Isabel dos Santos leadership career in her life

Her impact at Unitel

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan entrepreneur who manages Unitel. It is a leading telecommunication operator in Angola. She was the former president of the company but currently serves as an administrator. Her role in that position is to monitor the finance department and ensure they operate effectively. The company comprises of four shareholders who equally have the same amount of shares. Also, among its shareholders is Vidatel which is owned by the businesswoman. Her contribution to the company plays a significant part in moving the firm in the right direction. Due to her continued support, the company has grown over the years. Read more about Isabel at eco

Her wealth origin

Isabel dos Santos was recognized and listed among Africa’s wealthiest woman. She got her wealth by investing in firms which perform better in the market. Also, her wealth originates from her family and the partners they have. It is because her father was the former president of Angola. When it comes to education, Isabel dos Santos studied electrical engineering at King’s College located in London. Over the past two decades, she has served different leadership positions in various firms in the European stock exchanges. Through this experience, she has been able to manage firms appropriately as she has skills and extensive expertise.

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Her career journey

Isabel dos Santos started her career as a project manager for Urbana. It is a subordinate of Jembas Group. Afterward, she initiated a venture by opening Miami Beach Club. The club was among the first night clubs and beach restaurant in Luanda. As the years went by, she diversified and explored into other ventures. In this aspect, she started making investments in prominent industries in Portugal. However, Isabel dos Santos created several holdings in different sectors such as Santoro Finance. It is a company-vehicle which deals with automation products located in London. Her passion in the industry includes energy media, retail, and finance. Besides her interest in minerals, she owns shares in an Angolan cement form. Jadelum is a firm managed by her, and it recently purchased shares of ZON Multimedia from Telefonica. It is a Spain company which deals with telecommunication. Her effort toward investing in stocks has been successful over the years.

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