Who Better Recruit You Than Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a professional much respected in the field talent acquisition. This is a field that Julie has excelled in ever since she completed her college education. She is a philosopher having successfully completed her studies at the City University of New York. Also, she is proficient in matters relating to the law since she also attended the New York Law School. When you take a look at her education credentials, you get to realize just how much Julie Zuckerberg has invested in her future.



Zuckerberg has been in the workforce for more than fifteen years, ample time that has nurtured her career. She has been fortunate enough to work for institutions like Hudson, Citi Group, and New York Life Insurance. Presently, Julie Zuckerberg works at Deutsche Bank as its Executive Talent Acquisition Lead. Over the years, Julie has also been a coach and counselor to employees; a means to boost their productivity. Also, she has had the opportunity to hire temporary contractors. Zuckerberg is thus highly skilled in recruiting new talent.



Julie’s hard work and determination has enabled her to rise through the ranks within a short time span. Thus, she has accomplished what many people find hard to achieve. Her relentless commitment to Deutsche Bank has compelled her to train and nurture young talent thus boosting employee performance and productivity. As a result, the organization has been able to experience a relative increase in profits.



In her fifteen-year journey as a corporate employee, Julie has been able to acquire skills in talent management, team leadership, behavioral interviewing, executive staffing, coaching, strategy, interviewing, onboarding, management, technical recruiting and executive search. In her free time, Julie likes as much as possible to engage in activities that help her mind and body relax.



As a person who has deep respect for technology, she has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These social media platforms have enabled her to keep in touch with the outside world. Also, Julie has been able to strengthen communication ties with both friends and family over the internet. Besides, Zuckerberg loves jogging. Her love for athletics is driven by the fact that it not only strengthens her body muscles but also helps revitalize her body.



Moreover, Zuckerberg has great respect for animals, whether wild or not. To this end, she has been seen fighting passionately for the rights of animals, since there are people who mistreat these creatures. Finally, Julie loves art. To this end, she has in her possession a digital camera that allows her to capture images of spectacular sites of places that she has had the chance to visit. Therefore, Julie Zuckerberg is considered to more of an expert especially in her line of work.



Therefore, Julie Zuckerberg is considered to more of an expert especially in her line of work. She is a person who loves to see those around her succeed life. To this end, she does not mind mentoring fellow workmates so that might turn up to be greater than she is. Julie is therefore a selfless individual who loves all without bias.

The Exciting Career of Helane Morrison as an Enforcement Officer of SEC

Helane Morrison supervised the enforcement program of the San Francisco District Office on behalf of Securities and Exchange Commission for three years (1996 to 1999). Arthur Levitt, the former chairperson of the SEC, named Ms. Morrison as the office administrator in 1999. Following this prestigious appointment, Helane Morrison became the first woman to serve in the capacity of district’s chief.


Ms. Morrison’s remarks


During her acceptance speech, Ms. Morrison promised to work closely with other employees of SEC and citizens of America in restoring sanity in the financial world. She said that her main agenda was to strengthen the impact of SEC and to oversee the office’s strategic direction.


Accomplishments of Ms. Morrison as a SEC’s officer


Ms. Morrison oversaw the implementation of enforcement and examination programs in Northern California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Northern Nevada, and Idaho. Under her exceptional leadership, the San Francisco office came up with high-status cases such as fraud cases involving a firm affiliated to McKesson HBOC. The office also brought cases claiming insider trading, securities violations by brokers and investment advisors, and swindling of senior citizens.


Today, Ms. Morrison uses her more than a decade expertise of working as an enforcement officer of SEC to drive the growth of Hall Capital. She encourages other female entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and work towards holding powerful executive positions in the business world.


Who is Helane Morrison?


Helane Morrison is one of the self-established American female entrepreneurs, legal experts, and retired regional director of the SEC. Ms. Morrison has built a successful career as a compliance professional. Her main role is to regulate the financial services industry and expose corrupt financial executives. She became a senior employee of Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007. Ms. Morrison serves in the capacity of chief compliance officer and general counsel.


