always got back up. Now, he spends his time teaching other young entrepreneurs about the importance of this drive and passion. All of this is reflected in the success that Sergey Petrossov has enjoyed with JetSmarter.

Sergey PetrossovFurthermore, JetSmarter was not the first time that Sergey Petrossov experimented with the business world. While he was a teenager, he actually operated a business importing and exporting tires in Florida. He also was involved in a startup at the University of Florida. This experience has been a part of JetSmarter’s success.

Jack Plotkin on How Telehealth is Changing the Medical Field

Jack PlotkinAs Jack Plotkin is quick to point out, there are many things that have shaped the medical field but he believes nothing will change the face of medicine quite like the concept of telehealth. For those unfamiliar with this, it’s basically the concept of going to your doctor’s appointment without getting into your car. Back in the early ’50s, the only way this was feasible was by having the patients attempt to describe the symptoms of their condition to their doctor over the phone. As you can imagine, this proved to be a rather ineffectual method of attempting to diagnose someone’s condition. Nowadays, however, it has become much simpler with the rise of wearable health gadgets such as Fitbit and the newest innovations.

With these new devices, you can send your vital signs directly to your doctor and receive a diagnosis within the hour. While this might seem like a much simpler alternative to visiting the doctor’s office, don’t forget the fact that these types of consultations are not cheap and it’s not as if your insurance will cover it. Jack Plotkin has also assured us neither Medicare nor Medicaid will pay for this procedure either. As such, it remains a privilege of the wealthy and elite. Of course, there are other obstacles such as the fact that most doctors have difficulty diagnosing their patient’s conditions without access to their medical records.

Jack PlotkinNurses are also finding themselves at a disadvantage without proper access to electronic medical records. Fortunately, however, they are currently perfecting a new platform known as virtual health which should enable doctors and nurses to have access to whatever EMRs they need. While it’s not clear if this type of procedure will ever become commonplace, I wouldn’t be surprised if it someday replaces doctor’s appointments altogether.

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Sergey Petrossov Explains How It Feels to Manage a Billion Dollar Startup at 28 Years

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov is a twenty-eight-year-old Chief Executive Officer of JetSmarter, a transportation marketplace located in Fort Lauderdale, and launched in 2013. As an entrepreneur who has been there and done that, he starts by saying that when it comes to running a startup business, you have no option but to make sure that you go all in. It is the only way to guarantee that you will not experience cold feet along the way or look back at what you should have done.

December 2016 saw the private jet transportation company based out of Fort Lauderdale announcing that it had managed to raise more than one hundred and five million dollars. According to Sergey Petrossov, the sum raised that year was from both new and existing investors. Some of these investors included celebrity mogul “Jay Z” and some members of the Saudi royal family. By March 2017, JetSmarter had an overall valuation of $1.5 billion. In the world of venture capitalists, this is what is called a ‘unicorn’.

This is because it is extremely rare to come across a private company that has a valuation of more than $1 billion. Looking back, Sergey Petrossov stated that in 2015, his firm did not have more than fifty people on the payroll. Many of the cities currently being serviced were launched a year later in 2016. This was what set off the massive hiring that has been taking place all over the world. By mid-2017, the private jet company stated that it had more than 260 members of staff.

Increased personnel members have also meant that the company is now able to reach more destinations than it did when it started. For instance, it now flies into cities in the Middle East, Europe, and in the United States. There are plans underway to have it start making flights to cities in South America, China, and India. Apart from the corporate offices in Fort Lauderdale where it has its headquarters, it also has offices in other locations such as Saudi Arabia, London, Moscow, Zurich, and Dubai. Its clients can choose to create a shared jet, travel on a private jet, or even charter an entire jet.

Sergey Petrossov Allows Everyone to JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs of his time! He used his wits in technology to come together and establish a really handy app called JetSmarter. The app allows individuals with smaller incomes to fly on private jets and experience this luxurious treat for the price of a regular flight ticket. If you’re not mind blown by now then consider the fact that he has started this amazing service at the really young age of 28! Yes, Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of this A-list business at the age of 28. Sergey used his intuition to get out of college and accomplish greatness to immediately fulfill all of his inner CEO ambitions. His first technology-based company was a platform that allowed schools to teach students and allow schools to achieve their educational goals without spending loads of money. This company still functions today as the Federal System of Distance Education.

