How Darien Dash Helped to Bring The Internet to Minorities

Darien Dash is known as a both an entrepreneur as well as an activist. He has used his family connections as well as his knowledge of technology to build an internet empire. His belief in helping minorities gain the same access to technology as others has helped him thrive. Since the internet became a popular source Darien Dash have brought internet services as well as digital marketing to minority communities. He became the owner of the first African American owned internet company in 1994 which has been publicly traded on wall street.

Darien Dash has a few well known family members such as his cousin Damon Dash who is the chairman of ROc- A – Fella Records. Also, his step dad, Cecil Homes is a record executive at Casablanca Records. While attending college at The University of Southern California, Darien Dash helps his cousin create the record label Roc- A- Bloc. During his sophomore year the record label grossed over $100,000 as well as signed one of the most successful Hip Hop music Mogul Jay- Z.


In 2000 Bill Clinton reached out to Dash in order to get ideas for making the internet accessible for all Americans. By partnering with the CEO of Hewlett- Packard they created a company called Places of color which was able to sell many low cost computers to low income communities. Places of color was also recognized as the firm of the year. Recently he has been focusing on his firm that provides financial and business advice to many industries. To know more about Darien visit



Darien Dash shares that he is constantly working. He shares that he wakes up early and even accepts calls as early as 7/7:30 am and may not stop accepting calls until 9 or 10 at night. His business is always thriving to help many industries and comes naturally. He never discriminates with his clients and understands that many people are just getting started in their business as well being already established and needing help. Darien Dash shares that his connection with his clients is always organic and that he also grows with the companies that he helps to develop.