Football Is Part of the Pozzo Family DNA

Gino Pozzo has a reputation of turning small, losing football clubs into football power houses.

Pozzo is currently the owner of the Watford Football Club and he hopes to continue his winning ways with this team.

The parents of Gino Pozzo are Giulana and Gianpacio Pozzo and they were football enthusiasts. His mother’s ancestors were presidents of the Udinese Calcio football club. It turns that football is part of Gino’s DNA.

As a youth, he grew up in Udine, Italy and he did indeed root for the local football league.

When he turned 18, he left for the United States and for a Masters from the prestigious Harvard University. After getting married to a Catalan, he moved to Spain and lived for 20 years in Barcelona. He then moved his family of 5 in 2013 to coach a team on Vicarage Road.

Gian Pozzo’s father, Gianpacio, used the money made from his tool-making business to purchase the Udinese football club. Under the ownership of his father, this football became very successful.

After selling all their businesses in 2008, the Pozzo family focused all their passion and money on making their football clubs successful.

Gino Pozzo humbly believes that the main focus of their family is not football. The family does enjoy being involved in football and they are committed to doing well in football.

The way that Pozzos run football teams has become a model in the sports industry and Gino is considered to be one of the most radical European football clubs owners.

Gino believes that football became a passion for the Pozzo family when his father bought Udinese. After he purchased a Watford football club, he said that his father was successful because they involved themselves in the community and committed to making the club better.

With their experience from Udinese club, the Pozzo family should be able to turn Watford football around.