Education and work background


Ms. Morrison holds a Journalism degree and Juris Doctor from Northwestern University and the celebrated University of California respectively. She obtained her first job while pursuing her studies at the University of California to oversee the editing of the California Law Review. Ms. Morrison has served as a law clerk for both the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of the U.S. Ms. Morrison was a senior lawyer at the San Francisco-based Howard Law Firm from 1986 and became a partner in 1991. She served as the partner of the company until 1996 when she was appointed as a regional enforcement officer for the SEC’s office located in San Francisco. In 1999, she rose to the post of district administrator and, later on, to the position of regional director.


In-Depth Interview Reveals Doe Deere and Lime Crime

In a recent interview in Guest of a Guest, Doe Deere was showcased in photographs and by the written word. She is a compelling figure and her rise in the business world is amazing. For some people to fully understand the realm of business, it is necessary to receive an education, and preferably obtain a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), and then will that person understand that complex, money driven world of business. But there is another business school of thought that believes in a phrase attributed to an American poet from the 19th century, Ralph Waldo Emerson, which says, “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” In the urbanized world there are few paths to beat, but the phrase does state that the invention of ideas will make people rich.

Doe Deere’s cosmetics company, Lime Crime is hugely successful, but Deere is not your buttoned down MBA grad, although she did attend the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City.

Deere has created an enormous success out of a business enterprise starting with her first attempts at merchandising on eBay. Hers is a success story and should become a model for all business students. She took an ordinary concept, makeup, combined it with a quirky, new and untried direction, used her innate design talents, and created Lime Crime, a cosmetics company that is rivaling the bigs in the industry. Deere has captured the mood of young women who are rebelling against convention and what is expected of them, and these young women are beating a path to her probably unconventional door.

Deere and Lime Crime have been successfully promoted thanks in large parts to the efforts of Deere and her business partner and husband. Married for close to two decades, they are a proven commodity, but Deere’s persona alone accounts for much of the company’s success. She is endearing, diminutive, her looks are somewhere between cute and beautiful, and there is a sense of mystery about her that has captured the imagination of many artists.

Deere senses the new impulses being felt by women from NYC to Omaha who break conventional bonds and make a statement about their sense of spirit and future direction. She also fully understands the purpose and function of promotion.

Doe Deere has now advanced to the level of business mentor and offers her words of advice to other entrepreneurs around the globe. She must sense that her company, Lime Crime, has become a brand, but she does not want to relax and enjoy her success. Instead, Doe Deere and Lime Crime will continue to evolve and prosper for decades to come.


Malini Saba is an American philanthropist and investor. Her parents are Sri Lankan, and she was born in Kuala Lumpur. Her parents moved to Australia, and that is where Malini grew up. When she was aged 19, she moved to the United States with no more than 200 dollars in her pocket. She got married to a man who was a student at Stanford and took advantage of that to attend classes at the university for free. She learned about investment and business in her four years there though she did not get a degree.

That was the start of her Saban business empire. Her investment endeavors began in the early 1990s and so far she has invested in the stock of more than twenty Silicon Valley startups including PayPal, NetScreen, and Sycamore Networks. Her stakes in most of the companies have been sold off for handsome profits. Saba has a lot of experience in the tech industry but her investment stretch into commodities and other fields to this day.

Her investments have grown in both scale and reach. She has interests in the technology, real estate, oil, and gas I the United States, China, Australia and India. She is one of the best investors of South Asian Origin in the world. Her other passion is philanthropy. In 2001, Malini started a non-profit organization called Stree: Global Investments in Women. The project was aimed at low income and at-risk women seeking to help them redefine their roles in society. The project is backed by former US President Bill Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor. Stree also provides an avenue for women to get health care, legal aid and helps in the formulation of public policies that affect women in Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America and India.

In 2004, Malini Saba visited the Tsunami ravaged areas in India and Sri Lanka and donated 10 million dollars to the victims of the tragedy. In June 2005, Malini gave 1 million dollars to kick start the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asian people at El Camino Hospital in California. The donation has gone a long way and has been a big part of the hospital’s success over the years. Malini’s passion in business is only surpassed by her passion for philanthropy. She has a heart and a pocket that just keeps on giving.