Glenn Schlossberg Lives For Speed

Glenn Schlossberg, is the CEO and leader of the large fashion company, Jump Design Group. He has been able to use his resources, wisdom and knowledge to take over the market and become a prominent member in the fashion sector. One of his core principles in life is that of speed and security. This aspect of speed is seen in his life in more ways than one. One can see it within the business sector and also within his hobby part of his life as well.

According to, he’s been known to tell people that he is a motorhead, he thinks that he has been one his whole life. He loved cars from a young age and would collect them and think about them from time to time. Glenn Schlossberg would probably tell you that he’s passionate about cars after his loving family, his work, and he can’t forget his friends either. He keeps his life simple and Glenn Schlossberg looks forward to the simple things and fine things in this world today. One can find Glenn Schlossberg involved in different parts of life in a passionate manner.

But Glenn  prioritizes productivity as well. He would not be a leader in his firm and in the industry if he wasn’t efficient. He wouldn’t be a known individual if he didn’t know how to allocate his time and his money in an appropriate manner. One can see that he did know how to do so and he has ended up in a great place today.

To be productive like Glenn Schlossberg think about using the Sprints method.

Here’s what the method suggests:

  • Start your work and set a timer of 25 minutes.
  • Once the 25 minutes are over, take a 5 minute break to browse social media, check your phone, or reply to your messages.
  • Get back with another 25 minutes of work.
  • Repeat your 5 minute break activity.
  • 25 minutes of work again.
  • Follow that with 5 minutes of break.
  • Another 25 minutes of break.
  • Take 30 minutes to stretch, walk around, and refresh your mind away from your screen.

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