Expanding with JD.com

The online store JD.com is working with JD Logistics so they can expand their e-commerce. JD Logistics is a company that is operated under the largest retailer JD.com.

The JD Logistics company is working with Agility so they can make it easier for customers not only in China but the rest of the world to access the products that are offered by the merchants that utilize JD.com. The agreement between these two companies will help expand the retail company. The marker will now be able to service Southeast Asia, African, and the Middle East.

This partnership is also part of a business to business service which will allow customers to get their items faster and will allow for a smoother transaction. When a person orders an item on the JD.com site they will not have it shipped right to their home if they live in the new countries that have been serviced.

The new merge will allow retail companies to sell these goods on this site as well. They will be able to sell goods and other items that are made in China, Africa, or the Middle East. This will help increase business in this area and allow them to sell their goods and build a stronger market.

Henadi Al-Saleh who is the Chairperson for the Agility company has a strong record of working in emerging markets. The decision to work with the JD had made it easier for this business to get their products to the masses. They can post on the biggest online store in the East and take part in the market expansion.

According to Zhenhui Wang who is the SEO of the JD logistics company this is helping to expand the business and to help provide customers with fast and transparent services. This merge is improving economic and social development.

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