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He then took a flight on a private jet one day in 2009 and of course, his entrepreneurial juices started to flow. He was aware that they needed help and started to think about how flights were of high demand but the demand wasn’t anywhere near being me complete. So, Sergey Petrossov put his skills to use and out came one of the most interesting ideas ever! JetSmarter uses convenient processing and procedures to help its members choose a vast array of a private jet and other types of air traveling vehicles. Yes, JetSmarter also allows its members to access helicopter services as well that allows them to make free transports to New York airports and more! JetSmarter’s users can access some of the most exhilarating vacations spots like Miami FL, Boston MA, Washington D.C, Jacksonville, FL, Naples FL, and Orlando FL. This app also allows members to book and cancel flights whenever it is necessary.

Business Strategist Maarten De Jeu Provides Items To Take Into Consideration When Expanding A Product’s Market Presence

Maarten de Jeu is a Chicago-based businessman who specializes in international strategy and business development. He has worked for international firms based in Europe and the United States. He studied at Leiden University where he majored in public administration. He also earned a master’s degree in social science at this university. Additionally, he is a graduate of the Said Business School, University of Oxford. He founded SVM Business Advisory in 2012 where he helps corporations enter new markets around the world.

He advises businesses that launching an existing product in a new country isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds on paper. There are many factors involved that need to be carefully considered before a product is introduced to consumers. Maarten de Jeu says that two things to know are that expanding globally takes a lot of capital and time. If a company doesn’t have enough money to fund this expansion they need to either borrow capital or seek out new investors.

Maarten de Jeu says another thing to consider is a country’s rules and regulations surrounding products and business activities. Companies and products need to comply with a nation’s laws or else there can be huge consequences. He says it pays to hire a local attorney who specializes in product and corporate law. 

Having a solid business plan is essential to the success of any company. This is especially true of companies that have become international in scope, Maarten de Jeu states. Without a business plan and organization, there won’t be any clarity about what the company is doing. A business plan states who a product’s buyers are, where they are, how to get raw materials, and other essentials. Standard business practices are a required part of strategic planning.

Maarten de Jue says that the suitability of a product in a new market needs to be examined before it is launched. This ensures there is enough demand for the product to justify introducing it. The suitability process also examines existing competition, if any, including what they price their product at. If consumers in another country already have access to a similar product at a lower price point they will not have any incentive to switch, after all. Learn more:

A company introducing a product into a new market needs to show they are committed to it. People aren’t likely to buy a product if they don’t know if it will be around and support for very long. One way of showing dedication to a country is by hiring people there. This will be perceived as being committed while transferring existing employees into the country won’t communicate dedication nearly as well.

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Paul Saunders Impressive Ideas on Running James River Capital Corp

Investing in a new startup or company in a competitive corporate world is an exciting experience, however establishing a business in not walk to the park. You need enough funding to ensure your effort does not turn into world goose hunt. Perhaps your business needs a website, funds to cover administrative tasks, and rent.  Learn more:


With a drafted business plan, you can look for sufficient funds to cover the costs and turn your idea into a reality. It is vital to take considerable time to prepare a realistic budget before approaching your potential lenders.


The head and the founder of James River Capital Corp, Paul Saunders, shares insightful pieces of advice on the ideal ways to obtain funds and get your business off the ground.


Start With Bootstrapping


Bootstrapping is the best method to finance your startup through scrapping self-possessed personal savings, credit cards, and including other home equity that you own. Besides, you can approach family members and friends for more funds. Ideally, the majority of the entrepreneurs usually finance their startup through bootstrapping and ends up turning their business into a profitable entity. 




Consider looking for investors who are interested in funding your idea through crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Through this fantastic support groups, you are required to set the campaign and the amount of cash you need to raise. Also, create the benefits that a potential donor enjoys for pledging certain contribution. To successful get enough funds, you will need to go the extra mile by marketing your idea on social media. 


Bank Loan 


Banks offer different types of loans; therefore, with your business plan, you can apply for a business loan. Despite having a lower interest rate, banks have a stringent measure before your loan is approved based on your credit history and score.


Local Loan


A local loan is one of the unnoticed funding opportunities; the funds are available at the business centers, most importantly at universities. The business center helps entrepreneurs to interact with potential investors.


Trading Equity


Trading equity is the ideal way to acquire funds; the entrepreneur sells the share of the business in a stock exchange market. Interestingly, there are no debts attached to your business; however, the entrepreneur gives some percentage of ownership to other investors. 


