How Does Sheldon Lavin Make Decisions?

Many business leaders all over the world have tried to get inside the head of Sheldon Lavin. He is known around the world for being the most successful CEO of the meat processing company called the OSI Group. Lavin is also known for having a brilliant business mind. However, Lavin is reluctant to talk about his various business strategies with outsiders. He does not want his competitors to know very much about the inner workings of his company. This is very understandable. However, Lavin has given a few things away over the years when he has been interviewed.

Sheldon Lavin once discussed his decision making process. Sheldon Lavin says that there are a number of things he does prior to making any decisions that he believes will have a massive impact either positively of negatively on his company. He will first make a list of the pros and cons of the decision. This will allow him to find out if there is a benefit to going forward with his unique plan. He will then create a cost analysis. How much money does the OSI Group stand to gain if the decision is a success? How much could they lose if it is a failure? All of this info will be factored into Sheldon’s final decision.

Sheldon Lavin will then call a meeting of his trusted associates. He will explain his idea to his subordinates to get their feedback. He values the opinions of all his fellow employees. He feels that he can get valuable advice from these people. In many cases, they have stopped him from making big mistakes. He asks every person in the meeting to give their opinion about the decision that Sheldon has to make. He will then take notes on the remarks they make and use them to help him decide what he will do. Sheldon Lavin says that info is usually enough to help him make big decisions that impact the welfare of the OSI Group. However, he must sometimes rely on his gut instinct. This has helped him throughout his long career. He rarely makes the wrong choice.