Grupo RBS empowers team by investing in their future

Grupo RBS and wine and media blend? Why not Grupo RBS skill incorporates brand building, curatorship, overseeing and, most importantly, collected calculated expertise on account of every day appropriation of 200k papers in a land territory more than twice as huge as Pennsylvania. Today, RBS Media and e.Bricks may have all the earmarks of being completely different yet actually, they are definitely not. The Grupo RBS that first has its base camp in Porto Alegre, a city in the south of Brazil the second, in São Paulo, Latin America’s financial powerhouse. Regardless of their geological separation of 749 miles, the two organizations are centered around similar aptitudes and qualities. Those aptitudes drove e.Bricks to another level. Grupo RBS presently the organization is partitioned into two zones: EB Capital concentrated on speculations and the center market, and Bricks Ventures at Grupo RBS which puts resources into beginning period new companies.


Grupo RBS handles our confidence in news coverage goes on unshaken even for companies like Grupo RBS left a bit shook. A month prior, we propelled another item: advanced combination of paper and radio stages, which presently works dependent on a similar item on the web, while keeping every one’s customary appropriation position paper and live radio. That is our response to the market: We follow toward the path it has indicated us, not a different way.


Grupo RBS acknowledged the time had come to return to rudiments. Then again, actually the starting point is computerized, a center point for data, trade of thoughts and change for the dozen million individuals in Rio Grande do Sul, RBS’s base camp. The time had come to leave conventional business routine and present a procedure of certainty and flat contact with the network, says Duda Melzer from Grupo RBS. In this kind of advanced dash for unheard of wealth, one thing is without a doubt: Change is the main choice. Previous GE CEO Jack Welch once said that when the outer change is quicker than the inside change, the end is close. Trust it or disappear. Allowing Grupo RBS flexibility and stability for future projects that align within the strategy set out for the company by board members and investors alike.