Paul Saunders’s Professional Skill


Paul Saunders is the founding chairman and CEO of James Rivers Capital. He studied an undergraduate degree in BA from the University of Virginia. Later, Paul joined the University of Chicago as an MBA student and graduated at the top of his class. He has successfully excelled over the years in his banking career. Prior to investing in his company, he served as the president of the KP Futures Management Corp.

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Interview with Smita Shah

Aspiring young women everywhere, Smita Shah has been the CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc for two decades. At the time of graduating MIT with a masters in civil engineering, Smita Shah had no clue what she was getting herself into. She claims that when she started SPAAN Tech, Inc. she just assumed that if she failed at it, that’s what it was she failed. She had plans to continue on in engineering working for someone else and would have been fine with that. SPAAN Tech, Inc didn’t fail though and has been thriving for twenty years! Smita Shah was asked about what it was like growing up having traditional gender roles. She stated that she remembers going to the back of the class as a young child and making story problems into algebraic equations for fun. She says that she was definitely a nerd back then and knew she fit into the category. She also talks shortly about how she remembers in elementary school that she was one of the only girls called on to go into the hall to do math and science problems with boys. She continues to say that she has always had a passion for the sciences and math. When asked what her main idea for SPAAN Tech, Inc was, she replied by saying she wanted to get a group of talented, like-minded people together that wanted to make a difference in the world. Her company SPAAN Tech, Inc now builds communities for people. Together with her team, Smita Shah helps build roadways, bridges, fix traffic lights and other major things that go into creating communities. Smita Shah is an inspiration to young girls everywhere. She shows that with hard work and dedication anyone can achieve anything possible. Smita Shah is an industry expert and is an influential face in the engineering field. She is often featured as a keynote speaker locally, nationally and globally. She has won multiple business achievement awards and has served on the Board of Directors for leading businesses and organizations. She has also previously worked under the White House administrations. 

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The Successful Career of Marc Beer in the Medicine Industry

Marc studied at Miami University. He has a lot of work responsibilities but always manages to balance his work and personal life. He appreciates sharing his experiences with his co-workers. His specialty in the medical world has resulted in him to become a motivational speaker for others in the field. He states that some experiences he has learned have been through making mistakes. This way, he is able to adjust his strategies.


Marc Beer has worked for different prominent companies in the field of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Recently, he has handled the responsibility of being the chairman of the board for LumeNXT. He notes that he is very honored to be working with a team of professionals in the field. He appreciates the company’s efforts in providing more surgical services. His 25 years of experience in this field has made him the most suitable candidate for the position.


The co-founder of LumeNXT notes that Marc Beer has shown excellence and efficiency in his work. His previous activities in other organizations have been successful. His experience in entrepreneurship will play an important role in the growth and profitability of the company. When he started his company, Revonia, his main goal was to offer services to women. They did this using digital devices.


In 2000, Marc Beer served as the CEO of a company which was efficient in providing, collection and development of blood stem cells services at ViaCell. The company began as a small organization. When Marc Beer started working for them, the company witnessed growth. Their employees grew to a population of 300 people. The seven years of operations saw it become a commercial organization and eventually went public. Finally, in 2007, PerkinElmer acquired the company. The acquisition was a development strategy which was fostered by Marc Beer.


At Minerva Neurosciences Company, he was responsible for being the chairman. The company aimed to treat central nervous diseases through the development of a portfolio. The company is currently carrying out studies and tests in order to fight against conditions such as major depressive disorders, mood disorders, and insomnia. Learn more:


Marc Beer had the privilege of serving many leadership roles. He was able to be involved in the commercial launching of rare diseases, initial public offerings, acquisitions, and global growth of the projects. He was also able to be the chairman of Good Start Genetics board. In the marketing and sales department, he worked for Genzyme and Abbott Laboratories.


Miami University Business Advisory Council is another institution he is a member of. Having been an entrepreneur and founder of several projects, he states that finding capital to invest in your projects is a key factor. He has given advice and tips on financing healthcare ventures.

Marc Beer Joins LumeN XT And Is Greeted With Open Arms By The Company’s CEO Paul Rhyne

Marc Beer is a business leader who recently became the chairman of the board for LumeN XT. This is a private company that is working to improve minimally invasive surgeries by creating a surgical illumination line of products. Beer has been serving in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic sectors for more than two and a half decades. He is very happy to be working with the company and commented that he is looking forward to working with the people at LumeN XT who are helping to make surgery much safer. Many surgeons have already benefited from illumination technologies, and the creation of more of these will surely help to move the industry forward. Learn more:


Marc Beer was praised by Paul Rhyne, the co-founder of LumeN XT, who commented that he has proven himself by helping many different startups to succeed. He went on to talk about the amount of experience Beer has with helping newer companies as they attempt to become global forces in their industries. Beer has been able to help many companies bring in large amounts of revenue, and Rhyne expects he will be able to do the same for LumeN XT.


