Drilling holes with Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali has a B.S degree in Earth Sciences. He did his bachelors from Penn State University. After graduating and completing his bachelor’s degree he went to Florida Atlantic University to do his Masters in Geology. After completing his studies he worked geologist for a drilling company and also offered consultancy services to an environmental firm. Apart from being a successful geologist Matt Badiali has been working as an investor in an attempt to earn great profits.

Matt Badiali has a lot of experience in his field and has almost traveled all around the globe to work. He has been to many locations which include Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Haiti, Singapore, etc. He has talked to a lot of people and has earned a lot of experience visiting mines, oil wells. He has worked with a lot of CEOs and has talked to them in order to learn new skills and to develop existing ones. He believes that no one can truly know the true picture of anything unless he or she sees it for himself. The skills that he has learned and adopted over the years have helped him in his career. He can observe drilling crews and examine how skillful they are. He believes that how companies can drill holes says a lot about their potential. Read articles at stockgumshoe.com by Matt Badiali

He has done a lot of research in order to find profitable investments in natural resources. Apart from being a geologist and an investor Matt Badiali has also worked as a teacher. He has taught geology at the Duke University and also at the University of North Carolina. He has done a lot of research and has presented his findings in conferences with many geologists. He has presented his findings to big companies which include Exxon Mobil and Anadarko. He also worked for investors and looked for rare opportunities for investments in natural resources. Since he was good at both geology and finance he was able to handle the job pretty easy as compared to other people who lack knowledge in either one of the two fields.

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