Everything you Need to Know about Grupo RBS

Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho started Grupo RBS out of pure passion. Being an entrepreneur and a visionary, he knew exactly what he was getting into. His passion for communication was a major driving force, not forgetting business acumen. These are the factors that led Sirotsky to put together a leading multimedia communication company in Brazil in the form of Grupo RBS.

Mauricio Sirotsky started Grupo RBS from scratch and was determined in making it a success. He did his part, and his successors; Jayme Sirotsky, Nelson Sirotsky and currently Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer did their part too. They were focused on expanding Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho’s legacy of passion, courage, and pioneering spirit. This led to the expansion of the company’s operation as well as its consolidation in the leadership of the media market in the south. It would also see the growth of breaking into new sectors.

Currently, RBS has achieved tremendous success and is a leader of the communication field in Rio Grande Do Sul and Santa Catarina. The company produces content and entertainment on radio, television, newspaper, and other digital platforms.

Grupo RBS has a digital business, e.bricks, which has enabled it to become a benchmark in various areas of mobile applications, digital media, and targeted e-commerce. The company makes use of innovative models as well as its excellence in management to work in high growth sectors.

Grupo RBS growth has primarily been inspired by its founder, who believed that dreams turn into reality. The company is passionate about going a step further to make things happen. Over the past five decades or so, Grupo RBS has faced numerous challenges, but the commitment on every member of the team has enabled it to become what it is at the moment. The company believes that its success depends mostly on the size of passion it’s able to inspire. That’s its strength and is focused on doing what is right to ensure sustained growth.