Marc Beer is known as the chief executive officer and founding chairman of Renovia, Inc. He put the company together in order to help women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. Before the creation of Renovia, he worked with Minerva Neurosciences Inc. as its founding chairman. This company was created to develop a spread of products that help to treat central nervous system diseases. Minerva continues to work on the development of therapies that can help people who suffer with Parkinson’s Disease, schizophrenia, and other depressive and mood conditions.


Before serving with Minerva, Marc Beer worked in many different executive roles where he helped to launch a variety of therapies. He mainly worked with companies and ventures that were in business to create therapies that targeted rare diseases. He worked with Good Start Genetics Inc. as its founding chairman of the board and also served ViaCell as its chief executive officer. In the past, he has also worked with the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Emerging Companies Section Governing Board and served Abbott Laboratories as a marketer.

What Exactly is Earned Media, Why it’s Important to your Business?

If you are a startup, you may have come across words made media, but may not fully understand its definition. In this article, we’ll reach the meaning of gained press, as well as why it is important for a company.

Made Media Defined

If you have shared content, your brand name was stated by an influencer or paid press release distribution service blog writer, your blog post was shared several times, your brand was estimated in a write-up, or you have gotten positive responses, that’s gained media. From the word “earned,” you make complimentary attention from a third party.

It is not paid or had. In short, it’s called “on the internet word of mouth.” Knowing how to use made media and also integrate it with possessed as well as paid media is essential for creating high-quality leads. Other typical sources include news insurance coverage, likes, comments, reposts, and also shares.

How made media assists a service?

If you see, this sort of media is very important for marketing experts. It is because the suggestions discuss as well as favorable testimonials are evidence that you have an active organization.

Clients will likely provide excellent feedback if your company is giving a unique solution. They will discuss your brand name for exclusive content. Consumers will recommend your brand as well as offer you a 5-star score when they are pleased.

These are all indications that your organization is developing a buzz. Much more notably, you’ll get a suggestion concerning exactly how your brand name is carrying out in the sector.

Ideal Practices of Earned Media


  • Combine earned as well as had media.


Did you obtain positive testimonials or comments? Why not share it on your internet site, blogs, as well as social media sites networks? It will generate leads and also advertise brand name understanding.


  • Combine gained media and influencer advertising and marketing.

Let influencers assist you in spreading your material which will likely generate traffic, leads, as well as sales.


  • Compose relevant, pertinent and also appealing web content.

It’s the most effective method to obtain high evaluations, such as shares, as well as remarks.


  • Discover to share relevant content made by others.

If you think various other brands are worthy of favorable evaluations, comments or states, do not be reluctant to do it. One day, they will return the favor to you.

You Need to Concentrate On Earned Media Due to These Factors:


  • You obtain greater conversions.

In every material, writing a call-to-action (CTA) is very important. It triggers visitors to act upon it. As an example, if you got great responses or discusses from an unsettled source, the price of conversion is higher. Having an excellent reputation implies that more leads will indeed become consumers because they trust your brand name.


  • A lot more consumers depend on earned media than advertising or paid ads.

When people begin liking, commenting, supplying favorable evaluations and sharing your articles on social networks, it’s simple to bring in top quality leads. It comes down to trust fund.

Clients depend on gained media- when they check out excellent testimonials, likes, shares and also positive comments, they are more likely to engage with the brand. With the years, individuals trust paid to advertise minimal as well as minimal. The word-of-mouth is extra effective to drive them to act on the CTA.


  • In between 25 TO 40 percent of leads and web traffic come from earned media.

Individuals who more than happy as well as delighted with services or product will write excellent testimonials or comments. They will likely inform what kind of satisfying experience they had with a brand name, or how it aided them.

It’s a no brainer. Individuals who had an excellent experience will undoubtedly get an item time and again. Even if they checked out the kind remarks, they believe that the details are most beneficial when it pertains to this kind of media.

Earned media is more difficult to get compared to had and also paid media since it’s not within your restrictions. You need to put many initiatives right into your content advertising and marketing methods to utilize it. You might also want to use it in combination with paid and owned to maximize the outcomes.